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Discussion in 'Hero Comments' started by supa_fly, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. supa_fly

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    Since the website's creation, hero pages have had comment sections that were stored internally using the forum thread database. These threads share the same data with those comments, so any posts you make in them will appear on the hero pages and vice versa.

    You are still free to make topics regarding heroes in other sections, the existence of this subforum does not imply any rule changes for other subforums.

    We aren't sure if this subforum will always be open, it is just an option we are experimenting with based on member feedback.
  2. Aca29

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  3. Redleader134

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  4. PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1

    PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1 Well-Known Member

    Why was Batrider's page named as "Bob the II"?
  5. qmau

    qmau Well-Known Member

    Why not?

    1st page!!1111
  6. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    Is there a way to have the Neutral Taverns as well? I thought it would be best to, so that it matches with the heroes page.

    Otherwise, I feel this section is going to be awesome. However, some trolls may wonder around here...
  7. ParaDise.-

    ParaDise.- Well-Known Member

    of course they are gonna be here
    where are we goin to put troll warlord
    or batrider
    or rhasta :(
  8. supa_fly

    supa_fly Well-Known Member

    Neutral heroes were actually removed from DotA. The Heroes section on our site is not up to date, but will be soon.

    For now, the arrangement of heroes in the Sentinel/Scourge subsections are up to date.
  9. darxide

    darxide Well-Known Member

    I dont think this sub-forum would be needed because most questions end up being in game strategy/balance debates/advanced mechanics anyway.
  10. Guardian AngeL

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  11. Adun

    Adun Well-Known Member

    It would help if you listed everything in alphabetical order instead of "latest post goes top", as that system doesn't help much considering none of these mini-threads disappear.
  12. Hero Hunter

    Hero Hunter Well-Known Member

    Agreed. This sub-forum might turn the others obsolete for newbies.
  13. MikeTAR

    MikeTAR Well-Known Member

    1st page :) I just want to post
  14. qoou

    qoou Well-Known Member

    Erm. Didn't DA have exactly this?
  15. darxide

    darxide Well-Known Member

    my thoughts were the exact opposite. I just think that if newbies would want definite answers to questions, they would ask them here and would be moved to the respective sub-forums. I think that this sub-forum just became obsolete right when it was created.
  16. PEW_PEW

    PEW_PEW Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Already I have seen several questions that should have been asked in mech and are instead posted here.

    Also I think there is going to be a lot of qq posts here too...
  17. Melderv

    Melderv Well-Known Member

    Of all the decisions to make though...
  18. invul_nerable

    invul_nerable Well-Known Member

    Let's see if this section would be useful
  19. AncientRune

    AncientRune Well-Known Member

    Hope this forum will not be as lonely as balance debates
  20. Rikoshay

    Rikoshay Well-Known Member

    hero comments? so it's basically like DotA Chat but just about heroes?