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    i. Introduction
    ii. Stats
    iii. Pro's and Con's
    iv. Skills
    v. Skill Builds
    vi. Item Builds
    vii. Game Play
    viii. Replays
    vii ii. Conclusion


    So after a terrible experience of playing HoN and LoL i've finally came to back to play the awsome DotA again and again have a joined in with a few friends to create a clan and my role is the hard carry. You normally see Phantom Assassin quitely farming away (much like spectre or void) waiting to comeplete the boring old battlefury and then coming out to either kill, kill, kill or die, die, die. I say no to that old battlefury build. its as boring as hell and it isnt even that good. Thats why ive found a whole new way to play phantom assassin still as a hard carry but more in the action and its as fun as hell.
    Before reading this please note this is my seconds attempt to write a guide (after a fail attempt of writing my first) meaning I'm not qutie into the whole system yet which is very confusing for me.

    12/9/11 Started writing draft for this guide (at 11.30Pm)
    13/9/11 Started to add skill builds and a table of contents
    14/9/11 Edited a few stuff, started item build tab, corrected a few mistakes.

    ii. STATS


    Strength: 20 + 1.85
    Agility*: 23 + 3.15
    Intelligence: 13 + 1

    Affiliation: Scourge
    Damage: 46-48
    Armor: 4.22
    Movespeed: 310
    Attack Range: 128 meele
    Attack Animation 0.3/0.7
    Casting Animation: 0.30/0.5
    Base Attack Time: 1.7
    Missile Speed: Instant
    Sight Range: 1800​

    iii. PRO'S AND CON'S

    - Nice "Easy To Last Hit" attack animation
    - 2 Good Chasing Skills
    - Ultimate can be strong like nukes and if lucky can happen again and again
    - With right items and a good early game can rape the hell out of teams completely turning the table
    - 3rd skill can be a "Gank Dectector"

    - Can have an extremely hard early game especially if having to lane against strong nukers and harassers.
    - if early farming goes wrong, the game can be ruined.
    - Isn't supportive, doesnt have any skills which can help the team alot an "independant" hero
    - extremely squishy in early AND late game
    - Aimed at in a lot of ganks

    iv. SKILLS


    Mana Cost 30/25/20/15
    Cooldown 8/8/8/8
    Casting Range 1200/1200/1200/1200
    Area of Effect NA/NA/NA/NA
    Duration 1/2/3/4
    Effect 40/80/120/160 damage
    50%/50%/50%/50% slow

    This is one of your main skills using for chasing, escaping and last hitting. It does very low damage but a nice slow and can be thrown at a nice safe distance meaning it can be used to slow your enemies when your about to die or to slow an enemy while your friends are chasing and your out of reach.


    Mana Cost 50/50/50/50
    Cooldown 20/15/10/5
    Casting Range 700/800/900/1000
    Area of Effect NA/NA/NA/NA
    Duration 3/3/3/3
    Effects teleports to target unit and receives increased attack speed

    This is your other skill used for chasing and engaging a nice thing is that you can target this skill with any unit meaning you can easily use this skill to blink away from enemy. one of the main reasons you would want to get this early is because it reduces the cooldown and it also increasing your attack speed which gives you a better chance to critical, awsome!

    [​IMG] BLUR

    Mana Cost NA/NA/NA/NA
    Cooldown NA/NA/NA/NA
    Casting Range NA/NA/NA/NA
    Area of effect NA/NA/NA/NA
    Duration NA/NA/NA/NA
    Allowed Targets NA/NA/NA/NA
    Effects 20%/25%/30%/35% chance to dodge an attack

    This skill is amazing, although you can see a lot of people get this skill early I prefer to get this skill near the end because (For me) it just seems the others are more important. but one of the main reasons its a good idea to get atleast one level of this skill is because it can be a gank dectector (your hero goes see through everytime an enemy hero is close.) This means when your farming on your own and your body suddenly turns see through you should "b" because you would know an enemy is coming to attack.


    Mana Cost NA/NA/NA/NA
    Cooldown NA/NA/NA/NA
    Casting Range NA/NA/NA/NA
    Area Of Effect NA/NA/NA/NA
    Duration NA/NA/NA/NA
    Effects 15% chance to 2.5x/3.25x/4x critical

    Your ultimate, a good one aswell. It is what makes mortred what she really is. 4x critical is complete nasty as you chop down your enemies with what looks like a giant nuke.


    Skill Build 1|Skill Build 2|Skill Build 3
    1. Stifling Dagger
    2. Phantom Strike
    3. Stifling Dagger
    4. Phantom Strike
    5. Stifling Dagger
    6. Coup de Grace
    7. Stifling Dagger
    8. Phantom Strike
    9. Phantom Strike
    10. Blur
    11. Coup de Grace
    12. Blur
    13. Blur
    14. Blur
    15. attributes
    16. Coup de Grace
    17-25. attributes

    Not my favorite skill build but the most common amongst those pubs. I rarely ever go for this build but it isnt "too" bad (it could be worse.) Its pretty simple, you max out stifling dagger then phantom strike taking coup de grace whenever possible. I'm not sure exactly why I put this build here.
    1. Stifling Dagger
    2. Phantom Strike
    3. Stifling Dagger
    4. Blur
    5. Stifling dagger
    6. Coup de Grace
    7. Stifling dagger
    8. Phantom strike
    9. Phantom strike
    10. Phantom strike
    11. Coup de Grace
    12. Blur
    13. Blur
    14. Blur
    15. attributes
    16. Coup de Grace

    I normally do something like this. maybe not completely max out phantom strike from 8-10 but have a few blurs, depends really on how the game is going, the skills are flexible so its pretty relaxed.
    1. Blur
    2. Stifling Dagger
    3. Stifling Dagger
    4. Blur
    5. Blur
    6. Coup de Grace
    7. Blur
    8. Phantom Strike
    9. Phantom Strike
    10. Phantom Strike
    11. Coup de Grace
    12. Phantom Strike
    13. Stifling Dagger
    14. Stifling Dagger
    15. attributes
    16. Coup de Grace

    This is a very different skill build. Its maxing blur out first then maxing phantom strike and finish off stifling dagger at the end but this isnt actually a bad skill build worth trying if you really wanted to but I would normally go around with skill build 2 with a bit of changes[/tab]


    This is a very important part of playing Phantom Assassin. There are tons of different item builds i've seen and i've tried my self. I shall split the item build to three different item builds then a few recommended items in which you can experiment with, luxuries and rejected.

    Critical Build|Desolater Build|Common Build|Extensions|Luxury Items|Boots|Rejected Items

    This is a critical build, I've had to mess around with this build ALOT to get a decent build but this Build is completely optional, Its a risky build but fairly simple, you'll be very squishy, but the idea is that your lifesteal is going to help you stay alive. I've messed around in pubs and i've got a replay of a time which will be uploaded in the replays section.

    {|}This is the desolater core. Justification will be shown after core build progression will also be shown.







    Justification: This build is fairly simple. the starting items are not compulsory. Try get desolater as fast as possible with str treds, then turn the ring into a
    This is a nice little build i've tried out and has worked quite well in a few pubs.

    A nice extension I have found is buying this
    you will be able to do amazing amounts of damage
    {|}This is a rather boring build >_> i've seen it too many times but there is a reason and its not a bad build so i'll show it.

    The starter is a mixture of these things (as always)


    Hopefully you should end up with something like this,


    These are the main items you will find, although I hate it, getting lifesteal as a first item for morted is too bad as with your ulti you can still lifesteal quite a lot. Most people tend to get the HoD then go for preservance building into a battlefury. I personally HATE this build but a lot if people use it.

    {|}This part is important, its right that you get the best extention depending on your game.

    A nice item to get as an extension as said it's cheap and can make you cause devastating damage.

    [​IMG]gives you very nice survivability, although i'm not a fan of armlet, its still a good item.

    [​IMG][​IMG] These items will do well at the beginning of the game.

    [​IMG]Gives good amount of damage and makes your chasing ability even MORE better.

    [​IMG]yet again, it gives you even more chasing ability, but for me its a waste of an orb but still is a good early game chasing item.

    [​IMG]This will not be put in luxuries because its not really that amazing, however it isnt an orb and can increase your chasing ability by quite a lot with a little extra damage

    [​IMG]although not commonly seen at pubs (cause they're noobs) this is actually a really good item and can easily fit into your core. Its when you decide to you want to farm up all game then suddenly come out to get that godlike! a great item for farming.

    {|}The nice part ^^ this is when your having an amazing time and are getting kills as easy as eating a banana.

    [​IMG]PA is one of those hero where the divine does indeed help a lot. It can make your critical strikes absolutely devastating going 2000+!

    [​IMG]Amazing item, attack speed, damage and best of all evasion, now no one can touch you!

    [​IMG]although not too recommended, this item makes you invincible as you can just blink in, get a rampage and come out without a scratch.

    [​IMG]oooohhh yyyeeaaahh


    {|}Items which you may want to buy if you're having troubles

    [​IMG]I hate this item, yet it is useful if you're against a lot of spell casters, I've actually rarely got this item even if it increases survivability by a lot I dont like it, but you can buy it.

    [​IMG]I prefer this over vang. Just opening that BKB and blinking right inside their to cause complete havoc!

    [​IMG]Your hero is squishy, but in some cases you have no choice.

    {|}These are items where I have seen other people buy, and fail...

    [​IMG]Simply not worth it, get I have seen this.

    [​IMG] Its a meh item, unless your going to turn it into something awsome dont just buy yasha so it will stand on its own. Its a good item but a waste of money.

    [​IMG]NEVER be the person in the team that has to buy a courier get a int friend to do it.

    [​IMG]Neither should you be buying these, your a good carrier of it but dont actually waste your money to buy it when your team can do it for you.

    [​IMG]Yes I have seen this before and no it did not work, even more of a waste of money then yasha, your simply not a tank and a vanguard is bad enough but just not this.

    [​IMG]damage and phase isnt worth it, treads provide attack speed and survivability, much more important during those early games.

    most of these items are just early game items this of course is because mortred is very flexible and can benefit from a lot of things.


    Early Game​

    This may be one of the most important parts of the game, your early game determines your late game and possibly who wins the game. Your goal from level 1-6 is to farm as MUCH as you can get all the last hits if possibles, even use stifling dagger to last hits creeps. Try not to solo its never a good idea when your extremely vulnerable during early game and you're also an active target for your enemies to gank. Try go with someone who can easily baby sit and harass, try not to go with another carry as you dont really want to be fighting over creeps. If you've gone for the skill build leveling blur early then make sure you use it well and know when they are about to come, if your playing a pub and an ally tells you to go and gank do not go until you've atleast get your ultimate.

    Middle Game​

    This is another important part of the game, dont die and try to get all the last hits of heroes even if its kill stealing, besides a good team should let you kill steal anyways so that you can be the one who carries the game to victories. you're great in clashes. your friends and fighting when suddenly the PA blinks in and does massive amounts of damage without the enemy noticing, almost like a sniper shooting you from far behind. dont risk too much, money kill when you can.
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    Thanks a lot man ^^ just started this Yesterday but ill be fixing it up and hopefully get it published thanks for the link
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    Looks hopeful! Good luck~
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    Looking forward to see your build
  6. LDNeutral

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    Thanks, still in progress will have 3 skill builds (trying to find out how to use the tab system - -) the most interesting part will be the item build :)
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    Medallion of courage is a great item PA. The -6 armor penalty to self is easily negated by PA's high armor growth.
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    New Comment

    ^ The -6 armor is compensated by the fact MoC provides +6 armor...
  9. Knovanangel

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    Butterfly evasion does not stack with blur...
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    so.... Phase is rejected... BKB isnt' core...

    either fail or very good troll
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    On build 1 stacking 3 criticals on top is pretty bad I like unconventional but check out the mechs crit page. With that aside I honestly have done Buriza builds once or twice in the past on PA and its not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Buriza X 1 = Okay might get flamed... 1.75x 3 Blades Crit = Retarded. Not trolling you at all just being honest Buriza is way better then getting another crit sword specially on PA who has a source of crit.

    On build 2. Deso a solid option but it leaves you extremely fragile. Treads isnt really enough hp and this is from a lot of experience playing it either Vang or Sange help out dramatically with BKB as well. Yes I know OMG why sange or vang on PA noob... Its a damn life saver on the sygian build.

    Build 3: Is typically what all the pubs do and well theyre kind of useless until level 16 ish in which case the game could already be over.

    Build 4: Honestly you didnt mention it but I so prefer it to bfury which is build somewhat like 3 but instead of fury it goes into Basher and BKB and fury is luxory...
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    ^ Fury as a luxury basically destroys the whole idea of the item. Stygian doesn't work with S&Y, obvious I'm not talking about the orb, simply because getting BKB/Vang would be a much better HP option instead.

    Phase active and dmg is VERY worth it, the problem is you can't crit while phased. Since it's not yet completed, I'll wait some more
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    Everything works in pubs. Hence, this guide.
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    Right Right, got a lot of editing to do, will move vang and BKB to core items and will make phrase boots not rejected, will edit the critical build but what i havent mentioned is that the main source of heal would be lifestealing after getting your core. Will edit