Abortion Debates

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    No, I didn't use this to make my point, I used several arguments. This was just one very isolated point I made in one single post. You can check the plethora of reasons I contradict your own view by just reading what I wrote.

    Also, I'm not sure how this about about me not having an idea what I'm talking about. Mind to elaborate on how it is thus? Or are you just trying to cast the same magic spell of "say things in hope they turn out true".

    Well I do, because I am involved in it irl.

    No, that was not my point at all, but merely a side-statement. The overall point can be found within context in the post of mine you are referring to. Basically, you are not only committing the cherry-picking fallacy, but you are also distorting the original meaning.

    Ugh, I merely provided a Wikipedia article. I didn't claim anything myself or in a tone that is even remotely personal. I have no idea how could this be interpreted as bias (unless you imply Wikipedia articles are biased towards my views).

    But I do want to get you started, that has been my goal since I first started posting in this thread. I'm constantly challenging you to provide valid counter-points to the ones I brought up in reference to science. You are thoroughly encouraged to explain your own "science" while refuting the one I'm presenting.

    Be my guest.
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    You aren't going to get science out of a person that argues from emotion...
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    A developing sperm cell is not a human, idk why are we even arguing about this lol.
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    ^ Because apparently religious dogmatism is still a thing...