About ready to get back into it

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by LostENT, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Beary

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    I mean... meow
  2. LostENT

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    Meow :cat:
  3. Ninjerk

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    I haven't played a game in about a year (maybe a little more now). I should be getting my new mouse on Monday or Tuesday and then I'll probably start using DotA 2 as a reward for staying on task in my studies.

    WRT to the post I quoted, I think you should spend some time trying to resolve your emotional investment in the game. Before you get back into it, try asking yourself some questions about why you allowed your mood to be so closely tied to factors (potentially) beyond your control. It's okay to be focused on the game and be slightly frustrated with losses, but in the big picture this is just too much of an emotional reaction for a video game (and I'm speaking from personal experience, too, so don't think I'm just judging you here).
  4. MWaser

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  5. Alex_bg

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    I last played a game with people in 2012. I seriously don't miss it. And I can't be bothered learning the models and skins and new items and shit all over again.

    But even if I could be bothered the game is simply not worth it. I kept following on some updates a bit after I stopped playing and I honestly did not like the direction the game was going. Apart from the cancer that is the gaming community the game was simply designed to cater to competitive teams and forced casuals to play as such. That's pure bullshit and doesn't really work. What it did succeed in doing was create elitism in many people and take the fun out of the game.

    You said you're trying to start up again. In your place I'd save myself the frustration.
  6. minhogang

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    Just played 3 games, was moderately bored throughout. I guess I'm getting too old.
  7. Life-Stealer

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    Pretty sure that's just the game.
  8. DMR_Chane

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    It's balancing around competitive is one of the things that makes DotA great and worth playing. I seriously don't get why so many people that apparently hate this game post so regularly about it.
  9. Nicolas_Cage

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    This is PlayDota, where old people justify being burnt away from any fun in the world by saying the game is shit.
  10. hankaung121

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    Welcome back m8. It's been such a long time.
  11. Alex_bg

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    That is subjective, so it's your opinion versus mine. Although I have played semi-competitively and made money with the game I can say its charm is lost when I pick a hero I like and someone starts trying to boss me around telling me to be a ward whore, deliberately avoid farm and stay with boots+wand 30 minutes into the game. And I'm talking about low level pubs.

    You are right about one thing - I have gotten too old for the game. But your assumption that people are burnt away from any fun in the world couldn't be more wrong. In fact (at least for me, I don't see why others would be different) we've found how much the world has to offer and how much time we've wasted on this game.
    But if you still enjoy it it is not my place to tell you to do anything else.
  12. Madasahat

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    DoTA 2 or any game for that matter is fun and you should play it if you want to as long as you don't prioritize it over important stuff like work, family and sleep. Making some money, no matter how small from playing it makes it less of a "waste", so streaming DotA 2 is actually a good idea.

    Live your life and play any game your like, but try to balance it. Punish yourself by quitting if you ever put games above important aspects of your life. When you have the capability to press alt+f4 when you are 20/0 in middle of a ranked game because something important came up, you have successfully balanced your gaming life.
  13. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Dota 2 is fun but balance is everything.

    Not actually playing, just watching a live matches

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  14. MWaser

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    Dota 2 agrees [​IMG]
  15. hankaung121

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  16. LostENT

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    I opened the game, got fadunked with advertisements for new warhammer hats and chests, stared at and flipped through the skins for like 5 minutes, saw a pudge with a mouth on his belly, looked cool, fapped, closed the popups, opened a game to watch for like 20 seconds, someone type "Kill yourself" in viewer chat. Closed game. I'll try again another time.
  17. Akhdas

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    dota 2 is youtube now?
  18. CAFO

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    But why?
  19. Madasahat

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    I'm not sure what gave you the idea to expect something different. :cat:

    If anything DotA has become worse in recent months. Its a good time to not play DotA2.
  20. Elpes21

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    I've been itching to jam a cactus up my anus and twist it really good with some bleach for lubricant, but getting back to Dota 2? Now that's fucking sick. Wish you well.