Anti-mage bkb went out of "trend"?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by sunnymarcell, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. JX_Blue

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    Just want to point out that if the enemy QOP had a hex, all she has to do is blink in and hex you. Have fun trying to use your BKB as a chicken, while I laugh at you with my additional 1k health from heart.

    There's nothing wrong with going Heart on AM. In most cases it's better than BKB. AM wins fights often because the entire enemy team focuses him, but he ends up blinking out with 100 health while the rest of his team comes in to clean up. Then he just waits 10 seconds and jumps back into the fight with 1/2 to 3/4 health. BKB, on the other hand, assumes that you're the one initiating and not the other way round. The duration also gets pretty short late game (5 seconds is barely enough).
  2. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    have fun with your 0 armor and 0 usefulness as a chicken with 1k extra HP.
  3. hideinlight

    hideinlight Well-Known Member

    Manta is so bloody OP on him, any survival item after that would do.
  4. Diamond123

    Diamond123 Well-Known Member

    People who say that Heart is better, well it's obviously not when the loss was the result. But lots of players have problem to eveluate critical situations and they tend to do stupid things.
  5. Zeibi

    Zeibi Well-Known Member

    Well if enemy team has mass disables, go for BKB then Heart maybe? :D
  6. SavageRS

    SavageRS Well-Known Member

    Because 90% of pub players are idiots.

    I always make BKB when need it.
  7. Donaghy

    Donaghy Well-Known Member

    AM has a pretty static build in a lot of ways (treads/manta every game), but I actually think it makes or breaks the hero how you build him situationally. Vanguard can be quite necessary, as can BKB. It depends on the disables your enemies have, how powerful their right clicks are etc.
  8. sunnymarcell

    sunnymarcell Banned

    it SURELY FUCKING was.

    we would absolutely own teamfights with our enigma (he landed decent 3-4 man blackholes), but 3 out of 4 seconds our anti-mage was hexed. if he would have that bkb, 0 out of 4 seconds would been his disabled time (they didnt have a beastmaster, neither axe), and he would kill at least 2 during the black hole, and the other 2 following after.

    but when our enigma landed that blackhole, we just didnt had enough damage to kill those 1500-2000 hp heroes, since we had like 0 farm, cause AM took it all.
  9. Cocofang

    Cocofang Well-Known Member

    ITT: A pretty active member still thinking that Hex lowers your armor :D
  10. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    When I use Sheepstick it does.
  11. LostFlip

    LostFlip Well-Known Member


    and I'd say Bkb should be situational, if the enemy has 2 guinsoo then maybe it would be better than heart.
  12. Cocofang

    Cocofang Well-Known Member

    I want that Hex too T_T

    But relevant to this topic, sicne people are asking How to prevent chain disables on your carry without a BKB:

    - Do a good initiation. If you are doing it right you might completely screw one of the disable using people. Seriously.
    - Wait till one ally soaked up an important disable. Obviously doesn't work that well in pubs. Often played games where people either were to bad OR to much of a pussy to start a fight with their Sven and stuff. This sucks if you are some kind of squishy carry (or in my most recent case having fun as a carry Lina)
    - Have a team that knows that they should disrupt/disable those who haven't fired of their disables. How often do I see Lions getting stunnned after firing of their shit while a nearby Lina still got her goddamn follow up stun.

    On Antimage I feel that BKB is merely situational. In some cases you will need it (e.g. pure damage), but you shouldn't always be getting it.
  13. Everbane

    Everbane Well-Known Member

    Generally HoT is better than BKB for Anti-Mage but of course there are times (e.g. as everyone already stated whenever it's Gunisoos in the opponent team) you should consider getting BKB first.
  14. RoflCat

    RoflCat Well-Known Member

    Well, there's always pushing other lanes alone? Because let's see the enemy team try to send one person to stop him? And if they send out 2 now your team is holding advantage 4 v 3 and even then, if you have a Heart the 2 people will have a hard time killing you? (even if they force you to retreat, the heart regen means you'll be back in less than a minute, actively pressuring them)

    You call others noob for following pros' build blindly, yet you also think in that same narrow-minded pattern that it's all about the kills and winning team fights.
    You also probably will cry BACKDOOR and rage when a Clinkz spend 10 full seconds and kill your tower through backdoor protection, and neither you nor any of your teammate bother to pack a TP to stun him once and ruined his plan (without Strafe Clinkz will have a hard time out damaging the regen).

    Yes if you're focusing on teamfight and teamfight only (and that you get to activate it, before, say, a Lion blink in and sheep you), BKB is better, but Heart offers that massive HP pool for the enemy to burn through, and if they fail to do it, the regen will let you be back in the fight a lot faster than if you had to go to fountain because BKB doesn't offer any regen.
    Or better yet, have your initiator starts the fight, stunning the people with instant disables so AM can hop in and wreak havoc, instead of having AM jumps in first and get chain disabled to death.
  15. sunnymarcell

    sunnymarcell Banned

    dont you get it?

    they dont have to kill AM. this is the point of chain-disable. if you chain-disable him, you can his teammates easily. and an alone AM is an useless AM.

    also if AM's team gets a perfect initiation so AM cant be chain-disabled, then he doesnt even need heart
  16. Sorla10

    Sorla10 Well-Known Member

    bkb is probably better for pushing and escaping if they dont have anything that goes through it, bkb is cheaper too, and gives you damage. and lets not forget you can get vlads if you want regen
  17. acf3passion

    acf3passion Well-Known Member

    It's situational.

    Heart is good for dealing with anti-BKB ultimates (Roar, Grip, Chrono, etc).

    BKB is good for otherwise.
  18. sunnymarcell

    sunnymarcell Banned

    okay, when the enemy has a long bkb-piercing disable (and always lands it on anti-mage), then of course heart is better

    but i see many cases where AM is going for heart even when he has 2-3 burst damagers and disablers against him.