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    Because we still don't have one.

    Here is my opinion:
    If a person is dying and needs a blood transfusion, no one can force me to give my blood even if it means certain death to another person. NO ONE CAN FORCE ME TO SAVE THE LIFE OF FULL GROWN-UP PERSON. There will be no lasting harm caused to me and in three months my body will have totally recovered the given blood. Yet, I can't be forced.

    Why? Because people have body autonomy. It's this concept that a person's body belongs to the person and the person has full autonomy over it.

    If a person dies and she didn't allow her organs to be donated, it's illegal to donate them. You can't violate a corpse's body autonomy. You can't save several lives with these organs unless the person in question gave authorization before dying.

    I really don't see why a woman has less rights than a corpse. I really don't see why she has to give up her autonomy for nine months for something that is not even definitely alive and that it's not definitely human.

    Denying abortion is basically saying that CORPSES HAVE MORE RIGHT THAN WOMEN.

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    EDIT: My main point here is that people are allowed to control what they do to save another life. Whether a baby is considered alive or not, part of her body or not, it doesn't change the fact that denying a pregnant woman abortion is special pleading toward A CORPSE.

    A mother is not obligated to donate blood to save his child if she, a mother is not forced to donate her organs to a child if the former dies. So why are mothers forced to have babies against their will? I really don't see any logical reason behind it.
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    Thread approved and now open to debate.
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    I think what's most disgusting about the anti-abortion side of the argument, is that they have this really twisted notion that women get abortions willy nilly, just because they are lazy or didn't bother using a condom because an abortion is so much fun and convenient.
  4. Bulbasaurr

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    Abortions should be banned. If you kill someone, you get years in prison for it. How is this any different? Don't bullshit me with shit like "It's her baby, she decides what to do with him/her", that 'baby' is a genuine human being, he doesn't belong to anyone.
  5. TwoHourMotel

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    If abortion is murder then masturbation is genocide and a blowjob is cannibalism. Besides, even if you argument wasn't fallacious, does this planet really need more humans on it?
  6. Bulbasaurr

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    Blowjobs shouldn't even exist in the first place. The purpose of our 'cum' is to procreate, not to end up in some whore's mouth. Also, masturbation is not normal sexuality, it should not be encouraged. And population control should be done about the humans not getting pregnant in the first place; not aborting them.
  7. GuriPSYCO

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    The funny thing is that if someone threatens your life, your well-being or your properties you are entirely allowed to kill him. Babies do all the three.
  8. Bulbasaurr

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    Babies threaten your life, well-being and your properties? That's a really selfish way of saying "That's a baby that you'll have to take care of, because he's your responsibility".
  9. TwoHourMotel

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    lmao, so, what religious group do you belong to if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Bulbasaurr

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    I'm Muslim, and my point still stands. Abortion is just the government's lazy way of enforcing population control and all of you are falling for it because "it's my cum, I get to do with it whatever I want".
  11. Anukali-kun

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    Ah... This topic discussed on my Values last afternoon. Abortion is like a sin that the one who abort has a heavy mistaken. I cried from a letter of a child because of he had a many question to his mom that who was the one who aborted him. I'm feel sad for the child on womb which will be abort at the end...
  12. TwoHourMotel

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    Yeah I had a feeling, it's usually religious nuts who have very strong opinion against abortion and tend to be very prudish.

    Anyways, it would be nice for us to live in a Utopia where people only have sex in the missionary position for the purpose of pro-creation. The reality is, evolution instilled in us a need to reproduce, and in humans this means that you want to tame some sweet sweet strange at any chance you get.

    Bottom line is, if we don't have medical doctors providing abortions, people would perform illegal abortions anyways. The government didn't make up abortion and people decided that it's sounds like such a good time. Rather, the people were performing abortions regardless of government input, but at least now with the government, we know that people are getting the proper medical attention they need during those times.

    Appeal to emotion is still a fallacy.

    I have a friend who recently had one, and she broke down to me saying that she really didn't want to and it broke her heart but she had no other choice. I respect her decision, even if I agree to it or not, it doesn't matter because at the end of the day, it's her body and she can do with it as she likes.
  13. Bulbasaurr

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    Please don't call me a "religious nut". I'm a normal person just like you are, just because I have different beliefs from yours doesn't mean that I'm crazy. Also, no, people would not perform illegal abortions if they were disallowed by the law, because it would be too much work and it's not really something that people need to do. If abortions were illegal, then people that consider abortions would probably give birth to their children but dump them somewhere, or give them to foster parents.
  14. CultOfNeurisis

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    If we are considering embryos and fetuses to be human babies from conception, then any pregnant woman at any time during her pregnancy that drinks alcohol should be imprisoned for child abuse.
    However, when this fact is brought up, most anti-abortion people seem to think otherwise. It is very common for pregnant women to drink during pregnancy, whether it be before she knows, or just a sip or two every now then because she *needs* it and pregnancies can be stressful.
    You wouldn't see a newborn being fed a bottle of vodka, that'd look messed up.

    But: they are not human babies yet.

    Whether or not sex should be an act for fun should be in another topic in my opinion.

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    These are big generalized accusations that probably need some proof or studies before using these points in a debate.
  15. ~Noxonius

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    A fetus doesn't even gain consciousness after 28 weeks or so, so how can you even call abortion a murder when it's not even alive yet?
  16. Bulbasaurr

    Bulbasaurr Banned

    Drinking alcohol and smoking can cause deformities to the pregnant woman's child. How is this allowed and socially acceptable; I honestly don't know.
  17. TwoHourMotel

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    I have never met or heard of any atheists with strong anti-abortion views and such prudish thinking displayed by many theists. And you are completely mistakes about the illegal abortions thing. As an analogy, You're basically arguing that people don't do drugs that are illegal.
  18. Bulbasaurr

    Bulbasaurr Banned

    Abortion doesn't always happen at the very moment that the foetus is formed, you know that, right?
  19. ~Noxonius

    ~Noxonius Well-Known Member

    Yes. I was referring to a point before 28 weeks.
  20. Bulbasaurr

    Bulbasaurr Banned

    Doing drugs is an activity that will be done even if it's illegal, because there is no substitute. Abortion however, has many alternatives.