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Discussion in 'Portfolios' started by [AirCoN], Feb 5, 2012.

  1. [AirCoN]

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  2. Fate Trap

    Fate Trap Well-Known Member

    Your Depth and flow skills are amazing IMO.
  3. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    And i'm jelly of your smudge.
  4. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    made a new sig for no purpose. just wanted to make one since i haven't made one in so long
  5. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

  6. Secchan

    Secchan Competitive Staff

    didnt u also made my sig con ?
  7. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    Yes, but this is for most recent ones.
  8. Neb_

    Neb_ Active Member

    Nice thread, bro.

    The 14th signature is meh.
  9. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    fucking lurker neb_, post moar okay

    14 was taken with snipping tool, cause one minute is not enough time to save as .png file, so that white thing is not part of sig. 1 min also not enough time to make a good sig.
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  10. WimStrek

    WimStrek Member

    Nice skills

    I don't know even how to use Ms paint :(
  11. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    Update with some new stuff and a new section.

    Also a bonus: The power of 30 seconds + a render + photoshop (2 layers)

  12. Fate Trap

    Fate Trap Well-Known Member

    Spoilers pls. But inspiring. One thing I want to know.. How do you guys make this things so smooth??? and those 3Dish effect. >_<
  13. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    The other forums bbcode screwed up this bbcode, so I just removed the spoilers, i will put them back later. And what do you mean smooth?
  14. euoz

    euoz New Member

    Wow I love these sigs, really nice.
  15. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    Other forum has no effect on spoilers in here, they work here. You could have just removed them while posting though.

    About 3D effect, he was probably talking about how much deep depth it has and everything synchronizes well.
  16. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    Playdota database error once again removed my spoilers. I can't be bothered anymore...I will put them up the next time I update
  17. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    2 new sigs, one updated in special works. Spoiler tags added.
  18. poXyz

    poXyz Active Member

    Your competing high schools must be scared...

    The only one I don't like is the cancer one :p
    Nice work AirCon
  19. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

  20. eleven

    eleven Well-Known Member

    Holy carp, #29 looks so baws. How did you do dem effects? Is there a tut for it somewhere?

    Oh, and those sigs are fappable. Totally fappable.