[Agility]Boreas, Warrior of Northern Wind

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    Background Story and Icons coming soon. I also need a better model, such as an archangel with wings and swords, but can't find now.


    Strength - 22 + [1.5]
    Agility - 24 + [2.5]
    Intelligence - 20 + [2.0]

    Attack Range:|128[/table]​

    Windcutter [W]
    [NQB]Passively increase Boreas's attack speed. Boreas can activate this ability to receive bonus attack speed equal to triple the passive bonus for 4 seconds, but the passive is disabled until Windcutter becomes available again.[/NQB]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|25|8|N/A|N/A|4|+10 AS, 30 AS when activates
    2|50|8|N/A|N/A|4|+20 AS, 60 AS when activates
    3|75|8|N/A|N/A|4|+30 AS, 90 AS when activates
    4|100|8|N/A|N/A|4|+40 AS, 120 AS when activates[/table]

    Whirlwind [R]
    [NQB]The Northern Whirlwind surrounds Boreas, passively deals magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Boreas can launch his whirlwind for a mighty blow in a line. Upon impacting with an enemy, all nearby enemies will be knocked back for an instant and be dealt magic damage. The passive is disabled until Whirlwind becomes available again.[/NQB]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|120|10|1000|250(*)/250(**)|N/A|15 DPS, 100 impact damage.
    2|120|10|1000|250(*)/250(**)|N/A|30 DPS, 150 impact damage.
    3|120|10|1000|250(*)/250(**)|N/A|45 DPS, 200 impact damage.
    4|120|10|1000|250(*)/250(**)|N/A|60 DPS, 250 impact damage.[/table]

    • (*)DPS AOE
    • (**)Impact AOE
    • Knockback distance: 100

    Chilling Breath [T]
    [NQB]Boreas covers him by the cold air from Northern mountains, passively slows enemies that move toward him. He can unleash it, to slows and damages all nearby enemies, but the passive is disabled until Chilling Breath becomes available again.[/NQB]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|75|12|N/A|900(*)/400(**)|4|Slows MS by 15%, slows MS and AS by 20% and 75 damage when activates.
    2|100|12|N/A|900(*)/400(**)|4|Slows MS by 15%, slows MS and AS by 30% and 150 damage when activates.
    3|125|12|N/A|900(*)/400(**)|4|Slows MS by 15%, slows MS and AS by 40% and 225 damage when activates.
    4|150|12|N/A|900(*)/400(**)|4|Slows MS by 15%, slows MS and AS by 50% and 300 damage when activates.[/table]
    • (*)Aura AOE
    • (**)Active AOE
    • The passive will check the current position of nearby enemies every 0.25s. If the distance between them and Boreas decreases, they will be slowed.

    Winged Feet [F]
    [NQB]The Northern Wind raises Boreas's feet, passively increases his movement speed. Boreas can dash forward to strike an enemy hero, reducing armor of his target in 6 seconds, but the passive is disabled until Winged Feet becomes available again.[/NQB]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|100|60|1000|N/A|6|+30 MS, reduces 10 armor when activates.
    2|150|50|1000|N/A|6|+30 MS, reduces 15 armor when activates.
    3|200|40|1000|N/A|6|+30 MS, reduces 20 armor when activates.[/table]

    • Boreas will dash with a speed of 2000 units per second.
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  2. Dark_AngeaL

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    First skill is kidna too simple...the playstyle i imagen for this hero is barathrum's.
    Perhaphs you could add a whole aditional theme inside of the skills, that would be interesting o_O
  3. UnforgivenII

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    I don't get why does he have 4 passives.
    Well, first is something like trolls ulti.
    Second is passive ion shell. The active ability is the one i love the most.
    Third is a degen aura and its active is, well, that's great too.
    Ulti just gives some M.S. and reduces armor when activated, soo nothing interesting.
  4. Nanaya Shiki

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    I know 1st and 4th skills are unoriginal and plain. But I can't brainstorm for anything better now.
    The main concept here is a passive - then an active skill. Especially on 2nd skill, you will have to choose with small damage over time or a burst damage.
    I will rework him later, since Winged Feet is a boring one - even I know that. I thought about making basic attack prolongs Windcutter's duration, but didn't use it.
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    I like the concept of sacrificing your passives for bursts of actives. Pretty cool. Unfortunately none of the effects are really doing anything interesting. Maybe Whirlwind, but the DPS is way too high.

    You probably only need 2 or 3 skills with the mechanic though, and then maybe the ult does something different. I dunno. But I would like to see a fully developed hero here as its a nice idea.
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  7. QuiescentDawn

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    Hmm, is it just me or is the concept of sacrificing passives for bursts of "steroid" periods just something that League of Legends loves doing?
    While I think that its good for one of your abilities, (2 or 3) having the same thing for every single ability is somewhat boring. It's probably a hard ask but more imaginative passives plz.

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  8. Gutan

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    I like the concept about sacrifice passive to burst damage or steroid

    but i confuse to t-up or t-down because the effect already exist and many heroes have it