Ban and punishment system in Dota2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by BlackPaw, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. BlackPaw

    BlackPaw Well-Known Member

    Iam having trouble figuring out this by myself (60 IQ ).

    How does one get punished for leaving or afking?

    Is there a detection system for afk (like low apm counter and autokick like in dotalicious)?

    Is there a ban - like " player x is unable to play for 3 days because of a ban for leaving a game id 213290313" ?

    Why is there a report for text abuse - but no report for afk or on purpose feeding?

    Who reads those reports or are they autmated and you can report players even if they didn't do anything wrong?

    What penalty does one receive for leaving a game?

    Where can you read about this and how DIS sistem works?
  2. Nipaah

    Nipaah Well-Known Member

    There is a report for feeding, it's a cake icon.
  3. SugaSutA

    SugaSutA Well-Known Member


    And I believe reports are only read after like ? reports, then a decision on whether or not one should be punished will be made.
  4. setEmotion

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    leavers must pay.
    It will be great : 3 leaves = 1 week ban.
  5. Manlybug

    Manlybug Well-Known Member

    System is hidden under the veil of secrets.
    We can only guess.

    Reports are automated.

    If you leave, you get into low priority pool, if you leave more you sink deeper and deeper and you need 20minutes to find a game.

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  6. Leandros

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    HaHa. 20 Minutes. Good joke. I left 1 (!) single game. Remember 1 (I never left another game, and I will not. Period). The bad thing at this story is, that I got a bluescreen (my PC suck) and it toke me more than 5minutes to rejoin. :(
    I get punished, with low priority pool. I searched 6 hours straight for a game and didn't found on.

    Isn't funny! (I was punished to be in this pool for 20h)
  7. RueK

    RueK Banned

    I want this to happen and see how is DotA 2 when no one plays it.
  8. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    If you have a lot of leaves you become stuck in Low priority pool until you stop leaving ^_^;; If you leave 1 time then you are in it for 1 day.

    They aren't like Nazilicious that ban you for anything, but low priority pool is pretty horrible fate. It takes hours and you get paired with worst noobs nya.

    Flaming and AFKing have to be reported but those people get punished too and.. No report for AFKing but you can write about it in the notes and such- there's not yet a system to handle them meow..
  9. ppaLo

    ppaLo Well-Known Member

    Banlife for hardcore leavers =D