Ancient Apparition

Discussion in 'Intelligence - Scourge' started by KeepWalking, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. SwordMaN-

    SwordMaN- Active Member

    The ulti of this hero is like OMFG
  2. ragoutfeng

    ragoutfeng Member

    even powerfull as lich but cooling touche is a little useless
  3. shinichix2

    shinichix2 Member

    ermmm yeah agreed i dont really like cooling touch... =.=
  4. LegendaryValk

    LegendaryValk Well-Known Member

    This hero is absolutely awful. :(

    I guess they need something to make randoming less tempting.
  5. SaneCaz

    SaneCaz Well-Known Member

    red hp... care ulti
  6. Sorin.

    Sorin. New Member

    shatter all the enemies!
  7. Rickolajten

    Rickolajten Well-Known Member

    this guy has strong ulti in teamfight :)
  8. daniMito

    daniMito Member

    Ancient Apparition is the best Hero!
  9. Ultaz

    Ultaz New Member

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    His ulti is probably the best skill ingame. Shatter, dot, decent instant damage, aoe, global. What more do you need?
  10. 3LU-Aryan

    3LU-Aryan Member

    nice hero :)
  11. atalaykro

    atalaykro Well-Known Member

    slowing hero and good gank charackter
  12. hotmu

    hotmu Well-Known Member

    so fun to play with this
  13. MHzFrost

    MHzFrost Member

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    imba hero
  14. MeTaL_KnighT

    MeTaL_KnighT Member

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    Damn you Kaldr , you are OP nerf this Hero immidiaettly.
  15. ibszie

    ibszie New Member

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    Its so fun to play with this hero !
  16. RutiaN

    RutiaN Active Member

    A bit hard to target with nuke, but has great skills overall.
  17. dr.mr1

    dr.mr1 Banned

    Because it is not skill that is casting on enemy

    Gteat support , especialy strong if he is in trilane against solo hero . So strong ulty , best think about is is that enemy cant heal while have it ( better to say , cant increase hp than that have , one time after rosh i left on little hp and than got hited by his ulty , in any case i activate armet hoping that i wont lose aegis ( even if there was 95% chance that i wouldnt lose it ) but than only my max hp increase so i pwned myself and lost aegis )
  18. silvercover

    silvercover Moderator

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    I just won a game with him today.
    I really like how he's able to snipe down a low hp hero even invi ones. most of the enemy team had lothars and a riki, they thought they would survive...
  19. Hinge

    Hinge Member

    imba ulti
  20. HariSeldon

    HariSeldon Member

    One of the best supports, a good disable, great range, but well, in the end the most important thing is his "imba" ultimate .