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    In the beginning of the 21st century, a world war breaks out over interplanetary travel tech. The environment is pretty much destroyed so mankind leaves Earth and starts Star Calendar 00. Entertainment and songs become heavily regulated and eventually banned due to their power to move people, but a brave idol group puts on guerrilla performances in the name of a famous act from earlier times that sang to Earth's bitter end, AKB48. The illegal revival group's name is... AKB0048.[/nqb]


    Type: TV
    Episodes: 13
    Status: Airing
    Aired: Apr 2012 to Jul 2012
    Producers: Satelight
    Genres: Music
    Official website: http://akb0048.jp/[/nqb]


    Chief Director: Shoji Kawamori
    Director: Yoshimasa Hiraike
    Chief Animation Director: Ito Ikoku
    Art Director: Itou Akira
    Series Composition: Mari Okada
    Script: Mari Okada
    Original creator: Shoji Kawamori
    Character Design: Risa Ebata
    Music: Takaki Hiroshi, Kowalewski Slavek
    Executive producer: Toshimichi Ootsuki
    Planning: Yasushi Akimoto
    Supervision: Yasushi Akimoto[/nqb]


    CV: Karen Iwata

    CV: Amina Satou

    CV: Sayaka Nakaya

    CV: Suwako Hata

    CV: Sumire Sato

    CV: Miyuki Sawashiro

    CV: Akemi Kanda
    Trivia: AKB48's 2nd most popular member, and is an iconic character as Maeda Atsuko. She belong to the 2nd generation of AKB48, and have a huge role as Team K center. She stood out among the members due to her upbeat and funny personality of making weird faces as well as her notorious "30 years old man" mindset of wanting to touch the members boobs and butts. In 2009, she won the center of AKB48 through popular vote, beating Maeda Atsuko.

    CV: Haruka Ishida

    CV: Kumi Nagami

    CV: Mayu Watanabe

    CV: Mao Mita

    CV: Mamiko Noto
    Trivia: Kojima Haruna belong to the "pioneer" generation of the first AKB48 team , Team A that was created in 2005. Her nicknames are Kojiharu and Nyan, which come from her love of cats. She's known for her airhead personality who go at her own pace, as well as her dirty habit of having a messy room. She's a popular member that receive alot of endorsement such as Metal Gear Solid, Schick Razor, shampoo, as well as a prominent fashion model like her fellow members Itano Tomomi and Shinoda Mariko. She's also part of the sub-unit NO3B along with Minegishi Minami, and AKB48's leader Takahashi Minami.




    [nqb]Episode Trailers



    「希望について」 "Kibou ni Tsuite" by No Name


    「夢は何度も生まれ変わる」 "Yume wa Nando Demo Umarekawaru" by No Name



    The seiyuu's (voice actresses) from the anime AKB0048 form a new sub-unit titled "No Name".

    Members are:
    AKB48: Sato Sumire, Nakaya Sayaka Ishida Haruka, Watanabe Mayu, Iwata Karen, Sato Amina
    SKE48: Yagami Kumi, Hata Sawako
    NMB48: Mita Mao

    They will be singing both the opening and ending themes of the anime AKB0048:
    OP: "Kibou ni Tsuite"
    ED: "Yume wa Nandomo Umarekawaru"

    No details have yet been made about a possible CD release.


    Will be updated as soon as I'm able to track the song.

    AKB48-会いたかった (Aitakatta)

    AKB48-少女たちよ (Shoujotachi yo)

    AKB48-AKB参上! (AKB Sanjou!)

    Click here for Plain Ver. (Just single pic and no subs)

    AKB48-ヘビーローテーション (Heavy Rotation)

    AKB48-初日 (Shonichi)

    No insert song on episode 5.

    AKB48-真夏のSounds good!

    AKB48-アンチ (Anti)


    AKB48-黄金センター (Ougon Center)




    AKB0048′s base of operations. A planet that lies within the Absolute Entertainment Protection Sphere.

    The surface has been reduced to ruins by war, but a flourishing city exists underground, which is a holy land for all entertainment fans.

    AKB0048′s dormitories, outfitted with practice rooms and dining halls, are also located on this planet, and provide housing for the members who are recruited from planets across the galaxy. AKB0048 Stage is also located here.

    Expeditionary Concert


    On planets such as Akibastar, which lie within the Absolute Entertainment Protection Sphere, concerts can be held normally at concert halls.

    Located on Akibastar, AKB0048′s holy land, AKB0048 Stage is their usual performance venue.

    However, on planets under the Entertainment Ban, idols must break through their enemies’ defensive network in order to put on a concert, resulting in “guerrilla concerts”.

    For these sorts of expeditionary concerts to other planets, the girls board the Battleship Katyusha to travel interstellar distances and break through enemy defensives.

    Once in planetary orbit, the Assault Stage Ship Flying Get is launched, which enters the atmosphere.

    The Flying Get, as its name implies, then transforms into a mobile stage, and the concert begins.



    A bioluminescent life form. After interdimensional travel was developed, this mysterious life form appeared from hyperspace, and as yet is little understood.

    Not even its shape is stable, and it assumes a variety of forms. What is know, however, is that Kirara are attracted to the radiance of human souls, and glow when that radiance flares.

    Thus, when Kirara gather and glow, it is seen as the sign of an idol’s aura.

    During concerts, they glow all the brighter, providing spotlights for the idols.

    When their glow reaches its peak, it unlocks the power to transcend space and time. That power is known as the Kirara Drive, and the principle is used for interstellar flight.

    Entertainment Ban


    After the development of interstellar flight, mankind moved out towards the stars, but it was not long before the Deep Galactic Trade Organization (D.G.T.O.) began its reign.

    With its militaristic regime the ruling power, it was decided that mankind should prepare for the possibility of violent contact with aliens or extraterrestrial life forms. As a result, a strict standing army was instituted.

    At the same time, entertainment and songs were deemed to be seditious influences that mislead the heart, and thus the “Entertainment Regulation Act” and “Entertainment Ban” were enacted.

    The severity of the ban varies from planet to planet. Some institute a blanket ban on all forms of entertainment, while others allow a few classical or traditional forms of entertainment. Still other planets forbid live concerts, fearing that the large crowds may breed rebellion, but allow television and radio broadcasts.

    Within the D.G.T.O.’s sphere of influence, anyone who engages in entertainment is considered a terrorist. The D.G.T.O. actively tries to suppress the activities of such people.

    To that end, the DES special forces were instated.

    AKB0048′s guerrilla concerts are often subject to altercations with DES forces.

    Succession System


    During the long-ago war that decided the fate of the Earth, the idols of AKB48 continued to sing and dance to the bitter end, bringing light to the hearts of the ravaged peoples.

    Inheriting the radiance, souls, and names of those legendary original members, AKB0048 was formed.

    Succession is decided not only based on appearance, but also based on the combined factors of singing, dancing, and performance skills. However, the most important factor of all is the “soul of an idol”, which allows the worthy ones to succeed the name of an original member.

    If none worthy of the name are found, the spot is left unfilled.

    Of the original members, less than half currently have successors, but the group hopes for a full revival in which the names of all the original members will be succeeded. At present, due to the dearth of successors, they are not split into teams (to put it another way, there is currently only one team: “Team 00″).

    Breaking through DES’ defensive network involves extreme risks, so on top of their already tight schedules of training and performances, all successors must undergo strict combat training. As a result, the dropout rate for understudies is high, and few endure for very long.

    The Birth of Stellar Calendar Year 00

    The dawn of the 21st century. Through experiments at particle accelerators, the mysterious substance “Dualium” was discovered. With the discovery of Dualium, mankind began to develop hyperspace technology. In the course of further experiments, the super-spacetime life forms Kirara were also discovered, and the secret to interstellar navigation was obtained.

    Though interstellar travel was developed thanks to the discovery of Dualium and Kirara, the struggle over the technology and resources resulted in the Great Spacetime War.

    The Great War caused devastating damage to the Earth, making it unsuitable for human habitation. Thus, using their new technology, mankind emigrated to a few dozen habitable planets in the Milky Way.

    It was at this time that the Interstellar League was established, and the Stellar Calendar was begun at year 00.

    Center Nova


    The current 0048 members take turns acting as center for each new song, but there was once a permanent center position known as the Center Nova.

    When Center Nova were active, they would act as center for every song. During those concerts, the Kirara sensed not only the center’s own idol aura, but also the voltage of the audience, causing them to glow brighter than ever. This led to the center position being dubbed “The Holy Center Nova”.

    As a result, Center Nova are considered “idols among idols”, yet for some reason, many graduate unexpectedly or disappear.

    In light of this, after the last Maeda Atsuko (the 13th) disappeared, the position of Center Nova was abolished.



    Nagisa, Yuuka, and Orine’s home planet.

    The planet’s primary industry is coal, and its countless smokestacks spew ash all day long, leaving the air choked, the city covered in a layer of gray, and the atmosphere decidedly gloomy.

    As a planet under the D.G.T.O.’s control, all forms of entertainment were once banned, however thanks to AKB0048′s guerrilla concert four years ago, the regulations have been undergoing gradual revision.

    The same concert also inspired Nagisa and her friends to try to join AKB0048.

    Translation credits: Evetaku

    Ahem, another music anime, at first, I was kinda meh, when seeing the anime being made, likely being another type of 'The iDOLM@STER' kind of anime (didn't read synopsis till anime airs, then download, since I know this is coming when they announce it, that time, synopsis is not there), once the anime rolls, in, I saw this:

    OMG, ITS MADE BY SATELIGHT, OMFG! Ahem, expectation blooming for awesome animation, and yes, the next 4 min was filled with bliss, awesome music, the dance were animated in 3D, close combat, mecha battle, you name it, they have it, awesomely animated and all that. After all the bliss, you'd get time jump after, and here comes the plot, THERE IS AN ACTUAL PLOT TO START WITH OMFGWTFBBQ. NOPE, NOT AN iDOLM@STER kind of anime at all. Expectations are blooming, watch this.

    Do not worry, hi10p magic has made the pic about 30-50kb ea.

    [highlight]Recommended subs: EveTaku[/highlight]
    More like the only sub doing it, but they did awesome work, the karaoke is there right as it released, and they release at about 12 hours window after release too.

    I do not claim to own, or owned any of the media posted under this post. Every media are copyrighted under their respective owner.

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    The pics, the art, the moves.


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    If this had the edge like AKB48's commercial did, I'd be very pleased.
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    Extra pics:


    Had to made this pun, cant... resist...
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    Is that ribbon some sort of boomerang? :lol:
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    It has a string attached.
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    It seemed like something boring just by looking at it at first, though I'll might consider watching it now.
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    A guerrilla idol band made up of girls with flashing lights and music, great animation and PLOT. I SEE PLOT
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    hmm... this anime makes me wanna watch iDOLM@STER now.
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    Here I was expecting another "I wanna be an idol!" anime where cute girls are doing cute things and singing unnecessarily, but I was wrong, very wrong.

    Idols blowing things up and riding mechs and other non-idol things which makes them badass. And the best thing? It has a PLOT.
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    I was originally hesitant about watching this.

    Because I don't really like the actual AKB48. But I'm gonna give it a shot based on this post.
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    Idgaf about the actual one though, never downloaded any of their songs, just occasionally stumbled upon, tho never really download them.

    What matter is the anime fasdasgsdfsad.
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    At first, I read this as AK Boob 48. So I'm disappoint by the lack of plots.
  15. Night1301

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    Ep 2 is awesome, decent information were there, and also, OP/ED is nicely animated, too bad some part of the OP were moving too fast to savor the animation.

    We got clear understanding of conflicts that's bound to start anyhow.
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    Too bad I'm kind of turned off because of all the lolies
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    I hear this is cross between iDOLM@STER and Macross Frontier.

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    All the song till now seems to be a released song from AKB48, so they can be found, except the OP/ED though, since they are newly made from the newly formed 'No Name' sub-group.

    Seems like I'm decent enough to scour around to trace their stuff.

    I wonder if they will pack them all into one album when they release the OST, (hopefully full version) since after that certain upload site accident, its so hard to find dem albums.

    *Added music section on OP if I can track the song used. (Aitakatta, Shoujotachi yo, AKB Sanjou! added.)

    And seems like the only song I like from then is the one that appears in the anime, trolololol.

    Also, when lurking around, I found lots of referrence that I can connect to the anime, well, it seems like you need to be an actual avid AKB48 fans to enjoy this to the fullest, also, it fells like it's free advertisement for them anyway, doesn't matter as long as the whole shit is good.
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    Dropped it, voices are too low and monotonous for me. (If you're gonna play lolis at least give them higher pitched voices dammit)
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    Yeah like Mayuyu being a robot/cyborg. It's actually referenced to her because her performances in live concerts tend to be unnoticeable.