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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by supa_fly, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. NobleArch

    NobleArch Well-Known Member

    Nice...discussion here at some point shall lead to a remake.
  2. phwaxr

    phwaxr Banned

    Ill be honest, the idea and all were great.
    But this forum sucks donkey dick, the amount of noobs posting useless one liners such as:
    (all taken from Troll Warlord thread)
    I mean there are the occasional good comment that actually has value, but 9/10 posts are this trash. Not sure what you guys could do about it, but atm this is a joke.
  3. Fate Trap

    Fate Trap Well-Known Member

    Please delete this. This is just full of trash..
  4. :sick: Rubbish remake that is.
  5. qmau

    qmau Well-Known Member

    Dont people realize hero comments always existed? It just didnt have a section.

    And you can pretty much see that all comments named "New Comment" are comments from the hero section and others are not
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  6. JJE92

    JJE92 Moderator

    Great, now we can finally read the long replies :)
    Good job ^^
  7. Croxist

    Croxist Well-Known Member

    Solo KING!
  8. MyZahir

    MyZahir Well-Known Member

    the amount of spam here makes trolls in DC and RC look like decent.
  9. wd.Ripper

    wd.Ripper Well-Known Member

    First time I see this part of the forum.

    Anyway, the Icons depicting Sentinel/Scourge & Agility/Strength/Intelligence don't really seem appropriate in my opinion.
    I'd rather see a hero that depicts it's faction strongly. All somewhat like Omni .
  10. 103

    103 Well-Known Member

    i wanna apply to be mod in this section, where do i need to pull strings?
  11. supa_fly

    supa_fly Well-Known Member

    Staff interest should be sent to 28awg.
  12. latias

    latias Member

    good job
  13. dan23alex

    dan23alex Active Member

    good joob!!
  14. Tondaman

    Tondaman Active Member

    great nice
  15. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    Generally this is where people go to gasp how awesome a hero is, however untrue that observation/opinion might actually be in reality.

    Whereas DC is the place where everyone goes to rage and QQ about how shitty or imba a hero is.
  16. -LazYBoneS-

    -LazYBoneS- Well-Known Member

  17. SHIFT_

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  18. Nefarel

    Nefarel Well-Known Member

    nice gj
  19. NobleArch

    NobleArch Well-Known Member

    nope. Last

  20. kosmoosss

    kosmoosss Well-Known Member

    +1 from me ! This is soo interesting and very good idea :) ! GL All ! :) ) )