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    Kind of baffling he remained on Secret while Misery and w33 got kicked. Pretty sure the whole team was aware of his antics.
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    This fucking picture is so beautiful. I cried myself laughing when it was shown on the video after that scene.
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    So EE is out or not? With all this trolling around nothing is 100% sure.
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    Well according to registrations he left the team, but he could still rejoin Secret before the final deadline, so until he joins another team, nothing is completely sure. But trolling with official registration is much less likely than trolling with twitter posts.
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    He's still streaming on shitty Panda tv, and if he left secret his contract would end there no?
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    Not exactly. Arteezy was streaming on twitch before TI5 and he still had sponsor plugs from EG even though he was with Secret who had no sponsors. He still had contract obligation to fulfill his streaming quota
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    Envy has plenty of faults, but that kind of petulant trolling does not seem to be one of them.
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    Maybe they can get a nice mid and get Arteezy back on carry? With the rumours of EE leaving that makes sense.

    And rtz is not the greatest carry but he is far from the worst, definitely better than EE.
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    I actually want to see EE succeed just because of how much flame this guy gets
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    He already did at Shanghai Major. What more do you want, an international title?
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    I'm sure EE would like it
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    i have a pretty funny story about arteezy.

    i remember once i was talking to some mods or fanboy subscribers in chat and he was in it at the same time and said I think meracle is better than arteezy skill wise. and he got mad had a rage and banned me
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    babyrageezy back to EG. this guy will never learn
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    I think its a good decision, at least for him. Who else was he going to join? For EG though I guess it was a case of needing a top tier carry and he is the best choice.

    He was a consistent 3rd place finisher even in his second EG stint. And I think the biggest personality clash was PPD?
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    Don't see why people are so hyped up about this team. None of the two supports is a straight up pos 5, cant imagine they'll be better or even on par with ppd when TI7 comes. Arteezy and Sumail is a strong duo but it never was a tournament winning one(fear had way more synergy). The previous EG felt way stronger.

    I understand fear retiring but ppd doing a xiao8 was uncalled for. Wonder if he is going for the savior image and he'll actually come back before TI7. I hope so.
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    duno man ... babyrageezy + sufail just wasnt working at all the first time. so why would it be any different now? it seems like theyre not even using their brains. like why the fuk would i try to repeat an already failed experiment?! makes no sense to me.
    also whats even worse ... the team appears to be weaker now and lacks a leader that holds everything in place. this is not going to end well. disband incoming after first major, calling it.
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    It's even more concerning because Crit and Zai are support players with a higher minimum level of farm than the average to be very impressive. Individually they aren't as greedy as AUI but combined they are more greedy.

    Even Universe is greedy for an offlaner which is why he had so much trouble working on Secret because he had to sacrifice farm on heroes you can't be stingy with in order to allow Puppey and RTZ to grow with Envy.

    This is very concerning.