A good Laptop to play dota 2

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  1. myatkorocks

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    Hello guys,

    I am from singapore and I currently have a Core2Duo Sony Vaio and it can't run dota 2.

    So I'm thinking about buying a new laptop and plz advise me.

    My budget is around S$1,000.

  2. Murie~

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  3. myatkorocks

    myatkorocks New Member

    Thanks Murie..but ASUS G75VW is so expensive for me. Maybe not a gaming laptop but good enough to run Dota 2? Anyways thanks for the info. Really appreciate it. :)

    The cost as far as I can go is S$ 1,100. that is Singaporean Dollar. not USD. that is about USD900.


    I have a toshiba satellite bro. works perfectly!

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    i bought it for ~400 USD
  5. alieNATION

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    Trust me on this; it's worth going out of your way to be able to use a desktop PC to play DotA 2. It makes a huge difference in game play. You will find that you can concentrate on the game better, clicking is more accurate, and everything is improved. Laptops/notebooks are poor gaming instruments (even if they are capable in terms of hardware). Don't waste your time and money on it.
  6. Skyforger4.0

    Skyforger4.0 Banned

    Unless the main purpose of buying a laptop is not gaming. It's cool if it can run some modern stuff, but that's it. Buying a gaming rig that you don't even need is what's a waste of time and money, actually.

    More so since he'll probably carry that laptop to school/library/whatever, just like how most of the lads who are planning to buy a new laptop do. Some of them aren't funded by their parents either, so even if they only settle for one PC - which is bound to be a laptop in this case - they can't afford a decent one.
  7. myatkorocks

    myatkorocks New Member

    Thanks for replys guys. I don't really need a desktop now as I am also working. I would prefer a laptop that is good enough to play dota 2. Not the gaming laptop. Right now I have found 2 laptops. Lenovo Y500 and Acer Aspire V3-571G-9686. Hope you guys can give me more info about these if u know well and hopefully of course other laptop models so that I can choose. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. ShinImagine

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    I run Dota 2 on an Acer V5 nicely. However, the V3 you suggested seems good enough, the graphics might be a little lacking (you would want something around geforce gt 650M) but otherwise it should have no major issues. I have friends running it nicely with lower specs.

    Still, Acer isn't the most reliable brand ever though. It is just famous for being budget choices in my area.
  9. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    If you need a notebook PC for schoolwork, then there's plenty of inexpensive notebook PCs that will do the job. If you want to play DotA 2, then you can also get an inexpensive desktop PC that will also do the job. "Gaming rigs" would be more suited for running games like Far Cry 3 on multiple monitors. DotA 2's system requirements really aren't that high, hence why you can comfortably play it on all sorts of low-end desktop PC configurations.
  10. Skyforger4.0

    Skyforger4.0 Banned

    I know, I had a decent desktop when I was 14. But I can play Dota 2 on a laptop just as comfortably, if not more. Why get two inexpensive low-end computers instead of a do-it-all solid notebook that is actually presentable even in a business environment (eg. meetings), if need be? Let alone the fact that you can still attach a monitor and keyboard (if you bought them) to the laptop if you want to.
  11. .N3on

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    i am thinking of buying acer aspire v3-571g-9686,does dota2 work on it or its just a waste of? Plz help me on this guys

    thank you :)
  12. SpellBindeR~

    SpellBindeR~ Banned

    My brother has a Acer aspire v3-471g and it can run dota 2 high settings. Then that laptop can run it too.
  13. Xmarksthegank

    Xmarksthegank Well-Known Member

    I would stay aware from computers such as Acer Aspire or HP Pavilion. They're the most mainstream budget-oriented production lines those companies have to offer, sacrificing build quality for affordability.

    I would also advice on staying away from brands like Sony - for example, my laptop has to use AMD's beta drivers to get their own driver update. It seems the manufacturer check isn't there. Sony doesn't let AMD to update their drivers normally, so the customer is stuck with drivers Sony will provide. Not that good at all, since the driver support lags behind a lot.

    Some retailers have their own "Clevo-built" OEM PCs which are affordable and have better build quality, then there are other ones such as the Asus RoG line.

    The lenovo laptops and such are also a rather decent deal. Don't look for normal-priced laptops now, the "better brands" or models are affordable right now because Haswell (Intel's new CPU architecture) is coming this summer so the retailers are trying to get rid of their current stock before that happens.
  14. ToT712

    ToT712 Well-Known Member

    Get that Lenovo 500 or wait for june for a massive price drop ^
  15. sieungau96

    sieungau96 Well-Known Member

    If you only need to play DOTA 2 then an Laptop with Ivy Bridge processors will be just fine.
    or wait for Intel Haswell featuring HD Graphics 4600 which significantly better than Ivy Bridge's HD 4000 (source)
    and of course, integrated GPU > discrete GPU in term of temp, power saving, mobility and sometime price.
  16. Xmarksthegank

    Xmarksthegank Well-Known Member

    As long as DDR3 is the limitation of memory bandwidth for integrated GPUs, they won't really excell at putting out high-performance.

    The resolution of 1366 x 768 can be ran with lower details on integrated Intel GPUs, but I wouldn't really call that as the ideal option. Modern laptops may have options between high-performance "discrete GPUs" and "integrated GPUs" - all they need to do is to provide the option, since nearly all intel CPUs have the iGPU.