[AGI] Makrura - Tidal Lord

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    Makrura - Tidal Lord




    --- :rofl: ---​


    Damage:|41 - 53



    Crushing Wave (Active)

    [table][​IMG]|Tidal Lord rushes to the target point, stunning and damaging enemies in aoe at the end of the rush.[/table]

    1|100|10 seconds|600|360|1.1 seconds Stun|100
    2|100|10 seconds|800|360|1.3 seconds Stun|125
    3|100|10 seconds|1000|360|1.6 seconds Stun|135
    4|100|10 seconds|1200|360|1.8 seconds Stun|150[/table]
    • Damage and stun only at the end point of rush


    Curse of the Depth (Active)

    [table][​IMG]|Makrura curses the enemy hero, opening his wounds, every point of armor enemy has will influence on damage he will suffer, while he is under attack[/table]

    [table]|Mana|Cooldown|C.Range|Duration|Additional % of damage (for every 1 point of armor)
    1|125|25 seconds|350|5 seconds|1%
    2|130|25 seconds|400|15 seconds|1.5%
    3|135|25 seconds|420|20 seconds|1.7%
    4|145|25 seconds|430|30 seconds|2%[/table]
    • For every one point of armor, cursed hero has he will get additional % of damage


    Whirlpool (Active)

    [table][​IMG]|Tidal Lord creates an Whirlpool at target location, that grants him bonus ms, while he is near it, also this whirlpool damages enemies.[/table]

    1|70|30 seconds|500|400|10 seconds|+20 ms|10 dmg per second
    2|70|25 seconds|500|450|12 seconds|+25 ms|15 dmg per second
    3|70|20 seconds|500|480|13 seconds|+30 ms|20 dmg per second
    4|70|15 seconds|500|500|15 seconds|+35 ms|25 dmg per second[/table]
    • Damage that enemy get, stuck with other whirlpools, bonus ms does not stuck for Tidal Lord


    Tornado (Ultimate) (Active)

    [table][​IMG]|Tidal Lord become really furious, he get bonus attack rate plus strength, and have chances to place Whirlpools near him for free[/table]

    [table]|Mana|Cooldown|C.Range|AoE|Duration|Effects|Bonus attack rate|Bonus strength and agility
    1|150|50 seconds|-|-|10 seconds|2% to summon free Whirlpool in the place he stand|15%|10 + 15
    2|175|50 seconds|-|-|15 seconds|5% to summon free Whirlpool in the place he stand|20%|20 + 25
    3|200|50 seconds|-|-|20 seconds|10% to summon free Whirlpool in the place he stand|25%|30 + 35[/table]
    • Note, that summon the whirlpools effect only when he attack enemy hero


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  2. Senyu

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    I like it
  3. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    Thanx for feedback!
  4. Subotai

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    ROFL, that gave me the mood to review.

    Like the model, would be cool to have it in DOTA.

    Skill 1 : a dash + stomp, quite noob friendly

    Skill 2 : Duration and manacost are retardly too long. I like the concept of dealing more dmg on high armor. More information is needed : armor may change during duration, or does it consider only base armor ?

    Skill 3 : ok

    Ulti : I am stopping reading

    here : Cooldown, manacost are RETARDED.

    cooldown cannot increase with every lvl duh.... aaargh
    and wtf skills costing more than 200 mana...

    there is no synergy whatsoever (exept ulti spawning skill 3 = forced synergy), and the hero doesn't benefit from being AGI, even ulti gives STR.

    Overall, work it through more and more.

    There isn't something interesting. No new concept. Your whirlpool is old Doom fire-earth (don't remember name).

    =D here some feedback !
  5. ZipFile

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    Yeah some misspoints are the idea is of having some sort of very mobile unit, for the cost of `some` mana . About armor : it caunt full armor, the enemy has so the more armor the more damage. The mana cost and duration of skill 2: yes i will think about reducing them a little bit, but not too much because it gives a real bonus, skill 1: i have some better idea, i will change this. And ulti with whirpool, i think that it will work ok together, yes hero doesnt benefit bit his role i think is disabler and anti-tank, the duration of 3 lvl ulti is 20 sec is that enoug for cooldown of 100 sec - you can easely be insane ever 80 seconds that is normal i think however i will think on more synergy between 1-3 2-4 that can be interesting i guess
  6. kingz95

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    like it
  7. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    up, need more comments
  8. Hasieb123

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    very nice but the this manacost and cds sucks
  9. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    Thanks i will change the mana cost and cd of each spell
  10. juleocesar

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    The hero is nice...But the mana cost on his abilities is too high for an agility hero and it's functions...
    Cooldown and manacost makes the hero really underpowered and useless early. Whirpool deals just 25 damage per second with a sighility ms boost with 250 manacost and 120 cooldown??????
  11. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    I have changed mc and cd's of spells and some numbers also, what about now?

    P.s just have not changed the artifacts ^) lol
  12. DarkPhoenixx

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    Like the idea. Kinda surprised that he isn't str, but its even better that way.
  13. rodolpho97

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  14. claritean

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    1st - you could clarify the usage of this spell, what is the speed? it may be easily dodgeable at 1200 distance, damage is not that high tho...
    2nd - is any damage amplified, also magic one? if not it is jus a random -armor skill. and 45 second CD - too high, i suggest smth about 15 -20 sec.
    3rd - too high CD again ---> how can damage of 2 whirlpools stack if there is on 13 second duration???????????????????????????????? ?? ? think pls. also some scaling on mana cost would be nice. can the whirlpool move? also use stack instead of stuck, thx
    ult - some sort of avatar, not very effective though, increase the chance of spawning whirlpool to smth like 25/35/45% imo, 250 manacost at lvl 6? ADD mana scaling to all skills
  15. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    great comments !!! especially about moving the whirlpool !!! :)) i will think how to make this

    1st spell movement at max ms with invulnerability
    2nd every source of damage deal under curse to target additional %age of dmg which is based on armor of cursed, yeah need to lover cd it ))
    3rd ok will be very low cd on whirlpools)

    mana scaling into up or down?)) ok
  16. juleocesar

    juleocesar Well-Known Member

    Now it's better.
  17. Storm_hih

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    Good hero but the skills CD is too bad.
  18. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    Changed CD's scaled Manacost
  19. krahyan1

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    Very nice idea.
  20. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    thank you!