Atropos Item Build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Odin, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    I've recently started playing Atropos, and enjoyed it immensely, but I could use a bit of advice on an item build. I usually start out with a tango, a clarity potion, and some ironwood branches, then buy a point booster, then go straight for scepter (possibly buying boots of speed somewhere in between). I'll then go for phase boots, followed by Guinsoo's. Then, I'll either pick Linken's, Bloodstone, or Orchid's, depending on how the game is going.

    How optimal is this? I'm not sure whether or not Treads would be better than Phase Boots, or if I should get some nulls before scepter.

    Also, is it worthwhile to take Enfeeble, or should I go for +stats instead?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Godlessmass

    Godlessmass Active Member

    Well, if you're farming great and not dying it's plenty optimal... but practically every item you name is really expensive and I'd call them luxury items on Bane. Personally, I really like Necronomicon on Atropos as I think it adds more damage to his ult than Agh's does and manaburn and truesight is great. So... I usually go boots + a couple nulls then necro III. Luxury items = Guinsoo's, Eul's for additional disables, Agh's for ult damage, and Linken's/BKB to protect your ult from being interrupted.

    Enfeeble's value depends on opponent line-up. In general, I wouldn't get it 'til late game when DPS heroes start giving you trouble.
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  3. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I would use Necronomicon, but I simply don't have the micromanaging skill necessary to handle the extra units, unfortunately. And wouldn't Eul's largely overlap with Nightmare?
  4. ChanSRK

    ChanSRK Active Member

    I think people get eul's so they can disable 3 people (nightmare they're disabler, enfeeble their carry, and euls the ones that almost get away)
  5. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    Sleep one, Cyclone the other, eat the third's brain, Sheep the fourth and Enfeeble the hardcarry :)

    Necro is absolutely the core. If you don't have micro skills - so you are a pub player who plays in pubs - GET DAGON AND RAPE THEM!!!!!!1!!11!!ONEONE
  6. Godlessmass

    Godlessmass Active Member

    You shouldn't be doing anything with bane while using his ult... why wouldn't you have the micro available to use necro minions? Bane is probably the least demanding Necro hero ever. Eul's is the poorman's Guinsoo and won't overlap with nightmare. Team battles have 5 opponents in them, nightmare one, Eul another, sap and grip a third, manaburn a fourth with necro minions... if you can pull all that off you've given your team a massive advantage.

    Also, I didn't mention this before, but don't get treads on Bane. Either phase or boots of travel (former is better for bane, imo). Treads are for attackspeed for the most part... phase is the better purchase in most situations if you're not a DPS hero.
  7. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Necrobook is definitely core, no arguments.
    However, if you lack the micromanagement, i would say more practice would do the trick.
    He does absolutely nothing during grip, and yet you cannot micro the minions.
    Guinsoo's or Eul's works fine as well.
  8. Antifate

    Antifate Well-Known Member

    Necronomicon is core, Aghs is pretty luxury, though the Point Booster isn't a bad idea. Necronomicon helps with the mana problems Bane has and provides a large amount of ganking power to him. Nec + Phase and you're set.
  9. xTimmTomx

    xTimmTomx Well-Known Member

    Agreeing with everyone here that says Necronomicon is core - it really is. Saying that you "dont have the mico skill necessary to handle the extra units" is a very defeatist attitude. Its 2 extra units - thats hardly anything at all, honestly all it will take is a little bit of practice and you'll have it down no problem at all. For one thing, the most effective way to use the necro minions is to micro them whilst you're using your ulti on someone. At this point you're doing nothing anyway except channeling the spell = you have your hands free to micro those minions (and all the micro it takes is a command to attack and manaburn your target).

    Necro is most definately not a difficult thing to get your head around, just practice it a few times and you'll be set.

    If you really are completely against necrobook, then I suppose Guinsoo is the next best option. Bane is all about providing disables, and guinsoo adds to that capacity. Its a much better choice that aghanims in my opinion, the hex is vastly more useful to the team than a bit more damage on your ulti.
  10. WinterAyars

    WinterAyars Well-Known Member

    Necrobook for sure.

    If you can't hack the micro--learn. It's really the only way to go for Bane.