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  1. VG.Hooks

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    To celebrate the opening of the new Australian server and the new ping, we have decided to host a tournament on the Australian server. All teams are welcome to join as long as they are Australian or .NZ origin. To enter just comment the name of your team and your average skill level, 1-5. Entries close 12th of the 1st. Matech times will be posted on the 14TH and will be subject to change if needed if prior notice is given

    All games will be on the Australian server
    All games wI'll be captain's pick
    All qualifying games will be best of 3
    Grand final will be best of 5
    Radiant/Dire will be decided by a coin toss
    This will be an elimination tournament
    No restart but pausing is allowed
    If someone dc they will be given 10 minutes to reconnect otherwise the game goes on

    All participating teams will be listed here and updated daily.
    Volt Genesis
    Yellow Solo Mid
    The Reckoning
    Team Extreme
    Fire525 SQUAD
    TESLA l Azure
    Moist Forces 5
    Team Game On
    Sexy Mountain Raccoons
    4 Bracer Huskar
    Nah, V
    Thomas The Gank Engine
    Butt Buddies
    Band Of Brothers
    Ethereal Jesters
    TC Brothers
    Crit My Pants
    EluSive Gaming
    team ascendants
    The Classic
    Team Something
    Dtango Unchained
    Ad Infinitum
    We forgot rosh
    Best of luck to all.
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  2. Phil86Blah

    Phil86Blah Member

    Team Name: aG
    Average Skill Level: High Level (4)
  3. Nevdi

    Nevdi Active Member

    Team Name: Yellow Solo Mid
    Average Skill Level: Medium (3)
  4. SchwartzE

    SchwartzE Member

    Team Name - Tesla:Elektrix
    Average Skill Level - Low (2)
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  5. NewRequiem

    NewRequiem New Member

    Team Name: The Manhouse Gamehouse
    Initials: MHGH
    Average Skill Level: Medium (3)

  6. Sonicboomer

    Sonicboomer New Member

    Team name: The Reckoning
    Skill level: Medium (4)
  7. l33tm4ch1n3

    l33tm4ch1n3 Member

    Team name: Team Extreme
    Skill level: Medium (3)
  8. Silfaro

    Silfaro New Member

    Team name: BoysBoys
    Average skill level: Medium (3)
  9. theeviltwig

    theeviltwig New Member

    Team : Mancave Gaming (McG)
    Average skill level: Medium (3)

    Team originated from nz (4/5 from nz)
    one player is from SG.
  10. Siraraz

    Siraraz Banned

    Team Name: Fire525 Squad
    Average skill level: 1 (Terrible)
  11. CitrusTheGreat

    CitrusTheGreat New Member

    Team Name: TESLA | Azure
    Average Skill Level: 3 (Extra Medium)
  12. brunz

    brunz New Member

    Team Name: GRoots
    Average Skill Level: 3
  13. CynthiaCrescent

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  14. jibu

    jibu Well-Known Member

    Any chance your team is recruiting?
    I need some exposure to the competitive world but I'm bad =(
  15. Cran593

    Cran593 Well-Known Member

    Team Name: Moist Force 5
    Average Skill Level: Low (2)
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  16. CitrusTheGreat

    CitrusTheGreat New Member

    For clarification, What is the ruling on first pick? And are each games going to feature a referee? (who, i assume, performs the coin toss)
  17. VG.Hooks

    VG.Hooks Member

    At the moment the referee is undecided but first pick will go to the radiant,and the game after the sides will swap so the other team will be the radiant.
  18. Siraraz

    Siraraz Banned

    Ask the supreme leader, Fire525.
  19. MathsDebater

    MathsDebater New Member

    Team Name: Joey
    Average skill level: 4
  20. Shadoris

    Shadoris New Member

    Team name: Courel
    Average skill level: High/Medium (4/3)