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    Thanks xRdR

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    He hates dreadlocks, mkay.
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    A better translation would be appreciated :)
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    My head hurts.
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    that was hard to read and to understand. but i think i got his point.
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    I think perhaps he is referring to M5s "Dread", but calling him "Dreadlocks" to make fun of him or something.
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    I think what he meant was, he's not interested in playing for Na'Vi... he wants to join M5 or something like that
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    nobody is russoukrainian on pd? sad

    id like a proper translation

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    o_O i can't really understand it but I guess I get his points
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    Barely a couple of hours after the official announcement of the resignation of the eminent Ukrainian team captain Ukraine Na `Vi, we decided to interview him. Ivan Artstyle Antonov told us his reasons for being absent from TECHLABS, leaving Na `Vi and many other things.

    Hello, Ivan, you've disappeared right after The International. What happened then?

    Hello! I've lost my motivation completely. In fact, it's hard to describe ... depression started for no reason... I won, and didn't even realize it. v-one-nlat(v1lat) would say - lack of motivation.

    How do you plan to spend the money? In an interview you said that you are going to upgrade your apartments.

    I don't know ... I'll start by repairing my house, then I'll buy a car. I'll see what's gonna be the best choice after that.

    I think it's useless to ask you about DotA2 championship, because it's been already discussed too much everywhere. We'll ask you directly about TECHLABS - what is the cause of your absence?

    There were so many reasons that I, myself don't even know which of them where true and which of them where excuses I thought up. The most striking reason, I think - I did not want to sign a contract. I can not live with the fact that I'm somebody who has liabilities. I just couldn't step over myself ... I was afraid and ran. Yes, a terrible act, but as it turned out later, it was bad move.

    But in general, what's your opinion on Navi perfomance there?

    I wasn't watching their games. Unfortunately, I can not say why.

    Recently there was a reshuffle in the M5 roster - Smile and Santa were replaced by vigoss and PGG. What do you think about this "all-stars" team?

    I immediately thought about how hard it will be for them. I do not know why, really, I respect each of these players. Although I hate Dread as a player. But still, even if they are all very strong, immediately after I saw them together I just thought it's not gonna work. I do not know ... there are no cons in this team but I don't see any future prospects too...

    Well, as we all know, the team where the captain is PGG - will turn into PGG +4 TR. Will M5 face the same fate?

    They are definitly not that type of a player who'll become +4. If pgg will fool around he'll be turned into +1.

    We proceed to the painful subject - after Gamescon you have not played a single game for Na `Vi. Have you left the team?

    Yes, I was waiting for Gazprom * laughs *. Actually, yes. And it is not strange, exactly same story as with DTS * smiles *. Misunderstanding with the manager, Zerograviti. But that's all for the better, I will not go into details.

    I think a player like you, won't be left without attention - where you plan to get(what team) or will you just retire, as already planned many times?

    Well, I don't plan to retire, on the contrary, after playing dota2 I wanted more, but again, I lost the motivation to play all tournaments in a row. Now I think everything will come back. Where to go ... There is Russia 5 Stars and a lot of strong teams. Well, in case of emergency, I'll just gather my own.

    I think many of us would want to join your team.

    * Smiles * Well, my reputation ... Guys, I apologize to all fans, to all those whom I disappointed - it just happened ... It's not even about my stupid nature, although that matters too * laughs *. In short, give me a few more chances. I'm saying this to those, who'd like to fight at the enemy base in 5 minutes, rather than ricefest for 50 minutes and oneshot-fight in the end. Aggressive DotA is my destiny.

    Why did you decide to leave now, when all the major tournaments are just about to start? It's all about circumstances or were you forced to act immediately?

    I wasn't specifically chosing the time to leave. It's just happened.

    Let's move on to more pressing issue - do you pla Dota now?

    Yes, I play pub gaes on a regular basis, I'll start to stream Darer soon. Sorry, for the delay, it's just last month was very busy - I slept only 4 hours in 4 days and DRANK(vodka). I was feeling myself bad, I was feeding in pubs. By the way, I'll be giving Dota2 keys - in my stream from Darer.

    Do you like Dota2?

    Well, of course I do, and I will stream it too. It's all about darer * smiles *.

    Let's move onto a more interesting question - where would you like to go one more time - Germany Cologne, Wuhan, China, France, Paris, Moscow Russia, Kazakhstan, Almaty?

    In Paris, it was cool, in Wuhan, too ... Yes, probably everywhere * smiles *. There is always something to remember.

    Incidentally, the notorious Denmark babyknight began winning tournaments in SC2. Do you want to try your skills in 1x1 discipline?

    In short, v-one-lat can prove my words. I told him: I arrived the day before in Asus Cyberarena, met a player in Navi SC2, played with him 1-1, even though i wasn't not playing SC2 for half-year * laughs *. I just tried it once in beta and there I understood it was not for me.

    We wish you good luck in the future. I think everyone wants to see you as a captain of a strong team that you'll bring to success.

    So, I have to say that * smiles *. Guys, those who cheered for me personally - thank you for all of this! We'll show you a high-class! As for the Navi or DTS - guys, it's just happened ... It was cool to play and be with you as a team - I will never forget this ... with DTS, we made history, with NaVi "we made money" * laughs *. Thank you Navi for giving us a chance to win 200 000 $. Thanks to CS players, I joined probably only because of those two from Kharkov. Thank you, Zero - for everything you have done for me and helped me. But Sasha, at the last moment that was your fail. So, anyway, it was a great time * smiles *. We're are still going to fight.


    Here, I fixed google translated text a little.
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    OP should use this, I pretty much understood everything now
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    If ArtStyle doesn't retire...

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    Done. Thanks