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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by LostENT, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    I've been itching to get back into Dota 2 after about 9 months. Figured life stuff out (money/friends/repairs/etc) and realized that this game is a bigger part of me than I had given it credit for. I miss all of my old homies on here. However I bombed my friendslist in an attempt to quit, I didn't want my emotional ties to everyone to draw me back in.

    If I get back in the game then I'm going to live-stream. Been preparing all of my Twitch assets and am thinking about launching it once PD Reborn is out. I am going to send out requests to all of my old homies after I reinstall (will need about a week for that). I have 6x the internet speed I did before, so no more funny business.

    Just felt like sharing because, well, without my PD friends I will have no one to party with... and without friends it will be the same old teeth-pulling solo queue shit I was doing before... which I remember as a feeling I don't want to return to.

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  2. Eli_Green

    Eli_Green Well-Known Member

    >once PD reborn is out

    You might want to set a more realistic launch target.
  3. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Hahaha, gives me plenty of time to prepare. ;)
  4. BetaKey

    BetaKey Well-Known Member

    so that's why you disappeared from my friends list, you deleted me
  5. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Yea :p
    Not very proud of it.

  6. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    8 months in and no will to play dota again.

    I still have some doto friends, but I can't deny that playing with them was an awesome experience.

    There was also a problem with me, I was addicted to doto and could only give up on it once I started working.
  7. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Work > Doto. I had the same problem once I started working full-time. I would come home and play Doto all night and then not get a lot of sleep. Wake up and feel like shit at work.

    I imagine that I will not play as much as I used to. Hopefully not. I just want to stream myself playing at my best with good music. I feel like after 10 years I should finally put all of my experience to use and play like a pro. I think I will switch between Dota 2 and Overwatch since it's easier to sleep after playing Overwatch I think. Less personal disappointment after a bad game. Easier to walk away from.
  8. DMR_Chane

    DMR_Chane Well-Known Member

    PDIH3 when?
  9. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Once PD:Reborn is launched I think.

    Maybe there will be new tools to better organize games.

    Is that tourny ticket still floating in the amateur tournaments pool? That thing was awesome.
  10. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    This game is not worth playing even if you do have time for it.
  11. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Yea that's what I'm trying to figure out. I remember feeling like shit after playing after losing, and the only way not to feel like shit was to keep playing. Hard comedowns, crash. Trolls, neurosis, mental fatigue, and the occasional well-deserved win.

    Worth it?
  12. DMR_Chane

    DMR_Chane Well-Known Member

    I recommend finding a stack of non-cancerous people you can consistently play with, that's were some fun is left in DotA imo. Hit me up on steam btw
  13. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Will do!
  14. Akhdas

    Akhdas Well-Known Member

    pdr really fish in some old people.
  15. minhogang

    minhogang Well-Known Member

    I actually had an urge to play again when pit lord came out but practicing piano is more fun.
  16. Mr. BoB

    Mr. BoB Well-Known Member

    Remember man, its all about organizing your time.
    As long as you are content with your way of life, Dota is a non factor whether its part of it or not.
  17. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member


    Pit Lord is very tempting. I just got a keyboard about a month ago. Going to be practicing a lot of that this weekend.

    Really good point. Thanks for that.
  18. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    Whenever I see IRL people playing Dota and getting angry, I can only smile and think "thank God I'm not playing this trash anymore".
  19. DrFrank_

    DrFrank_ Well-Known Member

    I cringed so hard my eyeballs got a momentary tour of my medulla oblongata.
  20. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    So I take it you're dead now?