Alchemist is OP

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    2shared - download LastReplay.w3g

    ^Nuff said.

    I was anti mage this game, supposedly the most OP carry in the game, but he's totally outclassed in every way by Alchemist. All his skills are ridiculos. He has a huge range 360 dmg 5 second stun that you can never see coming when he comes outta woods and he can instantly throw it to waste your clarity/salve. He can also charge it before he teleports to a tower to instantly throw a 5second stun 360dmg nuke on you. Goblin's greed gives him ridiculos amounts of farm, he can outfarm every carry in the game, even me with battlefury.
    As soon as he hits lvl 6 he never has to go back to fountain. He gets such op mana and hp regen with ulti. He kept dropping sobi mask and picked it up in ulti to get ridiculos mana regen and when ulti was over he keeps that extra regen from sobi mask forever because his mana regen stayed so high. What a fucking exploit. Remove that shit.
    And lastly that acid spray is most retarded of all. Look at that. With his infinite mana he can just keep spamming that acid on me so when i try to last hit a creep i take dmg and he can hit me for super dmg with the -armor so i can never get farm.
    So he gets super farm with greed and he can completely stop another melee carry from farming, that's not op? This makes him the strongest carry every game since all range carries are les strong.

    Also with ulti and then phaseboots + his ridiculos hp regen he can always escape. If you keep up with his huge speed he can just charge stun so you have to go back or get stunned. Can't be ganked or stopped after lvl 6.
    Is it a coincidence his only deaths are before lvl 6?

    Even with dying 2 times and having to go back 2 times he still was more farmed than me.

    Besides, how is vagina ever supposed to beat him? acid removes 6 armor, a mere 1000 gold medallion removes another 6, he has huge hp regen and less base attack time than even me. GL beating him with -12 armor (and another -5 with asault cuiras, thats almost as much as lvl 16 slardar ulti). And burning his mana is useless cause he just regens it with that sobi mask exploit. How can people call anti mage the most op of all carries when he cant outcarry alchemist? If carry is his role and he is outclassed in it by another one, then how can he be the most op carry?

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    But seriously
    He's fucking op.

    1. Remove the exploit of ulti mana regen staying because of sobi mask.

    2. nerf acid spray because it completely supresses melee carries or nerf other skills to balance it.
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  2. z10

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    weak troll attempt
  3. If you are trolling...weak.
    If you are serious play vs AI problem solved.
  4. gilvert

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    Prove that you're an alchemist.

    Pic or it didn't happen.
  5. SugaSutA

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    Shit armor.
    Over-reliant on ulti.
    Unreliable stun.

  6. MaximumTroller

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    Alchemist OP, SK OP, AM OP?! What's next? Guardian Wisp is OP?
  7. TheTrollolol

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    sigh... i get headache reading your tl;dr so then i read your wall of text that's full of crap.

    Your TL;DR should be : Alchemist exploit sobi mask on ult.
  8. Celstia

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    Would you rather this or people begging for Beta keys? I know which one I prefer.

    @OP: Alchy is actually underpowered at the moment. Such a unreliable stun, and the only useful thing his ulti is good for is tanking, dps isn't all the great with it. Don't kill him till he is the last one alive.
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    Ok, so first you people are saying that there are too many trolls like this one here, and you say they ruin this place. When they go away, you say that you miss them because this place is getting too boring without proper trolling. And now they're back again, and you are complaining. What do you want?!
  10. gilvert

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    Proper trolling.
  11. Kaiverrettu

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    Ache needs just a slight buff, MS and/or armor buff and his decent again
  12. Euronymus_ftw

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    No, because GW is actually ok.
  13. Bruno167

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    people don't know how to troll nowadays :(
  14. Hemoxyte

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    he has pretty bad stat gains, if you manage to last him to late game and do a decent farm then he should pretty much lose to an am.
  15. Jack-B-Quick

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    If you're getting mugged out of the jungle too often for your liking, maybe you should use wards. Or play someone with an escape mech. As for his farming, his incredibly low armor makes him easy to harass, high farm or not there's no excuse for him being able to farm against a strong laner.
  16. Actually Guardian Wisp is OP so...yea.
  17. FlameToad

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    What? Why? What are you on about?
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  18. Nutsy

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    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OP 1...


    Seriously, he's not OP with the consecutive nerfs striking him these last few versions.
  19. R.U.Sty

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    You should see him in dota2, annoying as shiz.
  20. krayziebone5

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    Alchemist sucks in this version