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  1. Cheaterhater

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    Yes, it is, as Devotion Aura is the only base aura that grants bonus armor.
  2. Der_kleine_Tomy

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    What happens when two different auras (trueshot and brilliance) use the same buff ?
    Do they stack normally ?
  3. phunix

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    as far as I'm reading
    the same buff won't stack at all (the highest will override)
  4. darxide

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    iirc the highest value of each stat will occur.

    if trueshot changes damage and brilliance changes mana regen, they will stack.
    if trueshot changes damage and brilliance changes damage and mana regen, you get mana regen and highest damage value
  5. sirky004

    sirky004 Well-Known Member

    how bout these auras?
    Trueshot + Command + Lunar Blessing?

    Then I get the night vision plus the highest damage value? Am i right?
    But where can you get the highest damage value?
  6. MauranKilom

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    Each of those 3 works independently. They place different buffs, so there's no stacking issue.
    Command aura (venge/wolf) is, well, a command aura.
    Trueshot aura is a Trueshot aura (duh).
    Lunar blessing is completely triggered (based on trueshot aura, too, but places a different buff and thus has no stacking issues). The damage as well as the nightvision are granted by adding abilities to the target unit and don't interfere with auras.
  7. sirky004

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    [nqb]Command Aura will not benefit from the damage given by Trueshot Aura.[/nqb]
    Well how about that?
    I get that from mechanics.

    I just want to experiment a Trax + Venge + Luna Trilane with all aura plus a Devotion Aura(RoB) + Brilliance Aura (RoB) + Soothing Aura(HoR) :(
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  8. EebstertheGreat

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    Command Aura and Trueshot Aura will work together, but they won't stack multiplicatively. That is, each aura will grant a bonus based on the hero's base damage, not that hero's base damage plus one aura.
  9. MauranKilom

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    Back in DA i read about the so called Aura-strategy where you do the exact same thing as you said: Trax + Venge (or Alpha-Wolf) + Vladimir's offering + Luna aura (back then also a trueshot aura, though i'm not sure whether it stacked at that time) gives trax insane bonus damage. Combine that with a crit and some -armor (venge again!), Inner Beast etc. and deal >400 damage per hit.

    And yes, as Eebster said, the damage from command aura won't be counted in for Trueshot aura. Same the other way round. They still stack additively.
  10. sirky004

    sirky004 Well-Known Member

    Well our trilane works :D Don't have a replay though :( (I forgot that I'm using deep freeze :( )

    under 4 minutes scourge 1st bottom tower fell. But the 2nd tower takes atleast 7 minutes when the enemy realizes that we are capable of Jumbo size their creeps at their bottom.

    At lvl 6, trax(with HotD, 2 Wraith and a PT Agi) has +154 damage luna(same as trax) has +133 damage and me venge (RoB, HoR and Urn) has +79 damage. It takes up to 200+ damage when lycan use howl.

    I really still don't get the idea of aura flicker. In a clash, our damage just went down and then back to normal, then the same thing happens again.
  11. MauranKilom

    MauranKilom Well-Known Member

    Whenever a new unit is spawned on the map, the damage of all units is recalculated. This somehow introduces a slight delay in reapplying the auras.
    So if the fight has many heroes that use many dummy units, your damage will flicker.

    Edit: How did i write "someone" there? I have no idea...
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  12. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    This should only occur with command aura though.
  13. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    So Lunar Blessing is based on Trueshot Aura? how does it come to buff melee heroes' damage, then?
    Are you sure you actually meant Trueshot Aura and not Command Aura?
  14. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    Trueshot aura has the option to affect melee units only, ranged units only, or both.

    It's pretty much identical to Command Aura.
  15. Kenshiro

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    Just to be sure ; let's say a hero provides an aura. It this hero dies, is there the 2-4 second delay before the aura is removed to any valid unit that benefited of it nearby ?
  16. MauranKilom

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  17. scapygoat123

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    Is there a list of triggered auras in dota? It would be useful when drafting illusion strat against base aura strat
  18. JohnOldman

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    Vlad's and AC armor bonuses stack since 6.78