[AGI-NEUT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspurer

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    [AGI-NEUT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Zeppelin


    Swip Hillscraper - the Goblin Zeppelin

    July 18, 2011
    • Created hero
    July 19, 2011
    • Posted topic
    July 20, 2011
    • Fixed english
    • Removed MS boost on Carpet Bombing
    July 22, 2011
    • Added some little notes to Post-Combustion and Spur
    • Did some little tweaks on Spur (thanks to irisu for the idea)
    December 19, 2011
    • Changed primary attribute to INT
    • Reworked stat gain
    • Reworked scaling on Postcombustion
    April 11, 2012
    • Changed primary attribute to STR
    • Reworked stat gain
    • Reworked scaling on Gas Leak
    • Updated guide


    Swip Hillscraper - the Goblin Skyspurer

    [table][​IMG]|[table]Strength - 20+ [2.2]
    Agility - 22 + [1.4]
    Intelligence - 14 + [1.8][/table][/table]

    Attack Range:|450
    Attack Animation:|0.30 / 0.45
    Casting Animation:|0.50 / 0.35[/table]|[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Toggle On/Off
    Targeting: Self
    Hotkey: C[/table]|Swip unleashes the full potential of his machine by letting his engines go full power in successive MS boosts. Dramatically increase movement speed and allows flying over impassable terrain, but drains HP and reduces turning rate by 50%.[/table]

    1|10 sec|Increase MS by 20% + 10% every 2 seconds. Costs 2%HP upon activation, then 2%HP per boost.
    2|10 sec|Increase MS by 30% + 15% every 2 seconds. Costs 3%HP upon activation, then 2%HP per boost.
    3|10 sec|Increase MS by 40% + 20% every 2 seconds. Costs 4%HP upon activation, then 2%HP per boost.
    4|10 sec|Increase MS by 50% + 25% every 2 seconds. Costs 5%HP upon activation, then 2%HP per boost.[/table]
    • In this state, can pass impassable terrain.
    • In this state, turning rate is reduced by 50%.
    • Life loss is calculated on Swip max HP.
    • Toggle off if Swip's HP drops below 50%.
    How it works: huge MS boost for a short duration due to HP removal, allow to land a perfect surprise ultimate but you need to aim well, cause you are not very drivable with a 50% reduced turning rate.[/nqb]

    Carpet Bombing
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Target: AoE
    Hotkey: E[/table]|The Skyspurer drops all his remaining weapons on the targeted area, dealing damage and stunning for a short time. [/table]

    1|105|24 sec|650|475|0.1 sec|Stuns and deals 50 damage in the AoE. Drops 2 waves.
    2|125|24 sec|650|475|0.2 sec|Stuns and deals 50 damage in the AoE. Drops 3 waves.
    3|145|24 sec|650|475|0.3 sec|Stuns and deals 50 damage in the AoE. Drops 4 waves.
    4|165|24 sec|650|475|0.4 sec|Stuns and deals 50 damage in the AoE. Drops 5 waves.[/table]
    • Waves are released every 1 second.
    • Damage dealt is magical.
    How it works: It is like a "barrage shooting", aiming to slow enemies' movement while escaping, or prevent allies from being chased.

    Gas Leak
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Passive.
    Targeting: Ennemy heroes[/table]|The Skyspurer zeppelin is so old that it release some gas from its baloon when used. Intelligently, Swip replaced Helium with Zyklon B to silence and deal minor damage to enemy heroes nearby. Triggers when Swip casts a spell, upon a Post-combustion boost or when he hits an enemy hero in Spur state.

    1|275|0.75 sec|1.5 sec|Deals 20 damage and silences when triggered.
    2|325|1 sec|2 sec|Deals 30 damage and silences when triggered.
    3|375|1.25 sec|2.5 sec|Deals 40 damage and silences when triggered.
    4|425|1.5 sec|3 sec|Deals 50 damage and silences when triggered.[/table]
    • Damage dealt is magical.

    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Self
    Hotkey: R[/table]|Using his zeppelin as a real weapon, the Skyspurer is able to drag with him any unit that dares enter in contact with him. Deals damage according to Swip's speed upon impact.[/table]

    1|100|16 sec|150|4 sec|30% speed dealt in damage, but reduce Swip's MS by 50 every impact.
    2|125|16 sec|150|5 sec|40% speed dealt in damage, but reduce Swip's MS by 40 every impact.
    3|150|16 sec|150|6 sec|50% speed dealt in damage, but reduce Swip's MS by 30 every impact.[/table]
    • Swip is unable to attack in this state.
    • Cannot drag units onto impassible terrain.
    • Ends if Swip casts a spell or is disabled.
    • Dragged heroes can still cast spells and attack.
    • Damage dealt is physical.
    • Can be dispelled by Purge.
    How it works: Swip runs into his enemies and drag them with him, allowing him to initiate fights and gather foes.[/nqb]

    Short review

    Main role: ganker/roamer/initiator

    • Powerful AoE spells
    • Good initiating capacities
    • Several disables
    • Huge speed if you can afford the HP loss
    • Fun to play!
    • A bit suicidal play-style
    • Tricky to master


    Core items

    A must have for every ganker, Swip is no exception. Mana regen to use his high manacost spells, and HP regen to compensate Post-combustion loss.

    Mana regen, HP and a awesome healing ability to recover from Post-combustion.

    [​IMG] => [​IMG] or [​IMG]
    Boots are no-brainer, can be upgraded to your will, Tranquil is nice for MS and regen ability, PT for more survivability, even if you don't benefit from the AS bonus.

    Swip must not be disabled while Spuring, hence the need of magic immunity.

    Ganking build options

    As your role is to gank, smoke is a great item. As your tactic is to come from behind and Spur your target to your team, smoke is an indispensable item.

    Positionning is the key. The key to the positionning is Dagger.

    If you are low HP, you cannot escape using Post-combustion, this solves the problem. Also increase the reliability of your ultimate (will take less time to bring your targets to your team mates).

    Two of your skills are improved by this item, and you can make good use of HP regen, armor and intelligence.

    The MS boost can be useful for ganking purposes, HP bonus is always welcome.

    Tanking build options

    The Skyspurer will always be in front-line, hence the need of some defensive items. He also needs HP regen to recover from PC. No explanation required.

    [​IMG] / [​IMG] => [​IMG]

    Can be an alternative to BKB. Also increase stats, nothing bad in this item.

    Luxury items

    If you can farm some money (even if it's not your role, you're roamer/ganker and there is some heroes who will benefit more from this farm), go for these:

    Perfect for raising mana pool and adding some armour, Frost Blast is also useful.

    Did you say HP problems?

    If you're willing to support your carry while improving your tankiness, this is the right choice.

    Rejected Items

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Damage items. You're not a DPSer, let your team do the job.

    Phase will cause malfunction with Post-combustion. You don't need the damage anyway.

    Your play-style is to run in and out of combat at high speed, catching up on enemy heroes (possibly dying doing so). You won't need this.

    Seems tempting but you won't benefit from backstab nor DPS. Dagger is better in every aspect.


    Best Allies

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    AoE stompers: since Spur can gather the enemy team, they'll just have to go in and unleash their powerful magical AoE spells.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    AoE cleavers: same thing in the Physical way.

    Special mention:

    Free BKB? Heal? You'll learn to love this guy.

    Worst enemies

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Disablers/stunners can break his combo easily, beware.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Silencers. If they have a good timing you will run to them silenced, at max speed with no HP => dead goblin.

    Obvious counter is obvious.

    Special mentions:

    Rupture will force you to stay immobile, turning your into a flying target. His silence is also a pain in the ass.

    His ultimate will instagib you if you don't pay attention to your HP. Even if you drag him, his passive + spamming pulse will shut you down in no time.

    X marks what? You just did nothing.

    Please vote on concept and, above all, comment to give me a feedback. Regards :)

    English fixed by Strutter, thanks to him :)
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  2. gamerinboxers

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    Re: [Neut-Agi] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Hmm... 1st blood?

    I actually think its quite a decent nice hero!
    Just think skill 1 MS boost seems a little on the realllllllly high side...
    Also, not sure if you need 2 MS boost skills...
    But in general, Nice!
  3. God of Death

    God of Death Well-Known Member

    Re: [Neut-Agi] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    A very interesting hero, without doubt.
  4. Super_Duflair

    Super_Duflair Well-Known Member

    Re: [Neut-Agi] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Mhh actually, the first skill is a powerful MS boost, but with very annoying drawbacks (lot of HP loss, -50% turning side which is a lot) and so cannot be used easily or without risks.

    The (little and short) MS boost in Carpet Bomb is on purpose: it's for giving the hero a little boost after one successful Spur (which means he gets lot of MS reduction due to his ultimate).

    Thanks for the review anyway, if there's more people who're chocked by this, I will consider removing it^^

    BTW, you won't mind if I take the hero icon from you sig'? I couldn't find one which suits like this one. Thanks! :)

    @God of Death: nothing else to add? :'(

    Edit: BTW, no one is chocked by my bad english? Aswell as the hero name or something like that? Since I'm not a native english speaker there may be some misspellings/errors/etc. Don't hesitate to correct me.
  5. God of Death

    God of Death Well-Known Member

    Re: [Neut-Agi] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Your hero is better than most heroes in the first 20 pages of the forum, is thematic, well templated and has nice icons.

    The only drawback is having 2 skills increase MS, IMO.

    That do?
  6. Strutter

    Strutter Well-Known Member

    Re: [Neut-Agi] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    The English is really good actually, I marked the mistakes in red. I'll review the hero later when I have a bit more time, but it looks like a good concept so far.
  7. Super_Duflair

    Super_Duflair Well-Known Member

    Re: [Neut-Agi] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Yes, thanks :)

    (If you're not joking this compliment makes me really proud of myself^^)

    I think I'd remove the MS part of the bomb spell though, it seems to chock people^^

    @Strutter: thanks a lot! I'll edit my post when I got some time :)
  8. irisu

    irisu Well-Known Member

    Re: [Neut-Agi] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    it's easy to figure out how does this hero work: Turn on First then turn on Ulti, go for the win and let third do its job, finally as you gather a few enemies, bomb them down if you're still there XD

    Maybe removing the MS boost on second skill will do fine...

    Skills: 3.5/4

    stats seem fine but i'd suggest compensating a bit more on str since this guy is already suicidal, maybe trade a few points from int in there.

    Stats: 3/4

    Iconset makes sense and fit quite well everything else, this post has a nice design also.

    visuals: 2/2

    Overall: 8.5/10 one of the best suggs i've seen on these forums, it just made my imagination fly away thinking a way this hero would be o the real thing, but, i still suggest you check and fix a bit those two factors i've mentioned before. T-UP anyways, this one is worthy :D

    Well, that's it for my review on this moment, hope i could help.

    P.D.: Still looking for some reviews for my suggestion also, hope some of you people can gimme a hand with some useful info, because info is as valuable as gold :)
  9. Super_Duflair

    Super_Duflair Well-Known Member

    Re: [Neut-Agi] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    I removed the MS boost on Carpet Bombing, and I'll take a look on my hero stats, thanks for the review :)

    I'll take a look at your hero this afternoon.

    BTW, I'm looking for some ideas to make a Background Story for this hero, any ideas, I'm not good at this^^

    Edit: Well I think my stats are good. Actually he has a very high STR gain, even if does not have a great base STR. This is for compensate his high base AGI stat, which allows him to have a good base armor/armor gain. And I don't wank to reduce too much is INT 'cause he needs mana to spam his low-cooldown/high manacost skills ;)

    If you think he's paper, then buy survivability items, that's why they exist^^
  10. Panoramik-

    Panoramik- Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    I like it!

    ...but, despite their differences, this guy plays so similar to Batrider that I don't see him getting very far without some major and unique changes.
  11. gamerinboxers

    gamerinboxers Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu


    No issues you taking the icon i used.

    Anyway, I do agree that your entry is a much better entry than 80% of the suggestions here...
    My only concern here is still that skill 1 is overpowered escape ablility too..
    All the player needs to do is face back to base and turn on skill 1.. the HP removal part isn't really painful since you can escape pretty effectively with that speed.. and all these can be done too easily.. hence my concern...
    However, I do understand this is needed for ulti to work nicely.. so i'm alittle unsure how to balance this... haha... sorry of no help... =p

    Anyway, mind looking at my suggestions too? Thanks!
    Note: My golbin zepplin is not completed.. =(
  12. Super_Duflair

    Super_Duflair Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Well, if you had read the details, you would have seen that he can't use Post-combustion when his HP are below 50%. So you surely won't escape from death with this skill^^. It is mainly for initiating purposes and/or fast ganking.

    If you still doubt, maybe I can increase its cooldown to make it less spammable, like Icarus' Dive, but I don't think this is necessary.
  13. Maximusje

    Maximusje Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    I love the first skill - it makes Swip a very mobile hero and interesting for competative play as an initiator (similar to Batrider). I am not sure about the ultimate though. It seems very powerful, an AoE Flaming Lasso that deals a lot of damage. The high damage output makes it not an initiator spell, but a follow-up spell after the opponents get clumped together because of spells such as Dark Hole, Vacuum or Reverse Polarity. The reduced ms does not balance out the damage output (it only reduces the effectiveness of initiating a battle). I think, therefore, that the ultimate is overpowered and does not fit the initator role.

    Furthermore, the reduction of movement speed is completely counter-acted by using post-combustion before initiation.

    My suggestion: remove the damage on the ultimate completely.

    Oh and about the mini-guide:
    Blink Dagger is actually quite nice on the hero. Blink dagger to initiate and hit the perfect ultimate, then post-combustion to try to drag them as close to your teammates as possible.

    Edit2: Why is it an agility hero?
  14. AncientRune

    AncientRune Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    love it T-UP.
    note that I don't really like the silence on the 3rd skill.
    an enigma will be completely shut down by him.
  15. Super_Duflair

    Super_Duflair Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Well any silence/stun will shut down enigma, I don't get your point. If Swip is under Black Hole his passive will never trigger anyway so...

    For the post above:

  16. irisu

    irisu Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    The idea about damage per travel distance on ulti isn't a bad idea now you mention it, but removing inital damage would be wrong also..., maybe you can get base damage from a movement speed percent in this case, that'd be more original, and imo it would have good sense.

    In this case you'd not have to remove MS penalty.

    about mainstat, i must say that Guardian Wisp looks more fragile than this guy and it's STR, of course this is because GW is some kind of ganker/initiator (correct me if i'm wrong, i don't play that hero because i like INT ones the most, like chen or invoker). So i'd reconsider the fact of either being an STR or an AGI for your suggestion.
  17. Strutter

    Strutter Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Ok quick review.

    Theme/Cosmetics: I like the icons okay except for the Ultimate. The skills seem to align with the model and he would certainly be fun to play.

    1st Skill - Fun, unique concept. Will the units he "spurs" be dragged onto impassable terrain with this skill? Because that could cause problems.

    2nd Skill - Kind of reminds me of shrapnel meets malefice. Not a bad idea, I like the synergy with Ult in that you can cast it on the group of units you've clustered together.

    3rd Skill - A good, unique passive. It doesn't wow me but it works.

    Ultimate - I'm worried it could be OP since it has twice the duration of Batrider's lasso and the MS reduction is counteracted by Post-combustion and it does a fair amount of damage. Are the units able to attack or cast spells while they're being dragged? Overall a decent idea though it is similar to Batrider and Magnataur's skewer. If you balance the skill it will be another good, but not great, skill.

    Overall he seems like a good hero and fun to play, though I'm not sure the actual playstyle is very unique. Maybe a couple tweaks here and there could make him a truly great hero suggestion.
  18. Super_Duflair

    Super_Duflair Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Thanks for the review anyway, and thanks irisu for the idea, I'll update my post soon with your idea.

    Edit: I did some tweaks on the ultimate, I also reduced the duration to 4/5/6 seconds.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2011
  19. irisu

    irisu Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    you're welcome, figuring ideas for helping on your hero goes easy since i can basically form an internal sequence, just like watching it in action inside my mind. This only happens on suggestions that have facts with common sense, like this one. I'd suggest making a testmap for it, it'd be nice.

    BTW, i've been thinking of some changes for my hero suggestion at the same time, it's about the facts you just checked on your last review, maybe you should get an eye in there and tell me if you like the new idea or not, so i can start coding or re-thinking again XD
  20. Super_Duflair

    Super_Duflair Well-Known Member

    Re: [AGI-SENT] Swip Hillscraper, the Goblin Skyspu

    Well for the test map IDK, I don't think I'm able to do one^^

    I'll check your sugg' soon I guess, thanks again :)