Alliance don't have a chance of top 3 Shangai

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by iLag, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    Game 3 was very good. That stupid buyback haunt spectre got dumpstered.
  2. HyP-

    HyP- Well-Known Member

    Still better placed than all your nb chinese overlords.
  3. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    Someone is salty.
  4. grit1

    grit1 Well-Known Member

    Looks like everything I said was right

    Thanks for the 220 bucks Alliance fangays
  5. PageDownInsert

    PageDownInsert Active Member

    So many Alliance haters/EG fangays, this is just hilarious :D

    And of course, nobody talks about OG, because only Alliance is shit and wrong and bad.

    Hate is killing u all.
  6. BigBadBossDk

    BigBadBossDk Well-Known Member

    We fucking lost boys
  7. iLag

    iLag Well-Known Member

    lol I've said since start of OG that NoTail will be their downfall and is useless in pretty much all their games pretty much every t2 player can do what he does which is be irrelevant in the final outcome of the game, even as a support he was overrated but still top tier but as a core player hes an absolute joke. For me the two most overrated core players atm has to be between him and LodA both are utter jokes but at least LodA can still farm like a beast sometimes

    I m happy for OG's sake that they fked up this tournament as maybe now they will realise NoTail should be kicked

    BTW there is legit no difference in quality of alliance since they win StarLadder. Its not like they became worse, the point was they couldn't get any better and they werent going to scratch the TOP 3. Its only bolstered by fact that china was irrelevant this tournament where a TEAM like Ehome would've demolish them if CTY had you know... a hero hes ever played on EHOME and a farmer/position 1.

    And OG fans aren't obnoxious and retarded which always say dumbshit like LODA IS THE BEST CARRY IN WORLD, WOW AKKE EGM SO GOOD (Both mediocre supports and LodA a mediocre carry now), S4 BEST MID BY FAR (great player but often chokes... He was mediocre on secret for a reason and for some reason he has the best luck in these games too when he loses e.g. got so many dd and hastes in a row as DK vs CoL g2) etc...

    Also on those saying that look at your chinese overlords now, yes china flopped but I was still right about Alliance not being top 3. Which is even more of a depreciation/shame of Alliance as west teams like OG and VP even flopped... So they should have better chance for top 3 right? This is like every season nowadays where Arsenal has clear path to title yet still maintains their 4th position in the table somehow.

    This major in general is something no one could expect.
  8. Enylo

    Enylo Well-Known Member

    yea, if china wasnt so fucking horrible this major alliance would have placed somewhere place 12 or 13. place 8 can be called lucky because china was incredibly weak.
  9. JJE92

    JJE92 Moderator

    7/8th compared to 9/12th may not be such a big difference, but a 7-4 record instead of a 1-6 record is.
  10. BigBadBossDk

    BigBadBossDk Well-Known Member

    At least they did better than Na'vi kappa
  11. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    I dunno, man. Both teams won zero matches at the main event and Alliance even got a friendly boost from EG to climb to the upper bracket so yea, same fail.
  12. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    EU Dota lul.
  13. InThoX

    InThoX Well-Known Member

    srsly if anything, frog is legitimately retarded for letting void pass ti-barriers with 0 nerfs. hero was stupid long before ti and last game just perfectly showed why ... this hero is absolutely broken.
  14. BigBadBossDk

    BigBadBossDk Well-Known Member

    Just sucks as a fan. s4 is their best player, a year ago Alliance didn't even make it to TI and now they got top 12 which isn't bad but considering the potential this team had I would've expected at least a top 8. All of their players are also really talented and they have proven to have wide hero pool but when they play as a team they have a very one dimensional playstyle
  15. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    You mean S4 who sucked total dick at Puck and the sole reason why Alliance lose at Game 2 against Fnantic?
  16. InThoX

    InThoX Well-Known Member

    u also have to feel sad for bulldong lol. i mean splitpushing is so god damn ded and nonexistent and he still clings to prufet like a kid whos unable to accept the bitter truth.
  17. BigBadBossDk

    BigBadBossDk Well-Known Member

    At least Bulldong got learned to play another hero this year (LD, NP, Brood)
  18. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    looooooool so true

    Hey he at least Learned BM so its not only 2 heroes now but 3!
  19. Sarvik

    Sarvik Well-Known Member

    While the way Alliance has the same TI3 lineup is somewhat admirable, this roster doesn't seem to be capable of making qualitative jump they need for reaching back to top tier. Maybe they are ok with it. With mediocre but stable performance they still can get some reasonable prize money from various tournaments, and organization obviously pays them decent salaries.
  20. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    So I heard Alliance disbanded. Big surprise, right?