Any way to counter OD?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by FairyTailz, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. FairyTailz

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    How to counter OD? OD is just too powerful in early mid lane. With his good attack animation, any decent player can last hit and deny almost all the creeps. Because of his 2nd skill, the enemy can't even get any last hit or get close to the creeps. That exp/gold gap between OD and his opponent will only get larger and larger without interruption from any sides.
  2. Aircross

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    Let him win the lane then beat him up in the late game.
  3. Zerstoror

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    Bloodseeker doesnt care. Long range nuker can work.
  4. mhd54

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  5. Riki_Martin~

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    nyx nyx nyx
  6. simii

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    Dont pick a mana dependent and int laner if you want something decent in early.
    But you dont must win the lane btw, its really hard 1v1.
    Also some dual mid combos make him/her useless.

    Then proceed to gank and beat him with silences and bkbs.

    1.pick nyx
    2.rape him
  7. Yoshitsune-sama

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    Lone Druid destroys him in lane. Keep hitting him and he wont be able to regenerate hp as much as you can damage him.
  8. P1louxxx

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    G _ _ _ H _ _ A _ _ Y _ _' L L B_ F_ _ _ _
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    LOL Pillow :'D

    OT: Zeus
  11. MonkeyEx

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    aside from nyx, someone who doesn't need mana a lot like kunkka
  12. Draguuro-Manchi

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    Uninstalling DotA 2 counters all heroes, which is better than just countering one hero, I guess?
  13. Foofmonger

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    Yep the answers are.

    1. His hardcounter: Nyx
    2. People who don't need mana to stay in lane: Bloodseeker
    3. People who can zone him: Sniper

  14. MWaser

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    Huskar works pretty well, burning spears are quite gay :D
  15. Foofmonger

    Foofmonger Well-Known Member

    Huskar wins mid against most heroes, but honestly later on OD is actually pretty good against Huskar. Dat pure damage.
  16. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    Lategame indeed, but OD's goal is to rape the early game. And lategame huskar can just get a bkb :)
  17. MurNa

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    sniper owns him
  18. Foofmonger

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    Very true.
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