Arc (MMR) Warden

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by BdC, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. BdC

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    How can we NOT discuss this hero?

    This hero is broken. Plain and simple.

    Previously he was a gimmick at best... but now he can win every game. Spark wraith is disgusting with its purge and damage output. Ulti doesn't drain you so you can't get harassed out of ANY lane. Magnetic field decreased cooldown helps, but yes it does scale less.

    Midas is core, followed by either Shadow Blade or Maelstrom or dragon lance ( I enjoy maelstrom and dragon lance). Keep farming and at around level 6 any kill is easy kill for you. Grab up boots of travel, orchid, mjollnir, and bloodthorne. Really anything after that is up to you. Hurricane pike works great too.

    You can win any game either via split push or fighting since this hero can STILL do both.

    Enjoy MMR
  2. HolyBob

    HolyBob Well-Known Member

    Yeah i ban him every game. Only hero i dont wanna face at this point. Hopefully Valve will realize hes broken but i doubt it.
  3. Siraraz.

    Siraraz. Well-Known Member

    Except he's somewhat rare. If you see enemy has AW picker, ban him and hope for RNG. Or go pick multi-unit core like PL and hope for the best. Otherwise, if no one is an AW picker you can ignore because no one else picks him.

    The solution is to turn him into a Melee hero :stuart:
  4. CrabDoctor

    CrabDoctor Well-Known Member

    Lizzard said that Invoker fucks over Arc Warden, so if you know how to play Invoker I guess you can pick him
  5. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    Problem is mainly that heroes with high skill cap cant be that good when played by an average player who has 50-100 games on it. Previously what happened on invoker basically.

    And MKB not working on buildings for AGES is an issue.

    Magnetic field has a cooldown of 20 and a duration of 6.5 so you have 13 seconds of glyph every 30 seconds (cooldown of his ultimate at lvl 3)
    How do people not see the problem here rofl?

    Rapier has been nerfed but he can still splitpush with 0 risk and push your waves in. He can still buy other raw dmg items and do considerable tower dmg.

    He wins most midlanes because of his ridiculous cast range on E. (now spammable and maxed first after the changes, also grants vision LUL)

    You can firstpick him and worst case you get counterpicked alot and tell your team you play support and let them pick a core that counters whole enemy lineup.

    The only reason people dont cry on him all the time is because hes not in CM and reddit sheeps dont know dota outside of 3k so they dont know whats good if they dont see it in pro play.

    I dont see how this hero ever enters CM without severe nerfs.
  6. BdC

    BdC Well-Known Member

    Just delete forge spirits with spark wraith.

    I think its situational (vs specific heroes like Invoker) to max spark wraith. Flux will do more damage you can get some insane damage output with the double, so against certain heroes (or support duos who roam on you) can create multiple instant deletions for the enemy team.
  7. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    Ive seen most people max spark wraith but im not playing the hero myself so that is probably right. Just shows that you dont even have to skill properly to be successful with it I guess rofl.

    Any hero thats not in CM usually is not played 100% optimally because people dont have anybody to copy from.

    The only upside is that necro3 is unviable due to the changes to his ultimate and he wont deward the whole map 24/7 for free.
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  8. Mlcrosoft

    Mlcrosoft Well-Known Member

    this hero is just beyond broken. Anyone who can play it and has half brain can solo win games 90% of the time
  9. DasKobold

    DasKobold Well-Known Member

    One of you wants to write a guide on him? Things like skill build, item build and stuff like that.
  10. BdC

    BdC Well-Known Member


    Buy midas, buy dmg items and maelstrom farm and win. Max wraith or flux, doesnt matter then the other. Then do field. BoTs core.


    Buy midas, buy dmg items and maelstrom farm and win. Max wraith or flux, doesnt matter then the other. Then do field. BoTs core.
  11. DasKobold

    DasKobold Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that, but as someone who has really no idea how to play him I still don't really know what to do.

    If you run into a good arc, can you share the matchid? So I can somewhat see how he is played.
  12. BdC

    BdC Well-Known Member

    The items are definitely going to be the same, and are quite open.

    Spark wratih at level 1 is pretty much lane winning (think Terrorblade 6.80) - 1 spark wraith zones the enemy for 50!! seconds and you just level up and flux when they arent near creeps. Take the runes when needed, or don't... just have the double heal you.

    You're pretty open in play style, the double can tp to fights and win them or you can and bring the double or you can send the double to split another lane or defend.

    Combo is basically spark wraith ulti spark wraith or flux ulti spark wraith - the tough part comes with managing cooldowns & using the double as efficiently as possible (items and target selection).

    Once you win the lane, you can pretty easily win the game. Either by kills or farm acceleration. The initial spark wraith placement can either get an easy lane (or if you're with a pudge) you can stack them and have the pudge hook an enemy into them and blow them up.
  13. ManOnTheCan

    ManOnTheCan Well-Known Member

    Someone want to explain to me how level one spark is lane-winning? It's just a 100 damage nuke for 80 mana, that can be avoided with proper positioning.
  14. BdC

    BdC Well-Known Member

    It covers a large area for very long, and cheap, and can also hit invisible units. Main reason is, putting it on the stairs to high ground at mid (by t1 tower) after a somewhat decent block prevents someone from running into the lane without wasting time running around or tanking some damage (and an auto or two). It's less strong in the safe lane, but can still be applied (and placed over trees). It also gives flying vision at the location.
  15. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    it has a million castrange and is spammable + purges and gives vision. Its pretty hard to rotate onto arc because of sparks and his Q and he wins/breaks even with basically every mid lane.

    If you get a good block you place it on their highrgound to make people run around it (or eat free dmg). Meanwhile you can harass them.

    You can also place it on your own highground and on runes etc to zone people if you get rotated on and you can retaliate pretty easily if people try to gank you because of the castrange on both your abilities.

    The hero is pretty straight forward. You go mid/safe (mid is better imo), get wraith band + pooled tango and shit, get bottle boots aquila mango/salve and then farm your midas -travel maelstorm

    You can solo kill most midlanes with lvl 6 with double Q and multiple E. You want mjollnir and blink/shadow/pike + hex/bloodthorne to solo kill cores long into midgame/lategame and terrorize the map after you snowball from your lead.

    The change to his ult made that his clone has his own cooldowns, but has shorter cooldown overall. That means that you want short-cd items and not stuff like Necro3 because its not up half of the time you have your ultimate ready. Also Rapier is not a thing anymore because it got removed/fixed.

    The hero can also play from the support position because his abilities let him zone and scout pretty easily. You basically perma pull and get your levels + midas. You have alot of kill potential with a +1 and your harass is decent because of >600 range. Its a greedy support but it works alot of the times because pubs.

    Counters include gapclosers that can just jump and kill him (W doesnt prevent you from hitting him if you are inside the bubble). So lifestealer is pretty good because he can usually facerush him unpunished. But its not a guaranteed way to deal with arc warden, he can easily buy forcestaff and other items that help him survive.

    Dont think theres any hero that straight up lets you win games against him, mainly because hes ultra broken.
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  16. titan015

    titan015 Well-Known Member

    I main arc warden and I think you over exaggerating. Yes he has hes own strength but to call him OVERPOWERED, ULTRA BROKEN?? Nah. I think he is balanced now.

    Everytime I pick arc there seems to be always sven and slark or ANTI mage on the enemy team.
    Slark alone can kill you or any other hero in 3 seconds flat, now that is what I call overpowered.

    Arc's ratting power is no longer impressive. Yes it can still be done but not like how it was before where arc can carry rapiers and rape towers whereas now boots of travel has a CD and the double itself doesnt last long to make a serious threat to enemy base. Don't believe me? try watching miracle arc rat build in youtube post-nerf and see how mediocore arc's splitpush has become. They almost lost that one because miracle was always absent in teamfights due to ratting yet not doing good results.

    Melee carries are the meta nowadays so magnetic field is mehh,
    sure arc can still farm fast and still packs a punch but he is still outcarried by many flavor of the month heroes especially melee heroes *cough* slark *cough*.

    So yeah thats my take. Arc is balanced now. His special niche was totally destroyed last patch but at least Icefrog/Valve tried to compensate by buffing his spark which turned him into a mini techies.
  17. juraculation

    juraculation Well-Known Member

    no, they are not over exaggerating. This hero is truly, disgustingly overpowered at the moment.
  18. TheImperial

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    Can someone provide match id's with good AW player so I can join the master race?
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