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    I honestly don't like rtz because he always messes up EG but you have to be pretty fucking stupid to not see that he did massive work for secret this TI. If it wasn't for him Secret prolly woulda been dead last in the group stages behind escaped.
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    Ok Arteezy, time to go back to EG. I bet ppd would LOVE that.
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    I would expect RTZ to stay and EE be kicked, just a guess though. Puppey definitely would be wise to keep PLD if possible.
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    Puppey would be wise to kick himself. His drafts and plays in TI6 were bottom trashcan.
  5. Urna-

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    EE is worthless and puppys brain is having trouble with this version. I think RTZ does best with a new roster.

    Ppy,pld,rtz, +2 might work out.

    Bulba is not high enough impact to make this current line up work. His nyx and BM were both very unimpressive.
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    honestyl babyrageezy is not a good option for any pro team. im dead serious. despite his playing qualities he might bring to the table, hes obviously a destabilizing element for a team and therefore a risk. anyone whos not able to see this, is probably blind as a fuckin bat.
    u cannot form a team on pure "oh yeah, hes an insane farmer". theres so much more to building a great cohesive team than raw gaming skill, so many factors to consider ... if we compare w33d to rageezy then for sure most would say: rageezy>w33d. but w33d actually had far more success with team secret and was arguably the best midder secret ever had. and also just by looking at the games w33d seemed like a part of a bigger unit, not just another skilled player. if i watch secret arteezy games, this guy somehow almost always feels detached from the rest of the team. like hes still playing a pub.

    anyway ... it is clear that arteezy in SOME WAY miraculously messes up teams (srsly, the past speaks for itself), finally leading them on a losing path. heck, even his way of changing teams back&forth literally screams "i dont even know what the fuk i want". indeed, that is an extremely good characteristic element for any team ... maybe kuro was right after all.
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    Even kuro has mor turnament wins.
    just click the player links and see yourself. And that is not even weighting the turnaments by their pricepool or competetiveness!
  9. BigBadBossDk

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    I specifically said LAN just because it is more prestigious than online tournaments that are played on high pings.
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    Agreed, but it's not that EE is a bad player, he isn't compatible with RTZ, he is always in competition with RTZ and that's bad, RTZ is way better than EE when it comes of the carry role, RTZ would always be a greater core player than EE and EE don't accept it, he demonstrated it always during their ganks, from his perspectives RTZ was always a less priority and he abandoned him often, EE was more concerned in his farm than ganking with his team, I saw it often as well.

    EE feels envy and it breaks his potential, RTZ isn't that easy to digest, I know that he's special in this regard, that's why I think that RTZ isn't a gamer who should be placed in one team, I think he must follow Dendi's example and make his own team where people accept how he's.
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    What I don't understand is RTZ have been vocal about wanting to play mid again for some time, Before he became official in Team Secret he was playing and practicing a crap load of mid heroes in his stream. He then joins Secret only to become position 1 player again
  12. RandomFlamer

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    I think it has more to do with Envy being a trash carry.
  13. Houselife

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    Remember EE when W33 was in Team Secret and now EE is suddenly a bad carry when RTZ is there, which hints to internal problems within the team or within EE's private life, one from both is the case, but to be sincere how EE is reacting toward RTZ is just anticlimactic, RTZ is doing his part, the one who isn't responding is EE and popey.
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    Any guesses on which team will RTZ drag to the dumpster after the post-TI6 shuffle? :cat:
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    I think he's not done with Secret yet.

    What do you guys think are the chances someone gets kicked from Secret and Aui will join the regular squad?
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    Aui is a greedy support, same as Puppey. Pieliedie also didn't perform so bad he deserves a kicking. Aui on carry wont work so basically I have no idea why they keep him around.

    Far as Arteezy goes there is still a small chance for him to go to EG again if Fear retires.
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    Secret should just disband already, meme team is not worth the attention at this point.
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    wings as he goes to the champions always :D
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    ;cat; Na Vi :cat: ;cat; ;cat;
    ;cat; ;cat;