Batman v Superman (spoiler in spoiler tag)

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    They do have a plot, it's just that it's rushed, incoherent and nonsensical at times. Suicide Squad's case is an extremely obvious example of that, but I'm not going to spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.
  2. Nicolas_Cage

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    I heard Suicide Squad got cut a lot like BvS tho. Most of the Joker was cut.
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    Sounds like excuses they made up to make the fanbase forgive them. People do this all the time. Like game companies release shitty, not working games and then tell you that they were close to getting bankrupt when they made that game. They try to restore the fans faith in them. E.g. "this movie only turned out like shit because of the reasons named above, pls watch out next movie that will totally not suck".
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    Well they have a history of pulling that shit tho. Watchmen and BvS both suffer a lot from cutting and the Ultimate editions are all superior than theather cuts.
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    so when is the suicide squad's expansion pack release date? i need muh dlc fix pack so i could enjoy my movie because that's how it works now with movies. general movie going audience? fuck them. you need to buy our comics and dvd to understand it! if u don't like it don't watch it! it's for comic book fans liek me xd.
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    Well i watched Suicide Squad today. It's not even that bad, it was much better than the shit show of BvS.
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    When I was watching BvS, I had to look at the time since it was so god damn long and the story is so cramped up and rushed. Didn't like it that much tbh.
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    Someone should rename this thread to "Warner Bros Hate Thread" :cat: