a good dota hero team?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by seiyaryu, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. seiyaryu

    seiyaryu Well-Known Member

    would this be a good hero team:
    Vengeful spirit
  2. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

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  3. acosta

    acosta Well-Known Member

    kick razor, change dazzle for warlock, change slarder by trinkar.

    Seriusly, ur team is very weak aganist silences, a well landed silence from krob or drow and your team cant do shit
  4. JaCKaSS_69

    JaCKaSS_69 Well-Known Member

    Not quite they still have tons of physical damage and lots of stuns heals.

    Imfo, this lineup is good. Very many. D:
  5. Omnia Vanitas

    Omnia Vanitas Well-Known Member

    You are going to lack disable. Seriously.
    I understand your team is meant to go for super -amor. But why Razor? He's just not that good after all.
    The rest is fine.
    So basically you can substitute Razor with Tide/ Templar Assassin etc.
  6. ^Eternity^

    ^Eternity^ Well-Known Member

    Seriously requires more Disables.Remove at least 1 of the farmers i.e. either Razor or Nevermore.Take Tide or some1 item independent instead.Bane would do well for damage leech team xD
  7. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    Kick razor for axe or lanaya and you've got a very frightening team (BAN omni btw)
  8. Azlan

    Azlan Well-Known Member

    Kick razor and go for some other hero with disables.Sand King,Tide.Lots of choices.But put in a disable and one farmer is enough(Nevermore).
  9. fodminah

    fodminah Well-Known Member

    Understand that stacking skills doesn't necessarily mean synergy. Casting Weave on an already Amplified+PoDL'd hero isn't going to help you much at all compared to if you replaced some of the picks with better disablers. Right now your only reliable stun is Venge, so if you don't have her you have a much lower chance of killing enemies even if they have -100000 armor.
  10. Linism

    Linism Well-Known Member

    Get some disabler and maybe consider a more reliable initiator as well.
  11. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    Kick razor. Seriously.
  12. Zelda911

    Zelda911 Well-Known Member

    Change your lineup to
  13. Lack of disable / stun.
    Lack of caster.
    Lack of AoE spells.
    and 3 carry heroes?? wow. :no: what is the good point actually. :no:
  14. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    ^ hes obviously trying to be funny by listing all the "bad" heroes, although he kinda fails since sniper is being used a lot recently.
  15. My suggestion is kick Razor for Puck,
    Puck is a good initiator that well-synergized with NvM and Slardar. Also it is an all-AoE caster. Not like that for Razor.

    So here is the team

    Nevermore : carry >> heavy AoE spells, heavy DPS.
    Dazzle : support >>babysitter (for slardar), healer, DPS amplifier.
    Puck : initiator, ganker >> heavy AoE spells.
    Vengeful spirit : ganker >> heavy stun, DPS amplifier.
    Slardar : carry, tank >> AoE stun, DPS amplifier.
  16. :eek:: oh I see.. :pizza:

    sniper is good in a good team, and a good team strategy.
    no matter how good his laning in solo mid, if the team dont provide good support, he is a deadmeat. (personal experience playing in pubs. :laughing:)
  17. Mae Shirayuki

    Mae Shirayuki Well-Known Member

    Slarder? haha. Ya they are good team of course. But they are good again physical attack type hero and not magical[INT] hero.
  18. Mae Shirayuki

    Mae Shirayuki Well-Known Member

    Without Razor then you want who to decrease the enemy attack? If you 2 or 3 of you all GB fat Ursa, what are you going to do? Just decrease the armor of him?
  19. Just disable him like crazy,..
    Also razor wont survive even if he steal Ursa's damage (Ursa can kill Razor in 3-5 seconds) And if Ursa goes BKB, Razor cant steal his damage..
  20. SUperPhat

    SUperPhat Well-Known Member

    This team is a pretty good pub team. Slithereen Guard can initiate well with a forest sprinted initiation while the others do their stun and stuff. Not to mention the best supporting of Shadow Priest's heal. Also they all have an armour reduction skill that can amplify tonnes.