Avatar 2!?

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Memento Mori, Jul 21, 2010.

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    So do I, seems like it could be really good.
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    The thing I'm most curious about right now, is if Kora is gonna learn air bending on this season (considering its named "air book") and then be a full avatar for the rest of the series.

    One of the things I liked about Avatar 1 is the mix of the 2 objectives, fighting the fire army on one side, and Ang learning how to be an avatar on the other, but it seems Kora is gonna be much more dedicated on fighting the mysterious bad guys.

    Ang being forced to travel around the world looking for bending masters was a good excuse to introduce lots of new places and characters.
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    Yeah, me too.

    Indeed it was. Well, actually, I think that if I had to choose between another "travle-around-the-world-to-learn-bending-while-fighting-the-fire-nation" compared to a new take on it, I'd prefer a new take on it. I'm very curious to see where this takes us overall. Which sides she will pick in the ongoing revolution as well as if she ever will leave the capital city. Who knows. Something that would be really unexpected would be if this series ended with all bending being prohibited. Hm.
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    Well, she's kinda the epitome of bending, so I think they're gonna fight each other no matter what. It would be interesting thou if the producers can give them some good logical reasoning to be against bending, or else they are just some mindless bad guys who want to fuck shit up just because.

    Also, I would be highly dissapointed if they spend more than one season in capital city alone, considering the beautiful and huge world they can explore!
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    Agreed, just like to think of the possibilities.
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    I just watched episode 3, and I have to tell ya, this thing can go a way I would most certainly enjoy.

    I'll summarize it:
    The benders are the bad guys, including the avatar, though she won't consider herself one until the very end when something forces her to realize it.

    oo, or even better, she won't realize it, and she'll cause a new age of suffering through enforcing the separation of benders and non-benders...

    so many good options that don't involve the crappy "oh the mask guy is just lying and taking power to take everything over".
    For once i'd like to see the "big bad guy" really be the misunderstood good guy. Atleast his cause is just (assuming he's not gathering the power).
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    Indeed, I really like it. And the perspective they're bringing forth. Could this be a hint to religion?
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    How many episodes was this supposed to take again?

    That's quite a quick pace that's pulling through, and I like it. Also, still enough time to be silly.

    I have the feeling Amon is actually int truth a bender, who has the ability or specialty with however to regulate the bending mechanisms... Brain waves/body electricity stuff? Or he is a master martial artists with awesome control over the enemy's body... or the Avatar powers took the wrong path.

    Lightning and metal bending seems quite wide spread, as opposed to back, when Aang was en route, so I wish to see more unusual bending in the future :)
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    All I hope, is that the mask guy wins.

    Even an idiot can see that seperating people into castes will only cause oppression. Benders (atleast if they act like people in the real world would) will always consider themselves superior to regular people, and why shouldn't they? They have magic boom boom.
    Even if there are some "noble" benders who don't think that way, it wouldn't matter, a difference that big will always cause separation.

    Although, if they do make the mask guy lose, and him being a bad guy... I'd like to see them spin a story on how his cause is evil.
    I sure hope it doesn't become "communism bad, feudalism good"
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    No matter where this is going it's a brave path they choose to walk with this. Gonna be extremely interesting.
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    im already incredibly pleased. really excited to see how Amon managed to learn that giant turtle's bending trick and who the fuck he really is.

    i have a feeling the entirety of the show is going to be in republic city you can tell a good story in a small venue and im glad that they arent trying to make it exactly like the last airbender and think up some massive global threat. if you look at the history of this world that they've given us, most avatars seem to have dealt with relatively local problems and didnt seem to move far out of their immediate area

    that one girl avatar that they kept referencing in the last airbender (cant remember her name right now, sorry) kinda just protected the local area from what info they gave us
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    Kioshi. Yeah it so happened she protected the village she was born in. Maybe avatars are born where major conflicts are about to happen? Also I'm sure if there would be a threat rising on the other end of the world avatar would travel there.
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    I think the whole concept of avatars is an autocratic one.

    It says to the regular folk, that no matter how hard they try, they'll never be special enough to do what's needed. It makes them succumb to whatever position they were born to, they'll always remain third-class citizens, right after normal benders.

    It's an honorable path the mask guy's taken. I just hope the series doesn't cater towards the people who get themselves off fantasizing about being reborn with special powers. It's a bleak world where the only way to make a change is to be born with magnificent power.
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    Anyone else notice how the highest positions are filled with benders?
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    you can watch them all on nick right now too

    the last airbender showcased two people without bending abilities that were highly capable of measuring up to even the avatar. also sokka was an incredibly capable player who had several successful encounters with benders all because he was a creative, quick thinker.

    this new show has lots of people who are chakra blockers and technology is on the rise. you can already see bending becoming a little obsolete in everyday life
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    I wonder, from a sort of realistic and sociological point of view, how the entire culture and society of that world would end up catering towards benders, ever since the beginning of time. I mean, if bending is something that has been happening for hundreds of years, it's only natural to assume that they have managed to get positions of power in every time and every place, because they are clearly in a better position than non-benders, from almost any perspective.

    It's kind of a wonder that non-benders haven't been made slaves from the beginning. Or perhaps that is the Avatar's doing as well?

    Yeah, but I would consider those as an exception. I mean, imagine what if someone with the brain of Zokka, also happened to be an earth bender, to say an example. Bending is something that happens out of pure luck, and it simply means an inherent advantage over everyone else who can't do the same.

    Benders have super-powers, it's just that simple, and we're dealing with a LOT of people with super-powers.

    That might be true, but I think we're still a long way to get there. And even if the technology gets us there, the cultural significance placed on benders would still be just as strong.
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    I don't have a TV.