adding -lol mode, stop the anti-fun!

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    MEGAUPLOAD Well-Known Member

    with -lol mode antifun heroes/strats and aspects of the game would be disabled, only when blue player writes -lol the applies are made and everyone can enjoy dota without the antifun things!
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  2. almassokk

    almassokk Well-Known Member

    in -lol mode you have to pay to unlock heroes

    MEGAUPLOAD Well-Known Member

    nah, just remove the antifun ones from taverns!
  4. LDNeutral

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  5. Killerhunt

    Killerhunt Well-Known Member

    "Laugh out loud mode enabled, in this mode,players can choose to start with a blink dagger,mekanism, dagon, fort rune, or Boots of travel, however these items will only have their active abilities(no stats) creeps deal almost no damage to players,players get infinite TP's, jungle creeps can't be pulled or stacked, and they have their health and damage reduced,no longer have unique skills, and they also heal you when you kill them"

    i could continuew with this joke but it would be to long to read
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  6. AnotherNerd

    AnotherNerd Well-Known Member

    I bet that the most antifun hero for you is riki because too OP and wardsdusts too expensive.

    Try this
  7. almassokk

    almassokk Well-Known Member

    nice one:queen::rofl:
  8. Aircross

    Aircross Well-Known Member

    Don't forget that all heroes will lose their uniqueness in -lol mode and balance will be shit.
  9. sndwch

    sndwch Well-Known Member

    -teleport scrolls are now free but can only teleport to the fountain
    -tower damaged increased 200%
    -stun duration of all spells reduced by 80%
    -damage of all spells reduced by 50%
    -cooldown of all spells reduced by 75%
    -random button removed
  10. Aircross

    Aircross Well-Known Member

    -all melee dps heroes now have gap closers, innate durability, and can deal late-game carry damage by buying tank items.
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  11. JustusK

    JustusK Well-Known Member

    This thread is so hilarious because it's 100% true.
  12. drdrack

    drdrack Well-Known Member

    quote of the day :rofl:
  13. animea90

    animea90 Well-Known Member

    I find Lycan to be the most antifun. Often times there is nothing I can do to stop him.
  14. mrkpwnz

    mrkpwnz Well-Known Member

    I find Lycan very fun. No one bothers you in the jungle and you get all the freefarm you want. 8minutes vlads and medallion + rosh, nothing is more fun then just pushing your enemy base after that as they are struggling and flaming you for being a lycan picker.
  15. Raoul9753

    Raoul9753 Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I am wrong, but arent only like 20% of all heroes used in competive play?
    DoTA cant be that great balanced, otherwise all heroes would be present in competive play...

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    Lycan is pretty much the "I need a win for my ego" hero in pubs (and permabaned in competive)
  16. Alidfe

    Alidfe Well-Known Member

    That's an.. ironic complaint.
  17. animea90

    animea90 Well-Known Member

    This already happens. Several carries buy nothing but tank items until really late game. Much more than in LoL.
  18. Madness101

    Madness101 Well-Known Member

    Sh,he is reffering to LoL items.
  19. mrkpwnz

    mrkpwnz Well-Known Member

    Its not like you can't ward his jungle, annoy him before level six, place obs and sentry wards at rosh path so you see him smoked, have force staffs, ghost scepters or anything, right? He is strong, but then.. there are a lot of strong heroes aswell with their respective counters, aren't there? Nowhere near the "hurr lycan autowin hero" as people claim him to be.

    PS. I dont play lycan, ever.
  20. Raoul9753

    Raoul9753 Well-Known Member

    Isnt that more DotA style?