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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Fatwhale, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Fatwhale

    Fatwhale Banned

    So.. I have been in the Dota2 beta for around 3 months now. It was all good in the beginning, but as soon as they started giving out random keys (for example through the key draw thigny) the beta became horrible. So.. My question is, why is the average DotA player so horrible?

    Don't bring me some stupid excuses like "pub games, hurrdurr" - Most of you just don't know how to play this game at all. The majority of players right now would probably be around 1400-1600 MMR in HoN (this is horrible, just fyi).

    And yes, before those random keys were given away it was AWESOME (it really was). So yea.... Why are you guys so horrible? Everything started with the playdota key draw, so I think I can get some responses from you. ggs

    By the way, the first step to become a better player is ADMITTING that you are bad. Most of you (the DotA players) seem to be completly stubborn and bad.
  2. God of Death

    God of Death Well-Known Member

    Because the average player's age matches their IQ.

    And also their reflex time in seconds.
  3. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    I totally agree. It's because most people play 'for fun', so their level converges to a certain point and it stops there. They don't want to increase anymore and they have trouble taking advice because they win 40% of their games, so they conclude 'they know how to play'.
  4. h.ao

    h.ao Well-Known Member

    You're also horrible don't worry, son.
  5. Fatwhale

    Fatwhale Banned

    Having fun is winning for me. No, losing in DotA is not really fun for me. Most of the time atleast, sometimes it is.

    It's frustrating when you see those headless chickens running around, having NO CLUE what they are doing. I decided to just stop playing Dota2 for the moment, untill I can queue as 5 or 4. This is just sad and freaking horrible. I'm seriously playing LoL at the moment. It's sad.
  6. Kaiverrettu

    Kaiverrettu Well-Known Member

    Well I sort of agree.

    This is why im hoping for LoD in the DotA 2. In LoD, everyone usually at least knows all the skills, so you can always except at least a semi-decent games there.
  7. kakashe

    kakashe Member

    Well, my MMR in HoN is around 1500.

    I don't think I really suck, but I'm not that player. Just do my job.
  8. Fatwhale

    Fatwhale Banned

    Yea sorry.. 1500 in HoN is a joke. If you are SOMEWHAT decent you can soloqueue to 1750 WITHOUT ANY problem
  9. Misaaaa

    Misaaaa Well-Known Member

    I respectfully disagree. I play for fun in clan wars.
  10. i_Ace_x

    i_Ace_x Well-Known Member

    Idea: Instead of bitching that people aren't up to your standards, be fucking happy you have a beta key when so many of us don't.
  11. Varuka

    Varuka Well-Known Member

    So you're saying you're stuck in the "Medium" skill level pool of dota2 (not "High") and are complaining that everyone else in medium is bad?

    Also, why wouldn't you just play 2-3 pubs, steam message everyone who's good from each of those games, and add them to your friends list so you can queue together?

    If you're not terrible and they're not terrible.. of course you'd want to party together...
  12. Fatwhale

    Fatwhale Banned

    "I'm glad most of you don't have a beta key yet. because most of you can't play the game and only want to brag about having beta."

    That's what most of the people here are. :) as I said, I'm not even playing anymore. It's no fun to have a teammate calling middle, dying in the first 2 minutes and then leaving. (Yes, had that 3 games in a row - my last 3 games so far. :)
  13. i_Ace_x

    i_Ace_x Well-Known Member

    Boo fucking hoo. If you're not good enough to win a 4v5 then that's pathetic. Therefore, this is for you.

    Scumbag Steve - bitches about other players sucking is worse than them
  14. i_Ace_x

    i_Ace_x Well-Known Member

    True, but he is probably even worse than them.
  15. nonstopaz

    nonstopaz Well-Known Member

    U FAT WHALE, who gave you a beta key ffs?
  16. Fatwhale

    Fatwhale Banned

    Are you mentally handicapped, or just retarded?
    If you have normal lanes set up, he calls mid first and goes middle - and instantly LEAVES, the game is pretty much ruined.

    I'm a by far better player than probably all of you, LOL.

    We can play 1vs1 SF mid when you someday get this game. I will shitstomp you like it ain't nothin, namsayin. That's the thing - you are bad. You should realise it.
  17. isavon

    isavon Well-Known Member

    I think coz most of the freaks who won/begged for a beta key on these draws and competitions are at most 17 year old noobkids wanna-be pro elitists who think they're 'all that', I mean just take a peep at the beta key temp forum here. It's quite pathetic to be honest.
  18. isavon

    isavon Well-Known Member

    Leave him be. It's no use talking/arguing with brainless critters.
  19. 0WTF

    0WTF Active Member

    stop hating !
  20. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    Because 90% of the people in the beta key draw are little kiddies that have never played the game, you have to expect it to suck.