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  2. iser

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    you know, watching w33's windrunner at ESL NYC One in person was quite a sight. that was one of my fav dota spectator moments. total dick move, kicking them out 4 days before roster lock.


    lastly, does this confirm that dragonfist and switftending are going to EG?
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  3. RandomFlamer

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    What is that secret thing which makes good, stable players lose their shit and join up team secret? Like I don't get it.
  4. Bodge

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    So Secret's back to winning nothing again?
  5. BigBadBossDk

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    Just like how they weren't gonna win anything wit fEEd, w33fresh, and Diediedie? Jeez wait for the team to perform before saying anything
  6. ChickWithDick

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    AUI kicked right after TI5: omg what a dick
    W33+misery kicked about 4 days before lock and not even a month after Major: omg what a dick.
  7. BigBadBossDk

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    The thing about Aui is that he had 2-3 weeks to find a team? These guys got like 4 days.
  8. Domonus

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    First off, I am super excited to see Universe and Puppey working together. Secondly, I am really pissed that W33 is kicked and EE kept. The only reason for this is because of respect for an old scene player. I can't think of any other reason. W33 is a better mid in my opinion in almost every way.
  9. Monsterlord_2nd

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    Secret back to secrekt.

    Wtf was the thinking behind this?
  10. JJE92

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    In other news, Team Secret is now NA :D
  11. BigBadBossDk

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    Hmm who knows maybe they were a package deal. And w33ha and RTZ seems like a pretty good trade, they both have different strengths and bring different things to the table. Universe is way better than Misery in every way.
  12. dewouter

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    Kicking w33 is sad, I really like that guy, but his hero pool was pretty limited. But as Domonus said it should have been EE who should have been replaced but it's likely he is the one who made this happen in the first place.
  13. juraculation

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    I feel worst for Misery - he played a big part in winning majors.
    Meanwhile EE and Arteezy have mostly been playing trash.
  14. john_volkov

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    Why did you got rtz back omg I would rather have xboc then rtz.RIP Secret.
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    May I post the promo video again?
  18. Sarvik

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    Can't get a damn offlaner from EG without Arteezy always tagging along.
  19. IHateLeavers

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    EG has crazy drafter, he sometimes pick really stupid lineup which imo was one of the reasons why they lost some important games. Artz was always better mid than carry, so it might work out. Universe is imo one of the best and most consistent offlaners. He always does well and has amazing performances on heroes like DS, cant even count anymore how many times EG won because of his vacuum + wall combo.

    W322 is pretty good but only on what Voker + WR? I think he remind Puppey about Dendi and his limited hero pool, so they obviously want someone who's more versatile.

    Misery was the weakest link in Secret so no surprise there.
  20. HydraLord

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    Just because a player is really good at playing certain heroes it doesn't mean that his hero pool is limited. W33ha is nowhere near being admirallbulldog 2.0.