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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by supa_fly, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. LostFlip

    LostFlip Well-Known Member

    cool idea.
    first page :)
  2. Second actually :p.

    Give it a week or two, and we'll see how it goes. Most of the DotA Chat topics should go in here instead actually.

    Hopefully there won't be a stupid topic or irrelevant topic.

    I discovered this quite late -.-
  3. darxide

    darxide Well-Known Member

    well people would probably go to dota chat when they dont know where else to post. often times its because quick help is farther down the page. and with this sub forum, when one sees the hero that had the last post, you would wonder: "Oh, whats up with this hero now?" >>> *le click* >>> "bleh, just some comment" >>> *le close tab*
  4. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    is this the trolling sub forum??
  5. Oh there's only one topic for each hero. That's cool but I take back my words, this idea is going to fail.

    Reading through a page of 3 topics already made me puked and those random posters are just gross.
  6. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    Good idea.
    Maybe we'll see 5% less trash in DC.
  7. LeeDy

    LeeDy Well-Known Member

    Nice new subforum.
  8. Mr. Burns

    Mr. Burns Well-Known Member

    Ty for making section like this.
  9. RoniRizz

    RoniRizz Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this is really cool
  10. Kerasus

    Kerasus Well-Known Member

    That means less troll in this forum
  11. -3d

    -3d Well-Known Member

    Will be interesting to see whether this will turn out to be useful.
  12. PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1

    PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1 Well-Known Member

    To cite one benefit, we will be able to post contents other than texts on the comments.
  13. FleshTRNDstone

    FleshTRNDstone Well-Known Member

    Hope it's not somewhere already, and end up looking like an idiot..but anyway..
    For each hero, it might be good if someone could take nice looking screenshots of the hero's current skills in action, to showcase their current skill cosmetics..
    This might further help suggesters and anyone not currently too up to date.
    Anyway, that's all...
  14. Ace_Tobi

    Ace_Tobi Banned

    Nice, I guess now we finally can read the too long messages
  15. King Murdoc

    King Murdoc Banned

    Actually, I'm hoping that this section will be exactly that, so DotA Chat is less flooded.
  16. †André†

    †André† Well-Known Member

    hope it redirects DC troll here.. it it does not.. its totally pointless..
  17. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    For some reason, it is crowded with people with 5-30 posts here. People don't feel like posting here using main account or something? (Ok, I don't think so, but otherwise I won't be polite enough)
  18. darxide

    darxide Well-Known Member

    then those posts would just be moved to suggestions. what posts here would not be moved to dota chat/advanced mechanics/game strategy/suggestions that would be meaningful content?

    right now, i believe that posts that would not belong to sub-forums above would be like

    I like this hero cos ----
    i think this hero should ----

    these posts could be moved to dota chat anyway. They would still be addressed among the other comments. This sub-forum's only clear purpose to me is to get post counts without the risk of flaming.
  19. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    This reminds me of "posting in 69 page, I guess this is symbol or something I guess not

    70 page FAIL
  20. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    Please. No. It worked fine before. This forum is just filled with useless/pointless one-liners (and maybe the odd useful line or two). I really don't see the point of opening it up here as well >_>