Barathrum Item Build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Altazen, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Altazen

    Altazen Well-Known Member

    I just need people to compare this final item build I have for Spiritbreaker.

    Power Treads STR
    Mask of Madness
    Manta Style
    Assault Cuirass
    Aghanim's Scepter

    How effective is it compared to your builds?

    Positive and negative comments accepted.
  2. windstruck

    windstruck New Member

    I prefer-
  3. Magsy<3

    Magsy<3 Well-Known Member

    Try treads, urn, 2x ogre axe. That's +36 str, no joke for a ganker like Bara. You turn the axes into BKB and aga, btw.
  4. I go treads -> vanguard -> cuirass -> sny. Makes you tanky enough to initiate without dying.

    And SB's ult costs 300 mana, no point getting aghs cus u cant spam it.
  5. azipOp

    azipOp Well-Known Member

    See My Set
  6. Altazen

    Altazen Well-Known Member

    Urn... interesting.

    I get Yasha because it seems to go good with Empowering Haste.

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    I seem to end up casting it up to twice in a clash thanks to aghanim's
  7. Altazen

    Altazen Well-Known Member

    Is it really ok to have bonus damage intake thanks to MoM, and have life degen thanks to Armlet?
  8. CraZ

    CraZ Well-Known Member

    How about this?
    1. Treads and urn
    2. Lothar
    3. Hyper
    4. Anything else depending on situation
    He always dies after killing 1 or 2 :( lothar ftw

    rushing for AghanimScepter early wont really help
    might try for Mjonir for fun sake :D
  9. Altazen

    Altazen Well-Known Member

    How does Urn work with him?
  10. LightburneR

    LightburneR Well-Known Member

    Provides +STR and some heal after ganks.

    I prefer Armlet over MoM.

    BKB is a must though.

    Threads, Armlet, BKB, AC.

    Add in Bracers/Urn where nessesary.
  11. ben

    ben Well-Known Member

    3. lothar
    4. roh to fury/linken
    5. bkb/lifesteal
    6. deso
    7. curiass
  12. ASPRY

    ASPRY Well-Known Member

    boots and 5 hyperstone pwnz0rr!
  13. da_j0sephz

    da_j0sephz Well-Known Member

    this. if you are pwning hard however, you will be able to squeeze in both mom + armlet and have your bkb up in time when real 5v5 clashes start ( the time when bkb shines the most).
  14. drgaliza

    drgaliza Well-Known Member

    Your build is nice but take note to base your build on the current situation.
    Sometimes you need to take BKB earlier when you think team clash will occur earlier and ofcourse if they have lots of disables. Why would you buy BKB if there no really threat from opposing team.

    try powerthreads, mom, and blademail..
    (try to be aggressive> hope to get 1st blood > rush threads > gank > mom > more gank >blademail/BKB> vitality booster > reaver > heart > hyperstone > try to end the game or else enemies can catch up > cuirass > anything beyond you will probably lose ^_^) ***barathrum is a good initiator in ganking but not in team clashes. try to enter in between unless you think your beefy enough and have heart of T.)

    Barathrum is more effective being a non-stop ganker early-mid. That is why rushing threads and mom is very effective for this purpose. We all know that if we let them farm, hard carries will own you all.

    Lastly pick your enemies to kill and to avoid. Barathrum is a monster 1v1 but do note some can own you 1v1. Blademail can help you win 1v1 mid game vs these types of opponents (turn on blademail they attack they die, they dont attack they die.-intimidation is a key). That is why you need to gank to kill then farm non-stop to outlevel your opponents. Also try not to die, so bring town portals for emergency escape. Always ask for allies help if needed.

    All in all, nice build.
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  15. Altazen

    Altazen Well-Known Member

    I've seen 2 suggestions to use Urn. Why is that?
  16. LightburneR

    LightburneR Well-Known Member

    Urn is pretty much the item for any ganker that needs STR. (basically, everyone)

    There is not much difference between Urn and Bracers for him. It depends on the situation. (ie If I can manage successful ganks but I'm low on HP after said ganks, I get Urn; If my early/mid game is bad, I go Bracers)

    But yes, Urn is handy for him and many other heros.
  17. pipser

    pipser Well-Known Member

    Get bottle instead of urn, he can utilize the runes well unlike percentage based mana regen or the free salves that other heroes could carry.

    And full inventory of high tier items is not very realistic for bara, you are not supposed to farm that much and get too late in the game when real carries would eat you alive.
  18. FlopItOut99

    FlopItOut99 Well-Known Member

    barathrum item build:

  19. Balcas

    Balcas Well-Known Member

    Pro tip - never get sange and yasha.

    Treads urn wand bottle madness armlet toss in bkb later, all you need for bashlock rape.

    Ofc sometimes you will see that game is gona last long and change some items to higher tier, dominator stead of mom, manta for dispersing debuffs and so on...
  20. drgaliza

    drgaliza Well-Known Member

    Personally, i dont suggest getting urn. Dont get me wrong, urn is good for gankers but if your getting urn you are delaying his core early-mid item w/c is rushing str threads and MOM. Once you got these core items you can gank with ease.

    So why not get urn to boost your hp, some mana regen, and active heal and damage? Because you dont need to. PT, MOM, and TP is enough for early-mid. Dont delay it. Though i am not saying it is not good though, but you can live without it period.

    How? These is the best pattern to kill and gank for barathrum from my experience.
    1. Select the best and killable target.
    2. Prepare before take off (carry dust if your planning to kill invi heroes always), and Always have a Town of Portal for emergency escape.
    3. Cast charge of Darkness from the farthest part of your fountain/well and target the hero. These enable you to regain the mana lost by casting charge of darkness therby by the time you leave the fountain you have full mana pool.
    4. ping allies for your target while your on the run.
    5. watch the current situation before diving in and abbandon target if neccessary. take note of their available skills, cd of their skills, how many are there, how much damage output they can have, can you survive these gank etc.
    6. upon impact, do normal attacks only and turn MOM active if you have it. Dont cast netherstrike if you dont need to.
    7. Do animation cancelling while attacking. This will increase your number of attacks by atleast 1 or 2 before enemy will be out of range if he decide to walk away (remember that if you accidentally completely cancelled an attack, bash animation while still occur occasionaly).
    8. Use your dust only when they wind walk. For Phantom Lancer just make sure to target him when your sure he is him from a far to lock him up and use dust after impact because his images might screw you later but once you use your dust if he dopplewalk he is easily identifiable. There is no way he can out damage you at low levels and he cant outrun you also.
    9. Use Netherstrike if a) you cant catch up with your opponent -anticipate if he will be in the fog afterwards so think in advance b) you think he would cast a skill that would mean a failure gank
    10. When an opponent is a blink type like magina, raijin. Anticipate his movement and cast netherstrike accordingly. The timing for magina is after you attack him opponents tendencies are to blink away imediately, here you should cast netherstrike the moment you think the stun will be out but that is not 100% sure. Some will turn arround first then blink away but the animation for netherstrike is so good that you would still catch him as long as you anticipated that he will blink in the next second or 2. But a wise magina would fight 1st and burn your mana before blinking away but lucky for you magina's health is so low on early rounds and will probably wont make it in time before he blinks. Proceed to normal attack him as long as you can still cast your netherstrike before you run out of mana. So cast it before it happens. That is the least you can do. (Lvl 1 200/Lvl 250/Lvl 3 300). For Raijin the moment he pause a bit, he will use his ss but a wise raijin will use the "s" command to lure you into using it.
    11. Use TP if necessary.
    12. Farm in the nearest lane possible and watch the cooldown of your skills.
    13. Before the CD cooldowns use your TP and regenerate mana asap (Mana and hp is no issue now w/ these method). Buy TP scrolls again. Then repeat the process. Dont worry about the cost of TP once you kill nonstop, money will be no issue. Farm in between ganks. Good Last hitting skill is required. Kill and kill the killable ones and have no mercy. That is the way to gain gold and experience.

    Also by these method you are unpredictable since you can be on any other lane and they cant see you from one lane or another. Sometimes you need to change your usual target since they become aware of the pattern so try and gank others and ask for help when needed. Remember to gank the hard carries that is your main role in these type of build.

    Sometimes you would fail but once you attained and master these you'll become unstoppable. Also by choosing barathrum you must have no fear because a good barathrum is mostly aggressive but wise. Wise in the sense that he knows when he can win the battle or when he dont. Experience wise you must choose your battle. Dont choose a battle where you cant win. There is a difference between being brave and being a fool. ^_^

    Try to make your barathrum as aggressive as you can be. Try to get that 1st blood as much as possible because gold wise and experience edge early is a must. Being aggressive and showing you are the boss in the lane makes a difference. Psychological warfare is always included in any scenario even in real life dont you think? So use it to your advantage. Barathrum can kill even at low levels and only selected heroes can come close to that. You can out damage some 2 heroes you being level 3 or 4 vs same level heroes or maybe i am exagerating too much but the thing here is that there will become situations early that even you have low health if they have no skills to use you can turn around and kill them both and so watch out for that situation. Think outside the box. Whats happening, your mana, theirs, cds, current lives etc is important little things to watch out for. That will be the advantage of keen eye players over experienced but lazy pro players. Superb Laning knowledge is required also, specially if your laned against a good one. Find a guide out here, specially the miscellaneous guide here are good. It will help your barathrum gameplay by a lot.

    Watch out for void and naix in a one on one battle and a good alleria. Though a good player can hit you hard no matter what hero he use so be good using yours too. ^_^

    ***Lets face it that Barathrum for now is meant for pub games so dont expect to do good in inhouse game though sometimes he can make it w/ good supporting heroes like omniknight and dazzle***

    Special Note: You can use Netherstrike as last resort for escaping and use it at the safest area where you can target it to and use it then juke then use TP. You can also use charge of darkness to get into place faster. You can use "s" button to imeddiately run after charge of darkness is casted during times you need it instantly for escaping and stunning targets. Remember that MOM increases your movement speed and maybe used for escaping and takenote that it amplifies the damage you took during a duration. Blademail adds intimidation, it is magical damage, you take regular damage except that you deal some damage to your opponent depending on their current magical resistance plus 25% natural magic resistance and so a BKB nullifies any damage they would take but if used wisely will turn the tide of battle no matter how strong your opponent. TP saves lives. Animation canceling increases damage outputs as well as number of attacks therby increasing the chances to bash so do it always (practice the timing).
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