[agi-sent]The centaur hight archer hunter

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  1. erico

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    Change log:
    Damage Recoil atack and the head percentagem for the Yyadrasil Acuary


    History:This is a centaur-worshiper Yggdrasil.Que with an understanding of his father his passion for archery allowed him to take a different path of their ancestors. She learned the finer ability to forge bows and arrows, joining them with the ability to more harmonious archer. A shaman of his people brought knowledge about the toxic and deadly. So she can reach one of the highest ranking of archery joining their natural ability centaur with Yggdrasil and arrows.


    Strength - 19 + [1.6]
    Agility - 19 + [2.7]
    Intelligence - 13 + [1.2]
    Casting Animation and Backswing - 0.3/0.5

    Affiliation: Sentinel
    Damage: 40-50
    Armor: 3.2
    Movespeed: 305
    Attack Range: 500
    HP Regeneration: 0.76
    Mana Regeneration: 0.77
    Sight vision: 1000 distance


    Dota need a new archer?
    If this is true!
    Original please

    Origin idea: http://www.playdota.com/forums/206398/agi-neut-sandata-centaur-archer/ ; http://www.playdota.com/forums/223345/sent-agi-arrah-high-elven-huntress/

    Thanks:Melderv; dreamcatcher0
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  2. Pilu

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    Why you did this?
  3. erico

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    I had an awesome hero with good skills, but we already had a hero who was elf and archer. So I took them and thought: I still do not have a centaur archer. And as I found that the Centaur Archer suggested earlier was much like the heroes I already made a new hero, Centaur archer, bringing the nature of the centaur and new type of skills, which incidentally has become more original. Thinking is clear in style.
    I hope I can help the game progress. Trying to bring new things.
  4. erico

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    I maked a simple change the girl centaur archer!
  5. invul_nerable

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    wooahh a woman centaur :D i sense a good compatibitly with bradwarden and this hero

    welll il review this later ok(gotta brainstrom on a new her suggestion)
  6. erico

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    All sugestions are wellcome!
  7. Pumpkins

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    With the most spamable ability on a cooldown on 5 while agility gain from ultimate lasts 10 seconds, isn't it underpowered?
  8. RoniRizz

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    Centaur Archer, yeah! Centaur Woman?!?! Aaarrrrrghgh! Interesting :D
    If i'd made this hero i'll made her main atribute strenght (male or female not so important, coz os race).
    1 skill is nice but i think 2000 range is a lot.
    2 Skill is very good. I like the original concept and how you realized it.
    3 skill is nice but 5x strenght i think VERY imba.
    Ulti is not so original: lower traxex's ulti+simple critical strike. Yeah, i understand how difficult to create original skills for this theme but i think you can make something crazy and usefull.

    Finally t-null only coz of ulti.
  9. erico

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    Is a self-buff- not work if you not cast a magic!

    the cast range is some for you can see the map! or take the enemy running!
    think about the invoker sun strike! He can be used global!
    Here you can see de map around you for some time.
    How distance you think betther?

    if you dont buy itens to strenght in level 25 this hability cause 295
    if you buy strenght itens for this agil hero this skill can up to 500 damage or 600.
    how you go make your itens table?
    and how many time you go have a hero in you back?
    i a good hero versus the rikimaru! he jump in you back and she kick them!

    Every time you cast you go get some agil! more critical. she can use orbs and the agil in next the traxes.
    if i make hight go imbalance go make she have some damage/second
    can sugest a better agi?
  10. erico

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  11. hajasmarci

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    i dont really see synergy here, and imho the second skill is a bit op. imho remove the armorreduction from the first skill, and add something original effect, and also completely remake the 5xstr nuke. i know he's a horse, but as an archer he's supposed to stay back. or make it passive, with less damage and knockback, and that would act as an escape mech.
  12. ALEXALEX303

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    She will get suprizebuttsecks from the other centaur, aside from that it's fine.
  13. chessfreak

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    1st and 2nd skill are taken from another suggestion.
  14. erico

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    "Origin idea: http://www.playdota.com/forums/20639...entaur-archer/ ; http://www.playdota.com/forums/22334...lven-huntress/"

    Is true! i take betther ideas fron others sugestion and ramake the hero, making more original too.

    If you see have a fusion of skill. two or three skill make one new skill.

    Just the Recoil atack is only my idea.
  15. erico

    erico Well-Known Member

    suggestion any more?
  16. erico

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  17. Joker_DT

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    1-great, i love that
    2-need to balance, 30% for headshot, is it too high
    3-5xstr, it too many
    4-is critical dame appear with normal hit
  18. erico

    erico Well-Known Member

    thanks i maked the changes
  19. OrNy

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    Nice skills , nice concept but can you just turn the speed from 305 to 330 or 320. I mean Centaur with 4 legs ? :S
  20. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    what does her 3rd skill do I realy don't understand it ?
    but over all I like this hero her 1st and 2nd skill look quite interesting :)
    t-up for the first female centaur in warcraft3 (well the first one I have ever seen )

    BTW please correct your spelling mistakes '' She hits his enemies who are on your back with all the strength that his race can deliver. Causing them to stop for a short time. ''