Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorblade]

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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    well, from what you write it seems he actually could take on all 5 of the general, or at least put crippling blow to several. What happened is he toyed like an idiot.Maybe you should make the battle more... fierce; or press on the fact that he is greatly weakened after healed magina.
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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    Being a diehard fan of final fantasy series, I really love theese references from crisis core. Judging from the last act I suppose you are going to follow the Dota lore of TB belonging from scourge and explain why he fights for scourge??
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    Act 4 Scene 2

    The elder Stormrage made ready to leave. For three days he pored over maps and planned his route out. The maps confirmed some of his fears. He was in enemy territory. There were tunnels that led up to the surface that were guarded by the Scourge patrols. Furthermore he was in a very secluded part of the underground networks where a mighty snow-fed underground river that led up to a waterfall that fed a huge underground lake. The lake was a creation of the Scourge's when they dammed the river for their ghastly machines to work.

    Thankfully, Akasha lived in a cave that was hidden by the waterfall and she grew mushrooms for a living. It was the reason why he was so well-hidden for so long. Very few would think to look for him in there.

    However the thought of escape did not thrill him as much as he thought. Instead he felt terribly bad for leaving. Strangely enough he felt an inexplicable need to stay. Stay with Akasha and keep her safe. he squashed that idea quickly. Staying would only endanger her.

    Immediately he felt a sense of gratitude to this woman from an enemy territory and deep self-recrimination for himself. She ran huge risks to keep him alive and healthy when he was so sure that the Scourge would pay any price for his head.

    Perhaps he would never repay her if he escaped back to his people.

    Terrorblade would not let such things sway him. He had to return to his brother, his men and his people. He cast those thoughts away and focused on the work at hand.

    After scrutinizing the maps and the tunnels, Terrorblade found the answer he was looking for. There was a way he could succeed and return to his people and his brother.

    He would have to make a break for the surface. Once there he would rejoin the frontier forces who would afford him safe passage back home. Back home to friends and family.

    Magina. He bit his lower lip. Even though it was a dream, the elder Stormrage could not help but feel worried. his twin's deathly white face was too vivid for his waking moments.


    On the eve of his departure, the elder Stormrage decided not to hide his plans from Akasha. It was just before dinner, then did the elder Stormrage draw Akasha from her cooking to speak to her.

    "I am leaving. I have to go find out what happened to my brother."

    "No! You have barely recovered your full strength. You will die if they find you."

    "I can't stay and be a danger to you any longer.

    Akasha cried in anger and stormed into her room and shut the door. The elder Stormrage felt that he would not live with himself if he and his benefactor departed on such poor terms that he resolved to stay a day to try to talk to Akasha.

    However, after half a day, Akasha left her room and gazed at Terrorblade with despairing eyes. In her hands she held a bundle and she bit her lip, not sure of what to say.

    "I cannot keep you back. If you need to go, then please take care of yourself."

    She pushed a small bundle into his hands. He did not need to open it to know what was inside.

    Dried rations.

    Terrorblade felt something choking from within him.

    "Thank you. For everything," he whispered. Their eyes met. His heart stiffened.

    "And this. it is a magical gem that should keep you hidden from sight."

    "No. I cannot take this. This must cost you dearly."

    "You need it more than I do."

    She put a little gem in his palm. Her eyes were shining with tears. Terrorblade looked torn for a moment before he steeled his will once more.

    Without looking back, he stepped through the door and pocketed the gem. The gem had a calamitous glint. For a moment, a fiery eye gazed out of the gem, unnoticed.


    It was indeed a fortunate thing to possess such a gem. Terrorblade did not even run into any of the Scourge patrols while he was on the move. There were a few that spotted him, but they were so few in number that when Terrorblade slew them, others marked them as runaway ghouls.

    Eventually, he made his way out of the night-like darkness of the cave to see the star-studded skies.

    In a distance, Terrorblade noticed the banners and the regiment Sentinels were encamped there.

    In a distance he heard some chatter and instinctively, he crouched behind a rock and peered.

    They were his men. Some of them.

    Terrorblade recognized the sergeant. The war-hardened elf was speaking to his men in hushed tones. Suddenly one of the men raised his hand. It was a young soldier by the looks of his youthful violet visage.

    "Sarge! Would you tell us what happened on the Battle of Crystalys Plain?"

    Terrorblade's ears pricked up. This was the battle that they fought recently. He didn't know that they called it that now.

    "It was a grim day for us, that battle on Crystalys plain. It was madness, we were only one light brigade strong facing against the hosts of the Scourge. But we had names with us worth ten thousand mail-clad knights. Furion the Prophet and his sons won that battle for us. Yet it was a sad day for us to lose both of our finest."

    The elder Stormrage felt his heart race. Did the sergeant mean that Magina perished? Did the Sergeant mean that in spite of his efforts, Magina was lost?

    Involuntarily, he hit the ground with his fist. A distraught gasp issued from his throat. That deep sadness descended upon him.

    Magina was gone? Why?

    In the meantime, the sergeant gazed deep into the upward spray of sparks and recounted his tale. The younger soldiers listened with great interest.

    "On that plain of doom, six hundred met tens of thousands. By quick cunning of Furion and the magic of the druids, the whole land was on our side and consumed the vile undead."

    "It was like a war of the beasts. The sheer savagery of it all. Where wood and steel tore at fangs and claws. The living slew the dead and the dead consumed the living. To us, the young Stormrages were like the morning star. Magina was brave and Terrorblade was true. Where else could you find someone brave enough to charge the Lord of Avernus in that hopeless fight? Where would you find a brother so true that he fought from the rear to the front and deep into enemy lines to save his brother? Nay, not one. We were all busy fighting our own horrors. I put an arrow into the head of a tenth ghoul. Then I saw for myself that terrible sight that took the heart out of me."

    The sergeant breathed deeply and continued his story. His violet countenance with its high features were lined with sorrow.

    "I saw Terrorblade stood over his brother's body facing not one but five of the Scourge's generals in combat. If he did not have to protect his brother, I am sure Terrorblade would have beaten them. He was greatly weakened by many healings but still Terrorblade stood true to his twin. But they, those foul demons preyed on his kindness and slew him where he stood. It was an evil hour that day to have lost both Terrorblade and Magina!"

    "What happened next Sergeant?"

    "There was a tremulous quake like the earth was in its birth-pains. Out came something we have never seen before. The foul legions of the Scourge were properly routed by the emergence of a mighty golem. Roshan was its name and for aeons it was imprisoned by the forces even older than the Lich King."

    "That was Furion's true intention. To release Roshan in an otherwise hopeless battle. We have tried to ensnare them with our druidc vines and turning the plain into a quagmire. For clearly they vastly outnumbered us. We loosed Roshan as a gamble. It paid off. The rampage of such a mighty being did more damage to the legions of doom.”

    The sergeant's voice went grim.

    “But because of it, we never were able to recover Terrorblade's body. How it must have grieved his father that in one battle none of his sons returned safely.”

    Terrorblade groaned in sorrow. It must be true.His twin, his other self. Gone and dead just like that!

    The sergeant was not done yet.

    “ One was missing while the one was-"

    There were whistles of shafted arrows. The frontier guards were attacked. There were many shouts and many cries. Undead raiders were attacking them.

    Terrorblade slipped away numbly, he had no more stomach for any fighting.

    The elder Stormrage felt completely drained at the news. He staggered for a moment as if he was pierced by some hidden thought, some hidden grief. He walked away, his face irrigated with tears.

    "What was the use of gaining the power of druidism if I cannot even save my brother from death?" he muttered bitterly.

    He ran and did not stop. Through the damp caverns and dark caves the elder Stormrage ran in his inconsolable sorrow. He ran till his feet was shod with blood. When he was back to the underground river, his breath was ragged by ten miles of hard run and his lungs were raw.

    Yet he felt no such relief for his pain.

    Terrorblade howled and howled again before he threw himself headfirst into the torrential currents. He shut his eyes and let the raging icy river tear him apart.

    It was as if the river had a mind of its own, for it spat Terrorblade out to the bank. Tired and worn, the young elf drifted into unconsciousness.

    The next thing he knew, he was in Akasha's house again.


    The day was won. As quickly as the reinforcements came, the undead slipped away and the injured were carted off to the field hospital. The sergeant was patched up quickly by healers for he only sustained light wounds. His fair features broke into laughter upon seeing the sorry sight of one of his men. The unfortunate elf was pierced on his rump by a large feathered arrow.

    "If only our Terrorblade was still with us. Perhaps he would heal that sorry rump of yours."

    "Ha! If he were around, he would heal his brother from his coma first. Then my rear end and then tell you to stop whining about a little scratch, Sergeant."

    "A good officer, our Terrorblade. If only he was still around. Magina would be healed from this coma of his. Elune knows how badly we need them to win this war."

    "If he was still around."

    "He was a good leader," the sergeant said soberly.

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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    Argh. me and my foul mouth,

    Now I have had computer failure. But don't worry guys I am still commited to posting. Hopefully I won't get incapacitated anytime too soon.

    @zelover: Thanks for reading! And yes. the turning point in in this act.

    @strangekid: thank you for your input

    @jlenriquez: thank you for reading. hope you enjoy this.
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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    Good to see you didn't leave the story halfway,we have too many writers doing that these days....
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    Akasha watched Terrorblade. He had spent days staring at the ceiling of the cottage and refusing food. She feared that he would waste away and die. She tried to comfort him, but he pushed her away. she tried to cheer him up but he did not respond.

    Then of course, she heard news that the Night Elves were being pulled back. She told him about it and carefully studied his expression. For a moment Terrorblade sunk into such a deep depression that even Akasha feared that he would do something rash.

    She fingered the pin that she wore. For a moment, the black gem on it glimmered with malicious inspiration.

    She must know him better.


    "May I come in here?"



    Then next day, he rose up and took some food. There was a marked change in his demeanour. Akasha watched him carefully.

    “Let me help you out," the elder Stormrage said. His eyes were broken with sadness. Steady beads of resignation wrapped itself around him like a monk's cassock.

    She agreed. Smiling sweetly as she did so.

    It went better than expected.


    The farm was in a huge cave which was connected to the outside world by a vast and disorientating maze of tunnels. There was virtually no way up to the surface world as a steep crevasse separated the two worlds. Mushrooms thrived here, under his careful cultivation.

    The surplus produce would often be traded with the merchant who made regular monthly visits. Akasha would often talk to the merchant in low voices as they traded.

    The merchant who was a dark towering person who spoke next to nothing and had flies persistently hanging about him. The merchant (for it was impossible to tell the gender because he wore a large hood) owned a wooden cart.

    It was a strange cart, for there were no donkeys or horses to pull that cart. Did that merchant pull it by himself or by some magical or mechanical means? It was hard to tell.

    That merchant was the only other person who visited the isolated couple.

    Everyday, the elf who threw away his name tended to his mushrooms. It was very simple actually; first he had to dig for soil rich in nutrients. Thud thud thud. Metal drove deeply into soil. Sweat rolled off his body as he put his back into shoveling nutrients for the mushrooms. The once pungent smell of dung had barely made him gag.

    Afterwards, he would compress the mix of dung and water and bits of waste in a mould to form an artificial log from which the mushrooms would start growing from. Once the logs are made, he would put them in neat rows and wait for the mushrooms to grow.

    Because of his hard work, instead of a mere hundred mushroom logs sustaining the farm, there were thousands of mushroom logs being made each day.

    Finally, after a few weeks Akasha would pick the fully grown mushrooms for trading and the rest to make all kinds of food. Mushroom soup, stewed mushrooms, roasted mushrooms and mushroom steak were common food.

    The elf who threw away his name would then crush the depleted mushroom logs and replace them with new mushroom logs.

    About five months after he woke up, it was during the time to gather the mushrooms that Akasha had a delighted smile on her face. Her dark hair was tied into a bun as she bent over to pick a mushroom. Her smooth hands caressing the head of the mushroom.

    “Ooo... How large have they grown.”

    “I give them my tender loving care. As I do with you.” He joked, bending over to kiss her on the forehead.

    She squealed, ducking his sweaty face. He laughed. His strong hands gripped her thin arms and gave her a large smothering smooch.

    When his lips met her skin, he knew he must never let her go.

    He laughed and chuckled at that memory, "Is this living or is this happiness? Whatever it is, I am feeling it now."

    Is this surprising feeling love?

    He stood straight, his dark violet skin glazed with perspiration. He moped his sweating face and stared off at a distance.

    "Is it alright for me to live like this while others fight on. Thinking that I am dead? Is it right to just give up my family for dead to build myself a new life elsewhere?" A thought seized him.

    Could he live out his life as the elf who threw away his name. Could he give up what should be his destiny as the leader of his people?

    A dark thought crossed his mind.

    What is the point if he lost everything and everyone he cared about? What could an elf feeling so hollow and empty on the inside; walking like the living dead, offer to the future of his people?

    He did not argue. Akasha was enough.

    “Hellooo! It's time to come in! There's always work enough for tomorrow!”

    It was Akasha standing by the door in a lacy black-as-night nightgown. Her dark eyes inviting him in.

    "Isn't this is the face that would have set forth a thousand ships and burn the frozen towers of Icecrown? Come here, give me a kiss," Terrorblade complimented her.

    She always loved to be called beautiful. True enough, Akasha's face blushed and he felt really happy.

    He stepped forward and mischievously kissed his beloved. She squealed, slapped him on the back and sent him to wash himself.

    Chuckling, he went in and washed himself with cold water drawn from the well and prepared for supper and retired for the night with Akasha.

    He felt the warmth of her body pressed against his and he began drifting off to sleep.

    It was the same dream. He dreamed of a large plain of slain enemies and crowds of demons surrounded him like an unholy choir and bowing in worship.
    “Terrorblade! Terrorblade! Terrorblade!” They chanted.
    That name resonated deeply with himself. He recognized the name. It was his.

    A flood of memories rushed toward him. What happened in days sped forward like a moment.

    He was hunting escaped criminals and they set a terrible ambush. Arrows flew like deadly rain and killed everyone. Even him. A long haired elf with a cruel face laughed.

    He was walking through a huge desert with blood dripping from him. The severed heads of many monsters trailed behind him. In his hand he held a severed head of the vile elf. He was too tired. He stopped and stripped his armour and looked down. He was a woman!

    The dream changed.

    He was under a starry sky with an elven girl whispering sweet nothings.
    Before his tongue could utter another word, he found himself doused in a watery darkness. Suffocating green darkness. A desperate whisper rang out from within him


    He broke out from the dream. His pupils were wide with shock and his body trembling with sweat.

    Involuntarily, his lips broke out a curse.

    Why? Why? Why can't he escape from it all?

    He turned around to see if he woke Akasha.

    But there was an empty space where she was.
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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    @Mortality11: Thanks for those kind words.
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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    I somehow know magina fell to a coma ._.
    and i really wonder how did terrorblade end up at akasha's place.

    Sorry for the late reply, very busy last 2 weeks
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    Act 4 Scene 4

    “Perhaps she needed to go to the latrine,” The elder Stormrage reassured himself.

    He tried to coax himself back to sleep, containing the turmoil inside him.

    He tossed and turned, trying to use his wits to figure out what it actually meant. He came up with nothing and gave up.

    In the morning, she could not be found. The elder Stormrage was worried.

    “Perhaps she went out to the farm to get some work done,” He knew he was trying hard to believe that nothing was going wrong in his happy life. His utopia.

    The silence was too unbearable.

    He raced out of the farmhouse and ran through fields of manure and mushrooms.

    “Akasha! Akasha! Where are you!” he yelled. He flung his gaze left and flung his gaze right. All he saw were large plots of cultivated mushrooms.
    Something caught his eye. It was the hooded merchant. A wild panicking fury fell upon him. In that instant, he was upon the hooded merchant.

    “Sir! Do you know where is my Akasha? Where is she!”

    The hood fell.

    Terrorblade shrank back in fear. It was a lich, a fearsome undead sorcerer whose body was animated to serve its diabolical mind*
    after death. It was not just any lich. A lich so powerful in the ice magicks that he was infamous for it. Kel'thuzad. The one who summoned the demon
    Archimonde to the world's near ruination as well as the right hand man of the Lich King. Terrorblade reached for a huge spade. A weapon

    “Who are you?” Magina the Terrorblade asked, his spade level at the Lich. Ready to bludgeon the lich to death if necessary.

    “Who are you?” The lich replied. His ghastly horned head tilted in twisted curiosity.

    Terrorblade felt the compulsion to speak. He resisted it. Instantly he sensed that the Lich was trying to breach his mind's defenses. Terrorblade fought back the psychic intrusion forcfully.

    “Where is Akasha?”

    “Where is your Akasha? I wonder...”

    He's playing with your feelings to breach your mind easily. A small voice within warned him.

    “Tell me your name!”

    The foul orbs of the Lich burst in icy fires. Terrorblade felt a tremendous surge of psychic force climbing in his brain.

    “Tell me your name first, son of Stormrage.”

    Terrorblade swallowed hard and fought back the psychic instrusion. Kel'thuzad was going to find out everything at this rate.

    The elf's mind wandered back to everything he heard his father said. The many times Furion Stormrage sat his young sons down to teach them. Despite being a druid whose lifestyle was modelled on peace, Furion found out time and again that peace meant being able to defend oneself from tyranny. That came most regrettably from both knowledge of warfare and willingness to use it.

    For most of their childhood that they could see their busy and often absent father, Furion would teach them something whenever he saw them.

    It was all so vivid to Terrorblade. His father's creased face bent over an ancient scroll and reading from it.

    "The master strategist says. If we do not wish to fight, we can prevent the enemy from engaging us...All we need to do is to throw something odd and unaccountable in his way."

    Magina was bored, paring at his nails. But the elder Stormrage was enthralled by all these. He wanted to be helpful for his father.

    "And above all, remember that all warfare is deception."

    "Now you repeat after me, son."

    Terrorblade knew what needed to be done. He stopped resisting the psychic intrusions. He let the Lich's furious psychic probing in.

    Into his imagination.

    The Lich, greedy in his triumph, bent his full will into ransacking Terrorblade's imaginations and dreams. For a moment, the Lich's psychic intrusion reflected doubt.

    Terrorblade held his breath for a moment. This was the moment to complete his deception.

    “Magina...the Terrorblade...” He pretended to be broken. A trapped feeling came over him. He appeared weak and he didn't like it.

    “Magina... the Terrorblade...How...curious...” the horrid lich stated in surprise.

    The lich took many steps back and took out a little orb. with it, he began a psychic communication with his monstrous master.

    “My master and god, I think this elf has lost his memory.”

    “This sounds like a cheesy rip-off from a play. Are you really sure?” his master asked sceptically and he sounded irritated.

    The master dealt out prolonged torture to his undead minions for irritating him. It was not a pleasant sight, even for the undead.

    “He is confused, between who he really is. He calls himself. Magina the Terrorblade.” Kel'thuzad quickly explained.

    “Are you not a sorcerer of sorcerers? Are your powers not enough to glean from his memories his identity?” his master demanded.

    “My liege, you have bestowed great power upon me for which I am eternally grateful. However, his memories are in a huge muddle. Which twin he is I can barely tell, I am startled to even find that he thinks he has female parts in him and maniacally tearing off Clinkz's head. But I assure you that I can devise a test to find out who he is and perhaps bend him to our cause,” said the lich.

    “Succeed at all costs,” said his fell master testily and he cut the psychic communication.

    “Succeed at all costs,” the lich mimicked. "I hate the new administration."
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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    Sorry, I'm late. No good excuses.

    @strangekid: thanks for reply. How Terrorblade ended up in Akasha's place occurred in the quake. But more will be revealed later

    Applause does matter, after all this is written to share with an audience.
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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    “Who are you?” Magina the Terrorblade asked, his spade level at the Lich. Ready to bludgeon the lich to death if necessary.

    Magina the Terrorblade???
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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    not sure what * is doing.
    somehow feels wrong.
    this one too.
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    Re: Am I my brother's Keeper? [Magina and Terrorbl

    noo just finished all the acts :( now need to wait for the next part
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    Act 4 Scene 5

    The undead lich stowed away his orb. His macabre skull bobbing as he carefully pondered the proper method to test his target. "Magina the Terrorblade" was who the elf claimed to be, but no matter how thick the fog of lies, the lich would find out everything and subvert this young Stormrage to his side.

    It was an ingenious plan. "Magina the Terrorblade" would not have seen it coming.

    “Who are you?” Terrorblade demanded again. He lied about his name, but it was all part of warfare against the enemy.

    The lich was most definitely an enemy.

    “I am Kel'thuzad, a lich in service of the Frozen Throne. We have your Akasha. Or rather your Akasha is with us. Simply prove yourself to me and you will have her back.” the foul lich spoke.

    Terrorblade reacted. He lifted the heavy spade with one arm and leveled it at the dark mage.

    "Then I'll slay you where you stand!"

    Kel'thuzad completely disregarded it. Disdainfully, the foul lich raised a bony finger and pushed the spade away.

    "Tut tut. not so quick. I do not have Akasha in my hands. She is with the Lord of Avernus-"

    Terrorblade snarled and swung his spade hard. The Lich barely avoided it. The Lich's magical eyes registered surprise.

    "Do not test me, foul knave." With gritted breath, the elder Stormrage demanded.

    "Elf! I am not the one who took Akasha! I am helping you get her back" the fell being deplored. an air of hurt surrounded such a foul being that even Terrorblade was taken aback for a moment.

    But he found his natural grit again.

    "I don't need your help. I will rescue her. What is it to you anyway?"

    Kel'thuzad shrugged. To see a shrugging undead was a most disturbing sight to many mortals, to see the unnatural act so naturally as if they had not shaken off the last vestiges of their humanity.

    "Abaddon interfered with my interests. You are presumably his foe. I am his competitor. I want very much for him to be discredited without my hand to be shown. In any case, he travels with a huge retinue of demons. You need my help." The fell lich rehearsed this line many times.

    Terrorblade stared at Kel'thuzad in a scrutizing manner.

    "Your help? Aren't you two on the serving the same side?"

    "Abaddon is a tool of the Burning Legion," Kel'thuzad said it with great scorn, "We of the true undead Scourge do not care for the tyranny of the demonic."

    "So you see yourself as the lesser evil," Terrorblade sneered.

    "I used to like the old system of management where the native undead were in charge of the Scourge...I cannot agree with the influx of foreigners who are stealing our jobs and ursurping power for themselves. I abhor these demons who are only loyal to their Prime Evil," the lich replied with practiced ease.

    "Do whatever you wish. I'll go hunt him down and bring her back." Terrorblade gave him a glowering look.

    "Very well, do not complain that I did not warn you. You need an army and I can help you get one," the fell lich shot back.

    Terrorblade had already walked away.

    Kel'thuzad grumbled, "First the Lich King, now you. Only when things go wrong, then you need my help."

    A wicked expression flickered over the lich.

    "Soon...It will be soon... You will serve us..."


    Both Terrorblade and Kel'thuzad were on a cliff overlooking a huge encampment. Terrorblade was observing the camp, noting the size of its troops and the terrain they were on.

    Beside him, Kel'thuzad finished creating a magical replica map of Abaddon's camp.

    "The Lord of Avernus travels with a retinue of five hundred demons and fifty warlocks. He houses the warlocks in the tents. I still do not see how you can take her back by force. It is impossible to steal Akasha from him."

    Terrorblade frowned. The lich had insisted on following him. In fact Kel'thuzad was the one who directed him to the enemy encampment. He had a nagging thought that it was a trap. But it could not be. This was too complicated a plan for whatever results that are not foreseeable.

    Instead, Terrorblade focused on the task at hand.

    Towering demons prowled the perimeter of their encampment. Many tents dotted the rocky landscape.

    "You know, eventually a smaller force would be overcome by the larger one. You have no hope if you are discovered."

    "Since you want to help, why do you not scry the camp," Terrorblade snapped.

    "Pointless. The warlocks have thrown up a field of magical distortion. I can safely tell you that if she is hidden in the tents, it is the tent with two doomguards over them," Kel'thuzad said flippantly.

    Terrorblade quickly scanned the encampment again.

    Every tent was guarded by two doomguards, huge demons with bat-like wings and flaming swords. Terrorblade gave the undead mage a dirty glare.

    "Thank you for your most insightful help."

    "At your service, "Magina the Terrorblade"." Kel'thuzad gave a mock bow.

    Terrorblade flinched a little, he was very much aware that he lied about his name to escape discovery of his identity.

    Instead of worrrying so much, Terrorblade left the foul Lich's presence and snuck his way to the encampment.

    With drilled ease, the young elf bypassed the patrols and found himself near a tent that was constructed out of foul magic. This was too easy for a raid specialist.

    The first tent yielded no results. Only the messy dark effects of a warlock trying its hand at blood rituals. The second and third were equally fruitless.

    "This is getting nowhere," Terrorblade thought to himself after his sixteenth infiltration. He was tiring from the tension. The very feeling of heart-pumping and insides coiling up like a spring was getting into him.

    The amount of tents to check were dwindling. Terrorblade thought at first that he would have to search the Lord of Avernus' tent to find Akasha. But it also turned out to contain nothing useful to him.

    Terrorblade carefully avoided the patrols and the eyes of the doomguard by concealing himself in shadow. He slipped by the back of the tent and found himself in yet another messy warlock's tent.

    He was about to leave when he noticed something. One of the many plain black pins that Akasha wore. The elder Stormrage left it alone and cast his eyes around for any sign of her. There was none. Yet on that Warlock's belongings was a sheaf of papers. They were titled; Akasha.

    Terrorblade immediately reached for it. THe moment his hand brushed that parchment, a loud wailing alarm rang out. He dropped the papers in shock.

    "Stupid stupid! It's a trap!" Terrorblade berated himself.

    Actually it was no real fault of his. The alarm that was raised cannot be fully blamed in his lack of ability to sneak around. Rather, it was his poor luck. The tent in particular belonged to Waye Quant Minimus the 59th who was paranoid as a result of his bullying seniors, Waye Cheng the 56th and Waye Hao the 57th.

    The history of their queer names came from an anormalous and small and easily forgetten history of Warlock Academy. Somewhere up in the upper echelons of command, some wise chief warlock decided that adding the graduating batch for the warlock would prove to be a source of pride for them as well as a change of names. Unfortunately it meant that if that warlock is a junior warlock, its seniors would often make things a living hell for them until there are newer warlocks.

    It became a fad for a quite a few batches until that chief warlock passed away from an experimental spellwork accident. Then his sucessor thought that names like Waye Quant Minimus the 59th was not as scary to enemies as Demnok Lannik, one of their dropouts who ended up with a much terrifying name and far greater skills with spellwork. The regression to the era of scary and terrifying names was swift.

    As a result, a whole generation of warlocks with laughable titles walked among them, which Warlock Academy was quick to forget. Due to the embarrassment.

    The two doomguards outside the tent were chuckling,

    "Probably Waye Hao. I remember he did something like that a few days back."

    The other gave a nasty laugh.

    "I knew it, it had to be that Waye Hao and Waye Cheng! I have them in my hands, those insufferable buffoons!" a third voice screeched.

    Terrorblade could not find a hiding place in time.

    He quickly grabbed a ritual knife from the table.

    A warlock stormed into the room, a fel orc with blood-red eyes charged in. on its withering hand was demonic energies thrashing about and gnashing themselves into a frenzy. It was really short for an orc, barely larger than a dwarf.

    "I got you in my trap! You theiving warlocks. You will torment me no more! Waye Quant Minimus the 59th have prevailed against you!" the diminutive orc ranted.

    The orc froze. It saw Terrorblade.

    That was all the chance Waye Quant Minimus the 59th ever had.

    Terrorblade slew the foul warlock at where he stood, but not before it gave a loud cry.

    The doomguards outside lumbered into the tiny tent.

    Terrorblade was equally merciless. Two doomguards lay dead in their vile brackish blood.

    Breathing heavily, Terrorblade quickly exited.

    Only to see four more doomguards staring at him. Surprise registered on their eyes for a moment before they drew their flaming swords. They leveled itat him and charged.

    Terrorblade skirted to one side of the charge and picked up a heavy halberd from the weapon rack that lay scattered about the camp. With it, he skewered his third doomguard.

    There were shoutings and alarms were raised. Terrorblade fled, trying to elude his enemies. He made it to the center of the camp before doomguards and warlocks from all sides poured it and surrounded him.

    One overly-excited warlock, eager to earn credit for himself, threw a charged arcane bolt at him.

    Terrorblade leaped out of the way and it struck down a doomguard. The doomguards around that warlock beheaded that hapless warlock for that.

    In the ensuring chaos, one doomguard; a massive demon towering over the rest, stepped forward. It had a massive rack of horns set on its crimson forehead and a pair of bat-like wings.

    The massive demon drew its flaming sword that smelled of sulphur and brimstone. The flaming steel was levelled at the night elf; a wicked blade drunk with much blood.

    The doomguard charged and tried to run Terrorblade through. The strongest doomguard faced off the Terrorblade.

    Terrorblade was swifter with the halberd. Terrorblade kept low and speared his foe in the belly. The rest were seized with such a fear that they stood around him, too afraid to attack.

    "Where is she?" Terrorblade shouted. "I will fight ten of you to get to her!"

    "Ever so predictable, Son of Stormrage," a cold cruel voice remarked.

    Atop a monstrous beast of magic and sulphur, was the dreaded Lord of Avernus who towered over everyone else. He sheathed Frostmourne but in his hands, he owned a rapier and had good teachers

    "You mean her? She's excellent company. If you know what I mean..."

    Anger burned inside Terrorblade.

    "Fight me. Mano-a-mano! Fight me if you have any honour!" Terrorblade called out.

    "Oh please, how old-fashioned is a thing called honour. I do not need to prove anything to you, elf. Doomguards, take him. Dead or Alive."

    Then they all charged him. Screaming sulphurously and waving flaming metal around.

    Terrorblade fended off fifteen before the rest started to pour in. Overwhelmingly. Then he felt pain erupt from his abdomen. A fiery blade had got in through his guard.

    Just as his strength was being poured out on the ground, Terrorblade felt his eyesight dim. He raged against the dying of the light.

    The world exploded around him and Abaddon screamed in rage.

    Kel'thuzad was beside him, his bony fingers enshrouded in a bluish aura. Glacious ice exploded off the ground and cracking the ground. A thick blizzard covered the whole area, miring fiery demons in freezing death.

    The Lich picked him up with one arm. It was amazing that the undead mage had so much strength to do so.

    Then the Lich used a scroll of Teleportation.

    Terrorblade felt the strong pull of magic whisk him through. THen was a sudden jerk of explusion and they were in a dark cavern. Drip drip drip.

    Something dark and red spotted the floor. Terrorblade gazed at it blearily for a moment before feeling weak. Blood. His own.

    He began to pass out.

    "Oh no, young elf. You owe me still," Kel'thuzad said sternly and propped Terrorblade upright against a stony wall.

    Then as the mists of death and darkness started to overtake him; a sight that would freeze the blood of mere men overtook him.

    Three beings, so withered and so wild in attire and wild in appearance, that look not like the inhabitants of earth appeared to his sight. One was a old woman with withered tresses. The other, a twisted shade of a once venerable sage. The third was a creature with a skull for a head and long dark sinewy claws all engulfed in devilry. They surrounded the foul Lich and the doomed elf.

    Krobelus the Death Prophet was she, her blackened desires are a hell-cursed inbred offspring of Death and Sin; incestously obessed with Death.

    With her was foul company of Rotund'jere, a heretic mage slain by ironic fate. Hypocrites and perpetrators of simony slew him and to find their false gods offer no such repreive from his vengeful wrath.

    Atropos is an elemental force personifying the nightmares and fear of this world. He manifested where there was promise of inflicting horror and feeding off dread.

    These three foul spirits flanked before a lich most horrid, Kel'thuzad. The one who is the left hand of the Lich king.

    Terrorblade's face was white.

    "Speak if you can. What are you?"

    Krobelus glided in front of him. Her presence was torture for her robes seemed to be made of poor tormented spirits. She spoke in a high and malicious voice.

    "All hail Terrorblade, Captain of the Sentinels! All hail Terrorblade, mighty General! All hail Terrorblade, Hero of the world!

    The elder Stormrage felt unnatural fear crawl up his skin.

    "Tell me more, I know I am the captain of the Sentinels. What do you mean when you say I am a general of hordes? Speak I charge you!" Terrorblade called out.

    With a turn, the spirits were gone. Only the lich remained.

    "Good ser, why do you turn chalky white and tremble at things that sound so fair," the fell Lich remarked.

    Terrorblade looked down at his body.

    There was no sign of any wound.
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