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  1. xiiaosin89

    xiiaosin89 Well-Known Member

    Guys, I'm gonna talk a little about other ASU suggestion for Rubick first.

    I'm sure that it is obvious to you that most people want to improve the ultimate (Spell Steal) by making Rubick being able to steal more than 1 spell. IMO it's imbalance.

    Spell Steal should literally steal spells :rofl:. Anyway, literally steal spell isn't my suggestion.

    WARNING: My suggestion may be ridiculous but please think about it before making a comment :/
    Improve Spell Steal casting range to global casting range.. [Removed "decrease cooldown, no manacost and duration forever" Improvement due to current feedback]
    My point is to make Casting Range Global.
    Global Casting Range is NOT imbalance. Think about it.

    Another Suggestion (newly added)
    Reduce cooldown to 4s. No Manacost. (Global Casting Range not included).

    Reason (Don't take this seriously)
    Rubick is the son of Aghanim, therefore, Rubick's ultimate should be "ridiculously" strong while holding Aghanim's Scepter. He should really have ASU since Aghanim is his father...

    At first, I thought AS will not be worth buying as casting range don't really matter, what Rubick wants is just to have a spell he steals.
    Then, I realised that this can counter enemies with Global Casting range spell, you steal it from far, you use it too.

    I believe there will be other circumstances where Global Casting Range will help.

    IMPORTANT: I will accept negative comments, but please think through before making a comment. Please leave suggested changes that you think of one, I will consider it.
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  2. TheBig(D)

    TheBig(D) Well-Known Member

    Yeah I thought about your suggestion and "Overpowered" is not enough to describe it.Way way too OP.And the reason? Tell you what,f*ck the lore and stuff.Balance > all
    I suggest that ASU makes it harder for Rubick to lose his spells when he dies.It goes like this.
    When Rubick dies,in order for him to lose the spell he stole,2/3/4 enemy heroes must be in an 600 AoE around the spot where Rubick dies.If Rubick revives with the spell intact,the duration is refreshed
  3. MassBalance

    MassBalance Well-Known Member

    I like it being global cast range... but everything else is way too storng.
  4. juleocesar

    juleocesar Well-Known Member

    IMBA. Global Spell steal is already overpowered. Do you still want to add 0 manacost and a permanent spell?

    T-Down, it was discussed before, and besides, most of people was searching for a balanced and creative Rubick's ASU. But the only thing that you did is trasnforming some of suggestions suggested before in one.

    PIELIKEI Well-Known Member

    OK... OK... OK....
    Fact: We need to come up with an Aghas for Rubick to satisfy his lore. (Please don't argue with this point, this conversation would be useless without this)
    Fact: Conventional methods are generally imba (Stealing spells from allies, global spell steal etc., choose which spell to steal? <-- not sure whether this has been suggested or is even codable... but imba).

    Ok.... Here is what I think:
    A hero's synergy is present with every hero. If we understand what he does, we understand how his ulti works and if we understand how his ulti works we can determine how best to improve it without making obvious and often imba improvements.

    What is Rubick's niche? Ganker/Spellcaster/Support/Pusher.

    How does his ultimate affect the niche? It gives him a mystery spell which can be any other spell in the game. Most of all, it is flexible: it can adapt to nearly any situation. (from a select choice of enemies of course)

    How would we go about this ultimate? Well, we can improve his ganking capability or we can make him even more versatile than he already is.

    Anyways... That is my two cents... Take is anyway you will
  6. Drakthul

    Drakthul Well-Known Member

    A bit overpowered. T-Null.
  7. xiiaosin89

    xiiaosin89 Well-Known Member

    *Removed* Double post.
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  8. xiiaosin89

    xiiaosin89 Well-Known Member

    Guys, why not we just remove the "decrease cooldown" and remove Duration - forever (I actually think duration forever don't make a big differences, but sure we can remove it). So the cooldown will be at default - 20/18/16. IMO, if the effect is only Global Casting Range and nothing else, I don't think it's worth buying, at least make it no manacost too.

    Think about it, Global Casting Range isn't really imba. You only gets to cast different spell every 16s (remove decrease cooldown), and take into account that even Rubick having aghanim, he may not have enough mana to keep on casting the spell he steals.
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  9. deathkidkun

    deathkidkun Well-Known Member

    The original 1000 casting range I already find IMBA, what else global spell steal.

    Rubick starts with a nice 351 mana pool and 31 mana per level. By the time he's level 6 he'll probably get arcane boots and have 757 mana. He will have enough mana by the time he gets scepter.
  10. xiiaosin89

    xiiaosin89 Well-Known Member

    Edited first post.

    So far only MassBalance like this suggestion, I hope to see more feedback.
  11. NotQuiteThere

    NotQuiteThere Well-Known Member

    I guess it is fairly balanced...I mean, in order to get a skill globally, you'd have to see them in order to take advantage of it. Still though, I'm unsure...there's something bugging me that tells me this could be bad idea, so T-null for now. :)
    Edit: I've thought it over. From what I can see, I think it is a reasonable upgrade for giving it global casting range.

    Even if it was simply doubled (2000?) it would be a decent upgrade IMO. T-up.
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  12. SuperCookie

    SuperCookie Well-Known Member

    Makes some sense
  13. rHic25

    rHic25 Active Member

    i dont know if im thinking here but what if he upgrades the skills he steals when he has the scepter... improving the stolen skill a little bit so it is more powerful than the owner's but of course it could have a greater manacost.... but i think this would take time coding coz of the little upgrade thing
  14. Rangwan

    Rangwan Well-Known Member

    What about make him being able to steal up to 2 spells?
  15. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    That has been suggested too many times to count.

    Anyways, I have to disagree. Rubick himself, just by doing nothing, will force players to play different in order to prevent him from stealing crucial skills. An Earthshaker will keep his Enchant Totem off cooldown to prevent Rubick from stealing Fissure or Echo Slam. With this suggestion, Rubick will become a global threat, making all his enemies afraid to use crucial spells.

    And in general too, I have to disagree on an Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade altogether. The stats that it provides is just too useful for Rubick, especially if he can get his Spell Steal to become even stronger.
  16. gonza2k3

    gonza2k3 New Member

    I prefer to improve: (instead of global range)

    Not lose spell when Rubik dies, and (or) increase greatly the time he keeps that spell
  17. Facebook

    Facebook Well-Known Member

    Just because he is the son of aghanim doesn't mean he really needs an aghanim but just ignore it.

    Anyway, i thought about it for 127 seconds and im stucked at this aghanim conversation.

    I don't think having global casting range won't easily solve the problem, i mean, 4200g for a global casting upgrade? Why not give the spell steal with the lowest cooldown like 5 seconds with no manacost? But i cant think anything so that's everythin i can help.
  18. pigi_rylai

    pigi_rylai Well-Known Member

    Global cast range is kinda wasted mainly because he needs to be near targets to kill them , 1 stolen spell not enough even if it's a global one. Giving a buff to make his stolen spell permanent semms more legit and reduce the cooldown by 2/3/4 at each ultimate level.
  19. Absurd.cast

    Absurd.cast Well-Known Member

    I bet hes adopted and Aghanim is not hes real father.

    I don't like the global range but I though about this:

    What if Rubick can hold 1 ability per Hero with a maximum of 2? Meaning, lets say you steal Blink from Magina and then when the CD refreshes, you steal Stormbolt from Sven, now you have 2 abilities. Next steal will replace Blink, next Stormbolt and so on. But it has to be limited for 1 spell per hero, so if you have Blink from Magina and try to steal his ultimate, you get Blink replaced.
  20. silly_me

    silly_me Well-Known Member

    It should be ridiculously strong?