Alcohol makes lives longer, study says.

Discussion in 'World News & Debates' started by Corki, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. NewNull

    NewNull Well-Known Member

    I don't know how much it takes to get addicted.
    I however know that alcohol is addictive
  2. Nichael_Bluth

    Nichael_Bluth Banned

    Can be. Not everyone who consumes it gets addicted.
  3. z10

    z10 Well-Known Member

    As the study suggests, it isn't about alcohol strengthening the body, but people who drink more often being more social oriented and less prone to depression.
    So in the end, just starting to drink alcohol because you think it will lengthen your life would be silly.
  4. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    Almost everything is addictive. Doing too much of anything is a problem.
  5. NewNull

    NewNull Well-Known Member

    Everything can be addictive like you said.
    But not everything can have that much negative effects when someone get addicted to it.
  6. Nichael_Bluth

    Nichael_Bluth Banned

    A chemical dependency is a lot different from a psychological one.
  7. fr0zenknife

    fr0zenknife Well-Known Member

    Both can be hard to break from though. A chemical dependency physically and a psychological one emotionally.
  8. MudGolem

    MudGolem Banned

    This,especially in a country where drinking is the standard way for adults to have fun. I'm gonna bet that this study was conducted somewhere where drinking in general is allowed and is a part of socializing. The case is different in a country like, say the U.A.E., i wonder if arabs living there would have a longer life expectancy on average if they drank 1 cup of wine a day, we will probably never know, because it is forbidden to drink at all and it will always be considered out of the norm;therefore the social problem(isolation > Depression Z10 is talking about) would happen in REVERSE, i.e people who drink would be socially isolated instead of vice versa around the world.

    In general arabs tend to socialize well with each other, since they mostly see each other briefly at least 5 times a day when they pray, not counting on other occasions.
  9. P1louxxx

    P1louxxx Well-Known Member

    Implying arabs don't drink if they get the occasion, you'd be surprised to see rich arabs on holidays ^^
  10. MudGolem

    MudGolem Banned

    I know ;p

    But it doesn't happen much, even amongst arabs, especially the rich ones, lots of guys(whom i know) drink, sleep with russian prostitutes,etc.

    Money and power tends to spoil people, that's why i love religion because it tends to make a person more humble,but that's another subject.

    btw im in no way a holy man myself, i'm just enjoying my youth while being cautious untill i settle down with a wife, i don't want to give you the wrong idea.
  11. P1louxxx

    P1louxxx Well-Known Member

    Well you don't need to defend yourself, I'm not an atheist knight of some kind.

    I don't hold much respect towards religions but I do know there are some cases where they really help people.

    As long as religion isn't forced on me I can discuss with anybody.

    But that's another topic and I don't want to derail that thread.
  12. MudGolem

    MudGolem Banned

    That's ok, to each their own,as long as we don't flame each other and keep it civil. There's no use in forcing religion on anyone, either you believe in it from your heart, or you don't.
  13. bandit_king

    bandit_king Well-Known Member

    i never agree with alcohol.
    it can really cause some problems so why risk it at the first place?
    you don't need it at all
    never say never who knows 1 day you can't think properly and you drive drunk and who knows what disasters can happen.better safe than sorry
  14. NecroGiant

    NecroGiant Well-Known Member

    If you drink TOO MUCH alcohol, it is unhealthy, but in LOW amount, it has medical benefits.
    Otherwise, my grandpa lives at the countryside. He drinks a little brandy before breakfast, a small glass of wine before lunch and he is never ill (i mean cold). How is that possible?
  15. frettory

    frettory Banned

    Depends on the type of alcohol. They are like potions. You don't know whether it is an eternal life potion or a death potion.

    Some alcohol can help in the production and flow of blood, and others can burn your mind into ashes (figuratively speaking).
  16. NecroGiant

    NecroGiant Well-Known Member

    I guess he was talking bout ethyl-alcohol.
  17. Wrooks

    Wrooks Well-Known Member

    wow... I think your over doing it... not everyone does that and for the ones that do will do it regardless of wine. I was almost hit in 2009 and it was broad day light noone drinks at that time. They wanted to get past me before I made it across the street, they nearly hit me. People atleast where i live are selfish like that. there are a few people who will let you pass. Heck someone was letting me cross the street today and someone else tried to run me off the road while the other person let me cross. What my friend does when they do that is trap their car so they can't drive forward or nearly collides with them. Like i said ppl will be that way regardless if they have alcohol in them. all of those things. Have you ever watched the oxygen channel its loaded with stories of sober guys beating on their wives or ex-wives. O yea and guess what this friend drinks regularly and defends pedestrians when shes in her car.
  18. Xlash

    Xlash Well-Known Member

    Alcohol gives you more energy than bread does.
  19. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    But the organism has to clean it out from the blood, I don't see how it can give more energy than a normal edible food.
  20. SmellyJelly

    SmellyJelly Well-Known Member

    Vodka gives quite a bit of calories.