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    Abilities / Elf / Fan Of Knives

    The Warden hurls a flurry of knives, damaging nearby enemies. Deals X damage in 400 AoE

    In WC DotA if you need a spell that doesn't interrupt actions and is active, and also can deal some damage in an AoE, show a visual and stuff you use FoK based skills.
    So, we have tons of such spells. Look at the list below:

    - Nether Blast
    - Scream of Pain
    - Heat Seeking Missile
    - Death Pulse
    - Death Pulse Heal
    - Echo Slam
    - Echo Slam reverberate
    - Magic Stick
    - Exorcise Spirit
    - Quill Spray
    - Zombify
    - Power Treads
    - Windrunner
    - Static Remnant
    - Blademail
    - Linken Sphere Dummy
    - Ghost Potion
    - Plasma Field
    - Refraction
    - Rabid
    - Battle Trance
    - Khadgar's Pipe of Insight
    - Infestation <Old NA's Beetles>
    - Echo Slam reverberate half
    - Shadow Dance
    - Dark Pact
    - Gust
    - Ice Blast Helper
    - Overpower
    - Familiars
    - Unstable Concoction
    - Stone Form
    - Echo Slam
    - Scorched Earth
    - Soul Ring
    - Ethereal Blast
    - Smash
    - Cold Shoulder
    - Spirits
    - Walrus Punch
    - Diabolic Edict
    - Buyback Cooldown
    - Blur
    - Wex
    - Flak Cannon
    - Metamorрhosis
    - Ring of Basilius
    - Expulsion
    - Slice and Dice
    - Wraith
    - Gallop
    - Whirling Death
    - Holy Shackles
    - Searing Chains
    - Concussive Shot
    - Warcry
    - Ring of Aquila
    - Spiked Carapace
    - Rip Tide

    *These are dummy, subskills or not used skills in the game at all.[/nqb]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][/nqb]​

    Well, what additional info do you want to hear except for this 'bullshit' ? The things in this list have an AoE of 400 and CAN INTERRUPT heal from Salve or so, or evoke neutral creeps if you click on the item in specific area of effect because all the skills above deal ZERO damage. In my humble opinion it works because all of the spells have the line in the map code:
    instead of having this one:
    How can you use this information in practic?

    [nqb]1. You can easily escape with the help of awoken neutrals [like Centaur's Khan] at the Sentinel's pooling spot using item based on AEfk and cutting the tree with QB.
    2. You can easily steal a kill from your allied AA by very fast clicking on one of these items [I prefer PT and RoB because they have no cd]
    3. You can easily interrupt Healing Salve or Clarity between your attacks.
    A big thanks Cáno for some solutions to the problems associated with this code /(.-.)\​
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    Great! Explains a lot of things.
    PT switch is an important skill for Meepo to stack several neutrals at the same time.
    And another comes to my mind is when Pudge chasing some enemy with high speed, when the enemy tries to use the healing salve or bottle, Pudge can use magic stick to interrupt healing salve in case of losing enemy (lvl 1 rot won't interrupt and a attack make you slow down)
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    Christ, your grammar sucks.
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    Nice idea with Meepo, btw.
    As for Pudge, he can use Salve or/and Bottle with Rot and you can interrupt it like np. Anyway, it's definitely nice idea [originally it comes to my mind]

    Die potato, die!
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    I suggest you should add Fan Of Knives damage type, in case some people asking why a 0 damage could interrupt bottle while Pudge's rot couldn't.
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    Since this guide is about Fan of Knives,

    I guess you should also include that Heat Seeking Missile and Echo Slam doesn't affect Ethereal units because they are based on Fan of Knives.

    Also, Scream of Pain wasn't able to damage Ethereal units, But it was changed at 6.66
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    No, IIRC. Heat Seeking Missile don't affect Ethereal units because it deals Physical damage for part of Echo Slam, it deals Enchanced damage which doesn't cause damage to Ethereal units too.
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    Actually, both deals DT: Enhanced AT: Spell.

    Edit: Also, Death Pulse had this problem as well but it was fixed.
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