[Spirit Breaker] A Guide To Pub Domination

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    [anchor=Tablet of Contents]toc[/anchor]
    1. [goanchor=bir]Introduction[/goanchor]
    2. [goanchor=iki]Analysis[/goanchor]
    3. [goanchor=uc]Role[/goanchor]
    4. [goanchor=dort]Skill Build[/goanchor]
    5. [goanchor=bes]Item Build[/goanchor]
    6. [goanchor=alti]Strategy[/goanchor]

    Barathrum is known for his power to almost guaranteed to kill anyone in 1v1 stations and mostly isolates unexpected enemies in jungle/lanes with the help of wards. his power comes from his epic chasing and single target disabling power that renders target hopeless. due this he is perfect for pubs and unorganized games while he is near some place useless in organized games and almost never used in competitive games.
    As you can see he is a badass blue cow with almost same balling potential as Skeleton king but he is nowhere awesome as Skeleton king.
    Everything you should know about barathrum except strategy

    he has a skill set that build for ganking and solo killing

    He has somehow balanced stats to fit his role but he is no tank neither a carry so dont play him like a carry or tank. Unless you really have to.

    He has below average MS but it is not a problem since he has 2 skill that increases his ms, a semi-disable and a blink

    He has moderate starting STR and STR gain for a STR hero but it is still not a big problem since you gain high damage bonus from your passive and you dont need much hp and in what you do.

    He has low starting AGI and AGI gain but it is not a problem too because we will get items to support our attack speed and barathrum has relatively high starting armor.

    As you can see he has not very big problem with his stats thanks to his skill set and role

    He has one role and that is why he is not used in serious games.
    He is a single-target destroyer and ganker... he simply ganks and kills AGI and INT heroes solo and helps his team to kill STR heroes.

    He does not offer anything in team fight except finishing a low hp fleeing enemy with his ultimate and soak up damage since he will get focused down because everyone freaks out when they see a big blue maniac cow bashes them with a lantern. He will die in 3-4 second if he doesn't have a BKB.

    So under that station his

    +Great 1v1 Destruction power
    +his skill set is perfect for chasing/finishing
    +he has the best bash in the game arguably
    +he is the best single target killer in the game
    -he does not have any team fight presence
    -he has bad early game and has no lane control
    -he does not offer much late game
    -he is totally fucked up if he cant get some kills early on

    [anchor=Skill Build]dort[/anchor]
    1. Empowering Haste
    2. Greater Bash
    3. Empowering Haste
    4. Charge of Darkness
    5. Empowering Haste
    6. Nether Strike
    7. Empowering Haste
    8. Charge of Darkness
    9. Charge of Darkness
    10. Charge of Darkness
    11. Nether Strike
    12. Greater Bash
    13. Greater Bash
    14. Greater Bash
    15. Stats
    16. Nether Strike
    17-25. Stats
    This is the only skill build for barathrum
    Empowering Haste is where your damage comes from and it gives %10 ms aura which is nothing to laugh at so we are maxing it first
    Greater Bash level 1 is Taken early for an extra disable since it has %17 chance at all levels and 1 level is enough at this moment since we dont have any attack speed to use it properly we will max it later at level 4 it gives 100 damage which is nothing to underestimate
    Charge of Darkness is maxed after empowering haste since it is our ganking tool and stun duration increases per level along with faster speeding so it is nice at close range and long range
    Nether Strike is taken whenever it is posible since it is a perfect finisher and catcher for solo ganking also casting range increases as levels increases it is not best ulti but it is what we have and it synergies very well with our other skills set
    Also check >Here<. if you want to know more about his skills
    Stats are only taken when we have other skills maxed since we have useful skill set
    [anchor=Item Build]bes[/anchor]
    Starting build

    Gauntlets goes for HP and damage. GG branches adds nice useful overall stats since you have a good starting armor you wont need any addiation to that. tangoes and salve are must to have. you will have 20 damage and 700 hp with this build and it is pretty enough to last hit with. later get your PT from sideshops first

    [​IMG][​IMG] OR [​IMG][​IMG]

    this is your core it is not very expensive and you get all you need with this build you will rougly have over 70 damage and ability to kill anyone in 1v1 from now

    Core Extention
    Slate Blue is your core.
    Green is normal build you should go in %60 of the time
    Yellow is carry build you can go for it if your team lacks a carry.
    Red is tank build go for it if your team lacks a better tank.
    Pinks are goes well with all builds get it if you need one.
    Teals are exchangable items exchange with another if you need them also you can get both assault and HoT if you had a good game and/or the game goes to an 70 minutes carry fight tho.

    Aghanim's Scepter
    I am making an apart table for aghanims scepter because it is not in my chart. It is not easy to decide to get or not to get this item.
    +Great stat bonuses
    +Great HP and Mana Bonus
    +Parts are easy to get

    -Total cost is high for what it does on barathrum
    -Bonus on his ulti is not that great.
    -Comes in many parts so takes inventory space

    First of all 4400 is not cheap you can get a mystic staff and almost a ultimate orb for that price, barathrum is the not best farmer in the game, can be considered as worst. While stat bonuses is good for him, 55 seconds cd reduction may seem good on paper, combats doesn't last this long and his ulti is the not best ulti in the game. For that price you can get %75 of the hex which is more useful and gives overkill mana and mana regenaration. You may consider this item if they have hard to take heroes like medusa and centaur so you may need to cast your ultimate many times. It is not a bad item, you and is a disruptive initiation tool. However it is mainly situational.



    i am telling this considering that you know the very basics
    Early Game
    Get your starting items and head to bottom lane as sentinel or top lane as scourge. you should lane with a ranged hero. or you will be waiting near you tower with 300 health and 10 creep kills. If ranged hero has a disable it is a bonus point.

    Try to get last hits as much as you can. I can't tell you how you last hit good but you have decent damage, hp and armor so it shouldnt be a problem if you know basics. Just hit the creeps when it is at 1/6 you will get the last hit. Try to land few hits at melee opposite when he gets close to last hit. It would do a lot of damage to him and 35 damage at lvl 3 is aint something to fuck with.

    If you get a chance charge to his face while your lane partner disables him with high movement speed and damage you are able to get a kill in lane. when you farm your 500 get boots from sideshops instantly. later proceed to a PT. get 2 bracers. laning phase should over here. from 7 to 11 you should at least get 2 kills so you farm your next item.

    the only(arguably) power of the barahtrum; ganking. there is only 1 golden rule to ganking; predicting the opponents.

    Before that i will explain the very basics; ganking for barahtrum starts from the base. In that phase map aweraness is important you need to watch map for about 3-5 secs to find an alone enemy and be sure that he wont contact with his/her allies in 30-40 seconds.

    When you found your prey charge on him. if enemy has some bit of aweraness he will see you coming from the icon at status bar, and he will panic. That doesnt matter after that because you will past 2500 units in 4 seconds. when you reach him activate mom/bkb if you have one if not just hit him. Get few hits on him. If you thing he will try to juke you or get away nether strike him. he should be dead after your ulti. if not just hit-walk him to his death.

    (hit-walk is a basic technique; You right click enemy to hit him, after you hit him you just right click some place in front of him to dont lose time and close the distance to get a few hits again)

    if you think you are safe just tp to another lane or base if you are low on health. If his allies chasing you it wont be huge problem since you have a high movement speed just go to a safe spot and tp to another lane. rinse and repeat this till level 16 at every chance you got.

    Now consider 2 things. Is there any hard nuker like lina or lion. Is there mass disablers like rhasta and lion. If your answer is yes just proceed to your bkb. If not get a MoM.

    mom is definetly best item on barahtrum it gives heavy attack speed and movement speed both boosts your dps to sky high.

    Mid Game
    This is the most powerful phase of the barahtrum with his bkb/mom he would have about 120 damage and should able to kill anyone.

    Just follow the rules and do your ganks in this part it might be harder to gank since they will stick with allies. Get allies with you when ganking and/or help them with charge. Since they will get sight of the enemy
    (true sight too)it shouldnt be hard to kill the target. If they cant finish off the target just finish charging on him and finish him

    (do not charge to their base unless you are sure you will TP out of their base without it trust me it doesnt worth it unless the target has a gem or divine.)

    if a clash happens just bash their disablers' face and help finishing the escaping opponets with your ulti. You should be doing 500 damage every 3-4 seconds with mom and bkb. After you get your 2100 get a hyperstone
    v1.0-Started to writing guide.
    v1.1-Added picture
    v1.2-Added table of contents and skill build
    v1.3-Added Item build and it is under construction now
    v1.4-Added Item Chart and strategy table it is under construction now
    v1.5-Strategy table is almost done
    v1.6-Added an extra table for Aghanims
    v1.7-Tidied up a little bit and corrected some typos.

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    New Comment

    Rather resize images to 500xdoesn'tmatter since it looks ugly when Pd does that for you. But nice start, seriously =)
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    wow lol i forgot about this guide when i were banned. gonna finish this in this week tho
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    Wow, really nice atm I hope you will finnish it soon :)

    I haven't played barathrum in like ages, next game I am captain I will pick him for the lulz and use your builds :D
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    well thank you. probably i would finish this with some replays at this weekend
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    Just a little spelling error:

    Nice idea on item build, its nice
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    thanx fixing.
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    thought this would be another qq about pubs thread, but turned out not to be :)
    nice guide, i use the exact skill build u advocate
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    well it may be in a different way.
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    translated into chiinese :D
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    Just Aghanims missing, which gives Stats boost and makes Ulti better <.<
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    i am little busy right know but for 4.4k you can get much better items i would get a hex instead of it. also i cant understand chinese. but i am really happy if this is useful for people :)
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    Just a nooby question but can we envisage to max bash sooner as it will improve ulti's damage, or it is just useless compared to maxing other skills before ?
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    ulti procs a 4 level bash regardless of your level of bash. so just level up other skills
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    Err all your % signs are on the wrong side of the number.
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    thx. i will fix it as soon as i have time for it ^^
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    can i put quelling blade to my start build?
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    Re: New Comment

    with that build you will have +20 damage and first level and your base damage is pretty high also, you wont have hard time trying to last hit so it is best to get more surviability and regen items instead.
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    My guide to pub domination:

    1. Get some Brain

    2. Own those idiots

    3. Peace
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    Really nice guide, agreed of pretty much everything. Hope you finish it soon. And yeah, Aghanim is not that great on him, mby as last luxury item but even then i find others items better. BoT, Cuirass, Butter, Buriza, Satanic, BKB << dream build :p .