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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by KitsuneSefam, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. KitsuneSefam

    KitsuneSefam Well-Known Member

    Stupid and dumb whine thread.

    I notice that in most pub AP games, I end up playing support. I would really like to get some practice in with some other heroes. Am I supposed to just pick whatever I want and not care? When I do that, people just yell at me and report me. How am I supposed to practice these heroes?

    Yes, I feel super bad about myself when I don't pick support :eek:
  2. DotZe

    DotZe Well-Known Member

    i suffered from this for a long time. best bet is to find a friend who is a halfway decent carry who you enjoy supporting. that way you can get some practice and move up to high bracket where people know how to pick
  3. Louie-Muted

    Louie-Muted Banned

    I see. :coffee:
  4. raqyee

    raqyee Banned

    AP is a joke mode, anyone who goes there should be prepared for a terrible time. What I am trying to say is, fuck them, play whatever you want. However, you might get more quality practice if you play with proper team mates ie your friends. But if you just need a general graps of the hero, go wild in AP.
  5. Koutsiog~

    Koutsiog~ Well-Known Member

    The point of all pick is to pick whatever you want
    If you allies want a balanced team tell them to go CM
  6. KitsuneSefam

    KitsuneSefam Well-Known Member

    My friends all play League of Legends :rofl:

    But I guess I'll just pick whatever I want.
  7. QQmorebro

    QQmorebro Well-Known Member

    Pick first.. Then chat "support plz" If you're in a good skill bracket you might get one player to endure your suffering.
  8. DrFrank~

    DrFrank~ Well-Known Member

    I'm currently doing support [insert not a support hero here]. Else there would be no courier, or worse wards, in the team. I lose most of these games to no one's surprise.
  9. Ex_Venomancer

    Ex_Venomancer Well-Known Member


    And it ended that the one who haven't picked yet will pick supports.
  10. KitsuneSefam

    KitsuneSefam Well-Known Member

  11. IHateLeavers

    IHateLeavers Well-Known Member

    Start instant locking w/e you want to play and then say where you are going, ignore your team and play. If you pick fast your teammates will at least have time to adapt. If you pick late you should obviously try to adapt, else whole game may end fast.
  12. KitsuneSefam

    KitsuneSefam Well-Known Member

    Instapicking is a really bad idea because then the enemy team will then proceed to counterpick the living hell out of you.

    But meh, just playing a game where one player decided to pick Anti-Mage after Naix and Invoker were picked and then proceeded to whine about having no farm.
  13. DrFrank~

    DrFrank~ Well-Known Member

    Insta-pick Disruptor, they won't even have to counterpick to counterpick you.
  14. yui92

    yui92 Well-Known Member

    try playing with bots
  15. MaxQuest

    MaxQuest Well-Known Member

    Heh. I am usually last-picking supports too.
    But.. if for some odd reason there is a non-support hero that fits well into our lineup, aaand counters a part of enemy heroes, I go for it.

    P.S. Occasionally (in ~ 15% of game) I just -random. But only if at least 2 heroes are picked by team already. Non carry heroes.
  16. Bernoully

    Bernoully Well-Known Member

    Depends. I have been counterpicked, then enemies proceed to play their heroes badly and buy the wrong items while my team got useful items. There are times when my team counterpicks correctly, but everyone is scattered and farming even though they're not hard carry material, resulting in my team getting ganked.

    Nowadays, I find that measuring the deathball team damage output is by far the most reliable method to gauge winning chances. If my team doesn't deal enough damage, I pick accordingly. Instapicking still works if your hero deals enough damage and fast enough.
  17. Ostarion

    Ostarion Well-Known Member

    Just pick what you want and try to be fast.
  18. Soh-Cah-Toa

    Soh-Cah-Toa Well-Known Member

    Play -sd or -rd.
  19. DotZe

    DotZe Well-Known Member

  20. Humletz

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    Your first reply was missing the point of the thread completely, making it a total waste of internet space, then you proceed to mock the OP for his choices in your second.


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