Animated Dota 2 Avatars

Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by LostENT, Apr 27, 2012.

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    cool stuff mate.. :)
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    Nice. I love the Sniper ulti and darkseer falcon punch.
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    OMG. Thank you so much dude! It was so late to tell you my gratitude lol :D Can you make a Lanaya one too? One that is facing toward in her idle state? I would love to use one :D

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    Ah, nevermind. I think I'll just make mine. It might be a hassle to you. Thanks anyway for the gif dude :D

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    I would love to see that Lanaya shakey pose with a somewhat violet/purple background :)

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    Hero: Templar Assassin
    Animation:Hero Portrait
    Facial Expressions: Just the usual one where she faces sideward and faces forward occassionaly and do the big eyed stare :D
    Background Color: Violet/Purple
    Text: HoLyFuRy
    Other Notes: None