A Dota nutty story (complete) (17 chaps + filler)

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    Hi folks, it's been a while since I indulged myself in forums again and now that I'm free from my college work again, I would like to repost my old fanfic back in my DP days (now I'm in PD since they are down...) and I do hope some of the members remembered my work back then XD

    I'm here to share a 200+ page of novel self-written by me. The English that I'm using is neither fancy nor bad, it's just that I like to keep it simple for everyone to understand it. And this story was written back in 2008, so readers do not have to post suggestion for my stories but just a simple review from those that have read this would be cool. Of course it will take time to type it out but I've already posted this in another forum, so all I have to do is to rip out from my other forum and paste here as well (since it's mine, I have the rights to do that anyway...) I will be posting out each chapter slowly and wait for some response. If I can get better response over here, I might be officially posting my new chapters over here rather than ripping out from my other forum. Without further ado, here's my very own Dota Nutty Story, enjoy :)

    Here's the link for the chapters:
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
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    Chapter 17

    Title : A Dota nutty story!
    Author : Bluedrake (For other forums/ign/blog I'm known as Shippoukitsune)
    Genre : Humor/comedy/Mild violence/ slight romance
    Synopsis : When our Dota heroes get bored what will they do? Opening a hotel??? That's just nuts!
    Character involved : Most of the Dota heroes and some requested celebrities...

    Before I start I have to tell you that this work is totally made by me (Bluedrake) and I just feel like publishing my stories here. I'm having a busy college life and therefore I might not be able to update it regularly. However, the drafts of this entire story has been drafted and written down in my novel collection so my only problem is typing it out (I'm a darn lazy typist...). The stories that I write has totally nothing to do with Icefrog or the actual gameplay. It's all FICTION. Anyway, on with the story!!!

    Chapter 1: Looking for the right spot

    It all started in a continent named Kalimdor and our sentinel leader, Furion was whining about his pathetic life as a druid...

    Furion : Darn it! My life is so boring! All I get to do is communicating with dumb animals, dumb forest and dumb people!!
    Mirana : Are you saying that I'm dumb?
    Furion : Uh... Of course not, sweetheart... i'm just thinking that i should be doing something else meaningful and cool...
    Mirana : Like what? Becoming a hotel manager or be a restaurant manager?
    Furion : That's it! I know what I should be doing! A hotel manager!
    Mirana : I've got to stop giving him weird ideas....

    And so, Furion began to scout for a good location to build his hotel. He soon found a perfect spot to build his hotel but unfortunately, the land was occupied by Leragas the Vile. ( the old fart that sell expensive crap items...) Furion felt that the land should be used for a better purpose instead of letting an old fart standing there to rot...

    Furion : Er... Excuse me Mr, Leragas?
    Leragas : Where shall my blood be spilled?
    Furion : I beg your pardon?
    Leragas : That's what I'm suppose to say when someone talked to me...
    Furion : Right... Anyway, I came here to tell you that i'm building a hotel over here at your place an----
    Leragas : And I'm going to be your VIP guest for the opening day?? I will be totally honoured to be your VIP guest!!
    Furion : That was not what I'm going to say. And one more thing, I need to get your ass out of this place and find another place to sell your crappy items!
    Leragas : How dare you!? I've occupied this place since World War 1 and I refused to get kicked out by you!
    Furion : When exactly was World War 1?
    Leragas : I'm not really sure, i just made that up...
    Furion : I have no time for your lame excuses or jokes!! Just get your ass out of this place and no one will get hurt!
    Leragas : But what about my loyal customers?
    Furion : What loyal customers? This place is always empty and I hardly sees anyone visiting your shop!

    Behind Furion, a dozen of Dota heroes were behind Furion, waiting impatiently...

    Kunkka : Get lost if you're not buying anything, you old fart!
    Morghul Khan : Don't waste our time!
    Furion : Ever heard of first come first served? And didn't your parents teach you to respect the elders?
    Kunkka : Ok, that's it! This douchebag just pissed me off! Tiny, could you show Furion how we get rid of trouble makers?
    Tiny : Gababa.... (He can't really talk in the game..)

    Instantly, Tiny grabbed Furion by the neck and tossed him out of the shop. Furion was cursing and swearing before landing into the river with a loud splash...

    Morghul Khan : That dude is totally annoying the crap out of me...
    Kunkka : I never like that bastard anywa--- Hey, what are you doing in here!! This is the Sentinel's secret shop!!!
    Morghul Khan : It is?!?! Oh man, I'm out of here!!

    Before Axe could run away, all the sentinel heroes beat the crap out of him before tossing his body into the river. Back to the story, Furion was still thinking for a plan to get rid of Leragas. Having no other choice, he summoned his elite warrior...

    Squee and Spleen : You called for us sir?
    Furion : Yes I did. I heard rumors saying that you are good at demolishing stuffs, aren't you?
    Squee and Spleen : we sure are! What do you want me to blow up?
    Furion : You know that old fart Leragas the Vile? I want you to blow him into pieces so that i could build a hotel over there...
    Squee and Spleen : What do I get in return?
    Furion : * Thinks very hard...* I will provide insurance to compensate your death.
    Squee and Spleen : Well, ok...

    Back at the secret shop, the Goblin techies armed themselves with C4 and Nukes and marched to Leragas...

    Leragas : Where shall my blood be spilt?
    Furion : This would be a good place! Get him!!!

    Leragas' eyes popped out upon seeing the Goblin Techies charging at him with the dynamites and C4's in their hands. Knowing really well that the duo will blow him up, Leragas began to run for his life...

    Squee and Spleen : Do not run. we are your friends!
    Leragas : Yea right! You said that to everyone and I would be a fool not to run!
    Squee and Spleen : Well, you are right about that. You have to thank Sean Kingston for his "beautiful girls" song. We will have you suicidal, suicidal!
    Leragas : Get away from me, freaks!!!

    As Leragas continued to run, Sean Kingston appeared out of nowhere and began singing "beautiful Girls". Leragas stood in front of him with a 'WTF?' look, totally forgot that he was being chased...

    Sean Kingston : Leragas, it was back in 99 watching movies all the time when I went away for doing my first crime....
    Leragas : What the hell? I don't even know you!
    Sean Kingston : * Point at his back* They have you suicidal, suicidal!!

    Before Leragas could scream for his mother-in-law, a loud BOOM was heard and the announcer from the game confirmed the death of the douchebags...

    Announcer : Squee and Spleen just got a double kill! Leragas the Vile (level 1) and Sean Kingston (level 1) has fallen!
    Furion : YES!!! With Leragas gone, the land is mine!!!

    And so, Furion discussed with Tinker the constructor and began building the hotel on the secret shop location. With the building being constructed, Furion began to look for employees...

    Will Furion be able to fulfill his dreams as a hotel manager or will trouble reign over him? And who will he recruit to be his employees? Don't forget to check out my next chapter!

    This chapter is the shortest one compared to all my future chapters. Please leave a comment and tell me if you like it. Please don't flame me but constructive criticism is accepted. And good reviews motivates me to type faster Sorry for the messy outcome btw, I've just typed the story in my notepad and paste it directly over here so, the format is pretty screwed up... (Note: No celebrities or dota heroes were hurt during the production of this fanfic. Yeah right, haha....)
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost)

    I had read this back at DP and I must say it's a nice fanfic. ^_^
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost)

    This story seems familiar... at DP, right?
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost)

    Guess some people still remember me :D
    Yes, I'm back from DP and will repost it with new updates till the end of the novel, just hope I am actually hardworking enough to type it. This is my 2nd pen name besides than Bluedrake (if you still remember that is :D)
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost)

    Oh my god! This is the story! You are the writer who wrote this funny story? Man! You're the guy who inspired me to write my first fan fic two years ago. You're also my first english fan fic that I read about dota, and I loved it! I hope you can update quickly so I can see what happened next after Rikimaru and Akasha became **** (spoiler, not telling you.)! T-up to anything related to your works!
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost)

    haha, it's a small world then. In addition to my return, I will be adding in fillers in between the chapters to explain more on each character. This time, I'm back for good :)
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost)

    holy shit that was funny! oh man, you're so good at it! totally gonna add it on my signature.

    damn you're so awesome, i can't stop laughing here! i actually read it thrice, and just so you know, i don't just do that to any fan fictions. not even mine !! :D :D :D :D :D
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost)

    Wow, thanks for the support, it really meant a lot to me. And since there are a lot of you that really liked this story, then I will post the next chapter then, it has already been typed out anyway. Here's my quick and easy deal with all of you, the more the reviews I get, the faster I will post and upload it here, what do you say? I'm sure it's an offer that none of you can refuse :D

    Title : A Dota nutty story!
    Author : Bluedrake (For other forums/ign/blog I'm known as Shippoukitsune)
    Genre : Humor/comedy/Mild violence/ slight romance
    Synopsis : When our Dota heroes get bored what will they do? Opening a hotel??? That's just nuts!
    Character involved : Most of the Dota heroes and some requested celebrities...

    Chapter 2: Employees needed!

    Within two days, the hotel was completed (due to the cheats of "Warpten" keyed in by the author...) and Furion began to look for some henchmen to help him...

    Furion : So the hotel is ready. Who should I hire to help me?
    Rikimaru : (Blink Striked next to Furion out of nowhere...) What about me? I could use a job!
    Furion : Jesus! Uh... I mean... Elune!! You nearly gave me a heart attack! Give me one damn good reason why should I hire you or else don't even think about being one of my crew members!
    Rikimaru : Well, as I said I don't have a job and I don't expect to have a high salary while working for you...
    Furion : Good point... Very well, from now on you will be known as Rikimaru the Bellboy instead of Stealth Assassin!
    Rikimaru : WHAT!?!? You've got to be kidding me!
    Furion : Who's the manager here?
    Rikimaru : You are...
    Furion : Good. Now stop complaining and run off before I come up with a better name for you. And make sure you are at the hotel by 8.00 a.m. tomorrow!
    Rikimaru : This really sucks... (Blinked strike away before Furion could say anything more...)
    Furion : Well I found myself a douche bag to help me, who will be next?

    Unbeknownst to Furion, he was being watched by Balanar the Night Stalker and within an instant, he was behind Furion and gave him another heart attack...

    Balanar : (Tapped Furion's back...) Yo, old man!
    Furion : What the hell is wrong with you people?! Can't you just meet me from the front?
    Balanar : Sorry about that... I'm used to stalking people and I just couldn't help myself doing that...
    Furion : So, let me take a wild guess... You are here to kill me?
    Balanar : Not today though. I kinda overheard about your problem and I'm here to apply for a job. You would hire me, right? since your hotel does state "We serve anyone, Sentinel or Scourge"
    Furion : Yes, I did mention that but how will this benefit me?
    Balanar : Hey! That's my favourite line!
    Furion : Just tell me why you should be hired to me my henchmen!
    Balanar : Well, I get to work faster at night and I'm an excellent security guard incase any trouble arises. Most importantly, I can turn day into night anytime I like!
    Furion : Most impressive! You are hired! Come and meet me at the hotel lobby tomorrow.
    Balanar : You got it boss! ( Ran into the bushes and disappear...)
    Furion : Now I have two people to work for me, I wonder who's next?
    Unknown : what about me?

    Furion turned behind to see who was the unknown person that talked to him and it was none other than Pudge the Butcher...

    Furion : Aw hell, anyone but you!!!
    Pudge : With me as the chef, there will be plenty of people visiting your hotel!
    Furion : You may be called a butcher but your cooking is worst than the foul stench coming out of your body right now. Remember the annual cooking competition you joined last year?

    Flashback to the Dota annual cooking competition...

    There were 5 participants in this competition and they were Lina, Tinker, Luna, Rexxar and Pudge. Most of them could cook wonderful meals that would make the judges give them a thumbs up ( Well, except for Pudge...) The judges were Traxex, Furion and Magina and they were horrified by the disturbing smell produced by Pudge's meal...

    Pudge : And this is my famous PFC (Pudge Fried Chicken...)
    Furion : That is not a chicken! That looked more like a ghoul instead!!
    Pudge : Uh... I ran out of chicken supply so I used a ghoul instead. Anyway they still taste the same...
    Traxex : There is no way I'm tasting that horrible looking meal!
    Magina : I'm out of here man!
    Pudge : Oh yeah? None of you would be leaving until you have tasted my specially prepared PFC, with extra undead taste!

    As the three judges tried to run away, Pudge used his Meat Hook skill and managed to pull Furion back to him. After forcing him to take a bite of the meal, Furion was in hospitalized for 3 months for severe food poisoning...

    Back to the present...

    Pudge : Aw, come on! That was the past. Now I'm using Necromancers instead of ghouls...
    Furion : I think I'm going to be sick (tried to run away from Pudge)
    Pudge : Oh no you don't (Meat hooked Furion back to him again...) There is no way I'm letting you go unless you give me the job!
    Furion : Please! I'm begging you to leave me and my hotel alone...
    Pudge : Just give me the job and everyone will be happy!
    Furion : *Sighed...* Alright, come and meet me at the hotel lobby tomorrow at 8.00 am...
    Pudge : Yay!! Thanks for inviting me into the crew! (Skipped away happily...)
    Furion : I'm so going to regret for making this decision...

    While Furion was still thinking of a way to get rid of Pudge, another hero came out of nowhere and blinked in front of Furion...

    Furion : What do you want Akasha?
    Akasha : Rumor has been saying that you require lackeys for your upcoming hotel. And so, here I am, applying for a job...
    Furion : And what makes you think that you're qualified to work in my hotel?
    Akasha : I could always be the hotel's waitress and I have an amazing voice for karaoke....
    Furion : Hang on a second! Did you just said that you're a good singer?! As far as I remembered, your voice was worse than William Hung for your information!
    Akasha : Who's William Hung?
    Furion : Never mind about him... Anyway, remember what happened during the karaoke competition a few months ago?
    Akasha : Of course I remembered!

    Flashback to the Dota Annual karoake contest. As usual there were 5 participants and they were Rylai, Purist, Mirana, Slithice and Akasha. Rylai and Purist could sing marvelously as a duet while Mirana was not as good as everyone has expected. Even Slithice the naga siren made a wonderful performance though no one could finished listening before falling asleep. And there was Akasha. Once she took the mike, she 'accidentally' unleashed her Scream Of Pain, blasting her voice through the amplifier and did 10 times the normal damage. The next thing she knew was the announcer was busy confirming the death of more than 50 Dota characters, making her way to set the Dota world record with 56 killings with one skill...

    Back to the present...

    Akasha : How many times do I have to tell you that it was an accident?! Look at the bright side, with me as your crew, I could help you lure in some shameless customers...
    Furion : You do know that I'm opening a hotel for legal business and not a whorehouse, don't you?
    Akasha : It's the same thing.... Anyway, am I hired or not?
    Furion : (Thinks very carefully for a while...) okay, you are hired. Meet me at the lobby at 8.00 am tomorrow...
    Akasha : Thanks boss! (Blinked away happily...)
    Furion : Now with 4 douche bags working for me and my wife (Mirana) being my assistant, I think I'm ready to officially run the hotel!

    And so Furion whistled to himself while walking back to the Sentinel encampment to tell everyone about the grand opening of his hotel...

    With those 4 heroes helping Furion, will the hotel be able to gain profit or destroyed within a day? Don't forget to check my next chapter!
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 2 is up!)

    Hahahaha!!! :rofl: Despite having already read this at DP, the comedy never seems to escape me every time I read this story! Cheers to you for a wonderful manuscript! And btw, here's what I think is the best line in the chapter:

    :rofl::rofl: Hahahaha! Can't wait to read chapter 3!
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 2 is up!)

    lol this has got to be the best fan fiction i've ever seen here! and the comedy's not trying to be funny coz it's really funny xD:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 2 is up!)

    Thanks for the support people and here is chapter 3. I think I will be releasing every chapter each 6 hours to speed up the process until chapter 13 (I thin that's where I stopped the last time...) as I do not want to let my previous readers wait anymore. Just drop me as much review as possible and I'm a happy man, have fun reading :D

    Title : A Dota nutty story!
    Author : Shippoukitsune (For other forums/ign/blog I'm known as Bluedrake)
    Genre : Humor/comedy/Mild violence/ slight romance
    Synopsis : When our Dota heroes get bored what will they do? Opening a hotel??? That's just nuts!
    Character involved : Most of the Dota heroes and some requested celebrities...

    Chapter 3 : Looking for customers/troubles?

    As expected, most of the Dota heroes gathered in front of Furion's hotel to witness the grand opening. Once the opening ceremony was done, everyone began to flee when Furion approached them...

    Furion : Yurnero! How would you like to stay in my 5 star rated hotel? It's only 300 gold pieces per night!
    Yurnero : 5 star rated hotel for 300 gold pieces? You must be out of your mind!
    Furion : Aw, come on! The hotel will be worth every gold pieces you spent.
    Yurnero : Does your hotel have a jacuzzi? Dancing girls? World class chef? Or a training room so I can sharpen my fighting skills?
    Furion : Well, the hotel has no jacuzzi, no toilet in any rooms but you can use the public toilet at the lobby, I also have Akasha as our hotel's dancing girl and Pudge as the chef...
    Yurnero : Hah, you're just a fraud! With 300 gold pieces I would better buy myself a stout shield! ( walked away...)
    Furion : Damn it!

    With Yurnero walking away, Furion tried to look for another customer...

    Furion : Hey pig! Uh... I mean Meepo... How would you like to stay in a 5 star rated hotel?
    Meepo 1 : oink oink (Meepo can't actually talk in the game...)
    FUrion : So you are saying that the four of you would stay in my hotel for the the price of 1 instead of 4?
    Meepo 2 : Oink Oink!
    FUrion : No way! Pigs like you should stay in the pigsty!

    Angrily, the 4 Meepos beat the 7 shade of shit out of Furion before wandering off. With a black eye and multiple broken bones, Furion decided to ask his security guard Balanar to attract some customers...

    Furion : Go and get me some customers since you are so free!
    Balanar : How will this benefit me?
    Furion : DO IT OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!
    Balanar : Sure thing boss! And by the way, nice outfit (Ran off quickly)
    Furion : Bootlickers....

    And so, Balanar began to search for his victim--- I mean customers. While he was scouting behind the hotel, he saw Tiny and Knight Davion looking intently at one of the windows of an empty room in the hotel. Quietly, balanar sneaked behind the two to eavesdrop their conversation....

    Knight Davion : Hey Tiny, this is like the 5th time you tried tossing me into one of the empty hotel room but you kept on missing!! What's wrong with your aiming?!?!
    Tiny : Gaba gaba gaba.... ( Tiny can't actually talk in the game...)
    Knight Davion : Whatever... By the numerous amount of cracks behind hotel wall, do you think Furion will notice anything?
    Tiny : Gaba gaba gaba....
    Knight Davion : You are right, as long as we keep quiet and no one sees us, we will be of the hook...
    Balanar : ( Came out of his hiding spot...) How dare the two of you tries to break into the hotel!!
    Knight Davion : Busted! Let's get out of here!

    As Knight Davion and Tiny ran off with different directions, Balanar decided to chase after the mastermind instead and managed to catch Knight Davion within 10 minutes. After mugging 3000 gold pieces from Knight Davion, Balanar returned to the hotel, satisfied...

    Balanar : Boss, some anonymous person has decided to donate us 2000 gold pieces! (he pocketed the other 1000 himself...)
    Furion : 2000 gold pieces??? Who on Earth will be that generous to donate that much money? Even I won't be that stupid to do that...
    Balanar : I don't know... There are just too many weird people in this world...
    Furion : Are you telling the truth? You know that I don't do corruption, it's in my rulebook.
    Balanar : There is a rulebook? Uh... Of course I know about the rulebook and of course I'm telling the truth, honest!

    After much lies and deceived, furion was convinced and the two had decided to take a walk at the hotel porch. Outside the porch, Knight Davion could be seen sitting on the floor, wearing only his boxers while holding a signboard written "I have been mugged 3000 gold pieces by the hotel security guard..." As Furion gave Balanar a death glare look, Balanar had already broke the signboard and knight Davion's leg, still trying to pretend innocent...

    Furion : Balanar, explain yourself right now!
    Balanar : Explain what? I'm innocent!
    Knight Davion : MY FOOT!! MY BLOODY FOO---- MPPH!!! (Balanar covered his mouth...)
    Balanar : (whispered to Knight Davion...) One more word from you and there goes your other leg...
    Furion : Davion, Balanar threatening you?
    Knight Davion : Uh.... (Balanar gave him a death glare look...) Uh.... (Furion glared at him...)
    Furion : WELL!?!? Is it a yes or a no?!?!
    Knight Davion : I can't take it anymore!!! I'm not Knight Davion!! I'm just a farmer like my father back in Lordaeron, so I'm out of here!! (Ran away...)
    Announcer : Knight Davion has left the game...
    Furion : What was that all about?
    Balanar : Beats me... I think we should just head back to the hotel...

    Once the duo arrived back at the hotel, an irritated looking Leragas was standing at the counter waiting for the manager....

    Leragas : This is what you did with my land? MY LAND? By building a lame hotel!?!?
    Furion : It's not lame! This is the first hotel ever built in Kalimdor dude!
    Leragas : Unless you can prove to me that this hotel is not lame, otherwise I will shut this hotel down as the landlord!
    Furion : You can't do that! We are still new at this!
    Leragas : Do I look like I would give a damn!? Now find someone to handle my luggage as I stayed here for a couple of days for FREE...
    Furion : (Sigh...) Fine.... Riki!! Where the hell are you!?!?
    Rikimaru : (Came out from the toilet...) Now what? Can't a satyr have a toilet break in peace?
    Furion : You can rot in the toilet for all I care but right now I need you to carry Mr. Leragas' luggage to the penthouse!
    Rikimaru : You want me to carry his luggage? This is a job for imbecile bellboys!
    Furion : Reality check Riki, you are the imbecile bellboy around here!
    Rikimaru : Uh... Right... This way Mr. Leragas (Took the luggage...) Now follow me as I take you to hell--- I mean your penthouse...

    And so, Rikimaru took the bag and lead Leragas into the lift. As the lift began to head toward the 25th floor penthouse, blue smokes began to erupt in the lift...

    Leragas : Dude, what's that weird blue smoke coming out from your ass? (10th floor)
    Rikimaru : Remember the part when I told Furion that I was in the toilet? Well, I was going to release my gas... (12th floor)
    Leragas : This is how you make the smokescreen when you are fighting! But this is not a good place or time to release your gas, I'm choking! (14th floor)
    Rikimaru : There is nothing I can do, just hang on and stop squirming around the lift! (16th floor)
    Leragas : In... need... of... frresshh... airrrr.... (18th floor)
    Rikimaru : Don't be such a wussy! My friends had survived this encounter all the time but of course the the environment is never this small... (20th floor)
    Leragas : (Died...)
    Announcer : Rikimaru has pawned Leragas the Vile (level 1) for 0 gold!

    By the time Rikimaru reached 25th floor, Furion had already teleported himself to the same floor as Riki...

    FUrion : What did you do!?!? I ordered you to escort Leragas here, not assassinate him!
    Rikimaru : It's not my fault! I farted while he was with me in the lift and he suffocated himself to death during the process...
    Furion : Didn't you read my rulebook?! Rule 3653 #: Thou shall not fart in the lift when there's a customer in it!
    Rikimaru : There's a rulebook? I mean... I know a bout the rulebook but you are the one that forced me to come out of the toilet...
    Furion : We are in so much trouble when Leragas is revived....

    Will Furion and his hotel survive Leragas' onslaught when he returns? Don't miss my next chapter then!!
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 3 is up!)

    :rofl: *tears in eyes* I just can't stop... :rofl:

    Damn it. I can't stop... :rofl:
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 3 is up!)

    as funny as hell./:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 3 is up!)

    So much memories...update all of the stuff here asap! And write the continuation of it!
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 4 is up!)

    Another chapter coming right up!!!

    Title : A Dota nutty story!
    Author : Shippoukitsune (For other forums/ign/blog I'm known as Bluedrake)
    Genre : Humor/comedy/Mild violence/ slight romance
    Synopsis : When our Dota heroes get bored what will they do? Opening a hotel??? That's just nuts!
    Character involved : Most of the Dota heroes and some requested celebrities...

    Chapter 4: Endless problems

    Within 2 hours, a very angry looking (revived) Leragas went back to the hotel with an oxygen mask bound to his face...

    Furion : (Play dumb) Uh.... Explain about what?
    Leragas : Explain the fact that you sent Rikimaru to assassinate me in the lift with his tremendous fart?!
    Furion : Aw, come on. Riki didn't really mean it, he's just messing with you. Why don't I make it up to you by giving you our premium lunch buffet VIP pass?
    Leragas : (Mouth watering...) I guess I will take that pass! I mean... the offer since you are trying so hard...
    Furion : Right.... anyway, should I ask Riki to escort you to your room again...
    Leragas : NO!!! NOT HIM!!! ANYONE BUT HIM!!! (Going nuts...)
    Furion : ok man, chill.... What about Akasha, our waitress then?
    Leragas : Sure, anyone but RIKI!

    And so, Furion summoned Akasha to escort Leragas to his room in the 25th floor. While the two were in the lift, Akaska began to sound very flirtatious and seductive...

    Aksaha : So, Mr. Leragas, I've heard rumors from people saying that you are darn rich and handsome...
    Leragas : (shift uncomfortably...) Uh yeah....
    Akasha : What could a harmless succubus like me stand a chance against you, in an empty lift... Just you and me... ( moved closer to him...)
    Leragas : (Gulp...) Uh, right... Hey, I think the lift has reached to my floor, bye!! (Jumped out of the lift from the 20th floor and took the stairs instead...)
    Akasha : Hah, I just love to mess around with weak-minded fools...

    When Akasha returned to the lobby, Furion was glaring at her with an irritating look...

    Akasha : Why are you staring at my breast?
    Mirana : (Gave Furion a death glare...)
    Furion : I was looking at your face!!! And what do you think you are doing in the lift with Leragas just now?
    Akasha : Huh? What did I do?
    Furion : Sinced after Rikimaru's farting case in the lift, I have installed CCTV to monitor everyone's action. Did you know that flirting with customers is against my Rule 1563# in my rulebook?
    Akasha : There is a rulebook? I mean... Of course I know about the rule but this is my nature, to flirt with rich customer...
    Furion : For the last time, I've told you that this is not a whorehouse! Bah, just get back to the restaurant and do what you are supposed to do!
    Akasha : Whatever, party pooper.... (Blinked into the restaurant...)
    Furion : These people are driving me crazy! Mirana my love, do you mind watching the counter while I try to convince Pudge to cook something edible?
    Mirana : Of course I don't mind. Remember what you told me? At the end of the day, I will get 90% of the profits from this hotel you make.
    Furion : (sweatdropped...) Uh.. yeah...

    Leaving Mirana to the counter, Furion headed into the restaurant's kitchen. To his horror, Pudge had decorated the kitchen to look (and smell) just like the slaughterhouse with dead bodies of various animals hanging on top of the ceiling with hooks all over them...

    Furion : PUDGE!!!!!
    Pudge : what is it? Can't you see that I'm redecorating the kitchen to make it look artistic and lovely?
    Furion : You call this artistic? This place looks more like the slaughterhouse in the movie 'Texas Chainsaw'!
    Pudge : Don't you think that the movie is cool? I have watched that movie for more than 10 times!
    Furion : Well, I prefer to watch non-violent movies such as Harry Potte--- Wait a second! Why am I even talking about these? I am here to command you to remove these hideous decorations and i want you to cook like a gourmet chef!
    Pudge : I don't do miracles and you are in no position to order me!
    Furion : Well then, what about this? I AM THE BOSS AND YOU ARE JUST AN EMPLOYEE!!!
    Pudge : Crap... But I really like this environment. It helps me to concentrate better while I'm cooking...
    Furion : It's a good thing I want you to remove these decorations then. You have 15 minutes to tear down this horrible design and I want you to follow my design instead... (Handed Pudge pictures of a 5-star-restaurant...)
    Pudge : You want me to turn my masterpiece kitchen into something stupid like that?
    Furion : Do it or you are fired...
    Pudge : damn it.... (Proceeded to change the decorations...)

    As Pudge started tearing down the slaughterhouse kitchen effect, Furion went to the dining room to inspect the condition in there. To his horror, (again) the dining room was just as bad as the kitchen except there was no dead bodies hanging down from the ceiling...

    Furion : AKASHA!!!
    Akasha : (Came out from one of the dining table...) What is it? Can't you see that I'm busy?
    Furion : What the hell are you doing under the table? Wait... I don't think that I want to know...
    Akasha : What is it that you want? I have urgent things to do under the table!
    Magina : (Voice came out from under the table...) Akasha, where are you? I need you to fix the broken washing machine!
    Akasha : Keep quiet damn it! My boss is talking to me!
    Furion : Magina, is that you?! What are you doing under the table with her!? And I don't remember having a washing under the table...
    Magina : (Crawled out of the table while fastening his belt...) Gee dad, for an old fart and our sentinel leader, you sure are slow in understanding the meaning of fun...
    Furion : Watch your tongue boy! I was the one that 'had fun' with Mirana and got you and your rotten brother Terrorblade out to this world!
    Magina : Uh... I guess you are right...
    Furion : Anyway, get out of here before I decide to charge you for staying in my hotel!
    Magina : I'm out of here man! Bye Akasha ! (Blinked out of the hotel...)
    Akasha : Bye....
    Furion : Ahem! Is there any reason why the dining room is in a terrible condition?
    Akasha : uh... Since there will never be any customer with Pudge becoming the chef, I might as well not waste my time and energy doing meaningless stuff...
    Furion : I guess I shouldn't be paying you for your job since you are just a waste of time?
    Akasha : Haha... I was just joking... I will clean up the dining room right away!
    Furion : You have exactly 15 minutes to do it or you are fired!

    Furion then returned to the counter and saw his wife talking to their 1st official guest. Dollar signs began flashing from Furion's eyes as he teleported (literally) next to his wife...

    Furion : Welcome to my hotel! How can we help you?
    Darkterror : Dude, your wife just said that to me a second ago...
    furion : Ok then, let's get this straight. How would you like to stay in our 5 star rated hotel for just 300 gold pieces per night?
    Darkterror : Sounds reasonable. I will take a room.
    Mirana : Thank you and hope that you will have an enjoyable stay here.
    Darkterror : (Whisper to himself...) You bet I will, hahah...
    Furion : Pardon me, but did you say something?
    Darkterror : Nonono! I said nothing! Now, where's the key to my room?

    Without hesitating, Furion gave Darkterror the keys, thinking about the profits that he was going to get. Unfortunately for them, Darkterror was a conman that likes to eat and stay for free. With his Chronosphere skill, he could just walk off and escape any bills...

    Furion : Do you need my bellboy to carry your luggage?
    Darkterror : It's alright! I could do it on my own. (Walked into the lift...)

    As the lift closed and started ascending, Darkterror was so happy with his acomplishment that he began whispering to himself about his godlike plan to eat and sleep in the hotel for free. Although the CCTV couldn't catch his words, Rikimaru could hear Darkterror's plan loud and clear due to the fact that he was in the lift as well thanks to his permanent invisibility skill...

    Darkterror : I'm going to have hell of a time in this hotel, hahaha! (Exited the lift...)
    Rikimaru : Oh crap! I need to tell Furion about Darkterror's scam!

    On the other hand, Leragas was on the lobby and demanded Furion to lead him to the restaurant. To Furion's relief, the dining room was cleaned by Akasha just in time although it wasn't nearly as good as a real 5 star rated hotel...

    Leragas : Hmph! It's not as nice as I expected...
    Furion : But the meal is going to be excellent! I hope...
    Leragas : Hey, I thought today your restaurant is serving buffet lunch?
    Furion : uh... Yeah... Akasha, why there is no buffet for lunch today?
    Akasha : Uh... Because... We ran out of... Foodtray! Yeah! We ran out of foodtray!
    Furion : And that's why we are serving you via ala-carte...
    Leragas : (Eying them suspiciously...) Ok... where are the menus then?
    Furion : Here's the menu! (Handed Leragas a piece of cardboard with the menu inside....)
    Leragas : Cardboard?! This totally not professional! I was expecting a for book or something...
    Furion : Well, we are running low on cash... Anyway, what would you like?
    Leragas : Hm... I would like to have the Pudge and Chip???
    Furion : Uh... Yeah... That's our chef's specialty...
    Leragas : very well... I have one of that I could you get me a Flask of Sapphire water? I'm thirsty...
    Furion : But the flask is very expensive...
    LEragas : Ahem! I'm the VIP guest, remember?
    Furion : Alright.... Lunch will be served in 20 minutes time...

    As Furion continued taking down the orders, Akasha went to the kitchen to fetch Flask of sapphire Water...

    Akasha : Hey, Pudge! Where did you keep the sapphire water?
    Pudge : Furion told me that everyone need to fill in the form in order to get the water...
    Akasha : Huh? What forms?!
    Pudge : Ok, listen carefully for I will only repeat this once. First, you need to fill in form A,B,K and I. Then you need to photocopy 2 of your passport size photo and then it will take 3 hours to process the request...
    Akasha : Uh... Could you repeat that again?? And why the hell do I need to do all that just to get that stupid Flask of Sapphire Water?
    Pudge : That's Furion's order. He said we need to do this in order to cut down the corruption in our work...
    Akasha : But Leragas will shut us down if we don't get him the water now!
    Pudge : Rules are rules. If you are not happy with me, you could file a complain to my boss but first, you need to fill in form A,B,K an----
    Akasha : Bah, forget about it! I will get Furion to fetch the flask...

    Feeling angry, Akasha blinked back into the dining room and told Furion to get the water himself while she will 'entertain' the VIP...

    Akasha : So, Mr. Leragas, I've heard rumors from people saying that you are very muscular...
    Leragas : Not again...

    Meanwhile, Furion went to the kitchen to give Pudge the orders...

    Furion : Hey Pudge! I need you to cook your famous Pudge and Chip.
    Pudge : Sure thing boss! That has been my best secret recipe so far...
    Furion : I sure hope that you know what you are doing. By the way, why do you call it Pudge and Chip?
    Pudge : It's because I would chop off my extra limb on my shoulder and cooked it together with a treant so that it will have that crunchy and crisy effect on the same time!
    Furion : You've got to be kidding me! You can't serve that to our VIP guest!
    Pudge : Look man, if you don't like my cooking, you could file in a complain to my boss, which is you, but you still need to fill in form A,B,K an----
    Furion : Enough of this foolishness! I'm your boss and you will listen to me!
    Pudge : perhaps you think that you can cook better than me?
    Furion : Of course I can cook better than you! How about this? Let's have a cooking competition, the better chef will be able to command the weaker chef!
    Pudge : Alright then, I accept your challenge!

    And so, our heroes had forgotten about Leragas' orders and began their own cooking competition. Meanwhile, in the dining room, an hour later...

    Leragas : What the hell is taking them so long? And where is my sapphire water!? I'm so bloody thirsty!
    Akasha : You can drink my saliva if you want... (Purred next to him...)
    Leragas : Uh... Did I say that I'm hungry? I meant that I was hungry...
    Akasha : You are a shy one aren't you?

    On the other hand, our bellboy Rikimaru was at the lobby, (after slacking off in the toilet for 1 hour...) looking for Furion...

    Rikimaru : Mirana, where's Furion? I need to speak to him, it's urgent!
    Mirana : You need him to raise your salary?
    Rikimaru : Yeah, I think 20 gold pieces per year is not really enough... Wait... That's not the reason! I need to report a scam to Furion now!
    Mirana : Report a scam about him or to him?
    Rikimaru : It's about Darkterror goddamnit! Where is Furion right now!?
    Mirana : He's in the dining room with the VIP you killed earlier. Be sure to remain in your invisibility mode when you are there because you freaked Leragas out...
    Rikimaru : I will remember about that...

    And so, Rikimaru stealthily entered into the dining room where he could only see Akasha chasing Leragas around the room...

    Will Rikimaru be able to foil Darkterror's scam? Will Furion be a better chef compared to Pudge? Don't forget to check out my next chapter for more insane stories!!

    A cliffhanger!! Don't worry though, I will post it after 6 hours from now again (I know I am evil haha...) but don't forget to stay tuned for the next chapter. Note: back in 2008 the item was called "Flask of Sapphire Water" has been replaced with Healing Salve, I decide not the change the name and stick with the old one because drinking Healing Salve sounds weird compared to Flask Of Sapphire Water :))


    Whoopdeedo, another new chapter is up but no reviews... This makes me sad T.T

    Title : A Dota nutty story!
    Author : Shippoukitsune (For other forums/ign/blog I'm known as Bluedrake)
    Genre : Humor/comedy/Mild violence/ slight romance
    Synopsis : When our Dota heroes get bored what will they do? Opening a hotel??? That's just nuts!
    Character involved : Most of the Dota heroes and some requested celebrities...

    Chapter 5: The real deal

    While Rikimaru was snooping around in the dining room with his invisibility skill, Furion and Pudge were still busy cooking their way to victory...

    Pudge : Give up old man! I've been the butcher for the Scourge for more than 60 years!
    Furion : You should be the one to give up! I have just started being a chef for not more than 60 minutes and I've already surpass your so called incredible cooking skills!
    Pudge : We shall see about that!

    Back in the dining room...

    Akasha : (Chasing Leragas...) Will you stop running away from me!?
    Leragas : (Running...) If you would stop flirting with me!!!
    Akasha : Come on, just give me a kiss!
    Leragas : Leave me alone! MY WIFE will kill me if she knew about this!
    Akasha : WHAT!? You should have told me earlier! I do not engage adult activities with a married man (Blinked away angrily...)
    Leragas : should have told her I was married all these while. Wait till I get my hands on Furion for making me to wait so long...

    Just as Leragas got back on his seat, Furion and Pudge kicked open the kitchen door and proceeded towards him...

    Leragas : What the hell took you two so long to prepare my lun---
    Furion : PUT A SOCK IN IT! We need you to be the judge for our cooking competition!
    Leragas : (Thinking immaturely...) Competition = Free food?? Oh yeah....
    Pudge : With that sick smile with saliva coming out of your mouth, I won't know if you are saying yes or no!
    Leragas : Uh... I mean, sure thing!
    Furion : Well then, my dish for today will be the tree chop!
    Leragas : What the hell is a tree chop? Shouldn't that be a chicken chop?!
    Furion : Druids are not suppose to kill animals for the sake of a cooking competition, so my dish is totally made out of vegetables...
    Leragas : Let's see... (Took a bite...) YUCK!!! Why is there fertilizer in it!?!?
    Furion : Opps... How did the cow fertilizers got in there??
    Leragas : WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?
    Furion : Uh... I said I have cow tranquilizers in there...
    Leragas : This dish is a total piece of crap! 1/10!!
    Pudge : Hahaha! Your meal stinks! Now observe as I serve my wonderful Pudge and Chip to Leragas!
    Leragas : (Stare at the dish...) What the hell is that...... Thing!?!?
    Pudge : It might look disgusting but once you gave a try, you will love it!
    Leragas : Well, looks could be deceiving... (take a bite...)
    Pudge : Do you like it?
    Leragas : .......
    Pudge : Hello! Earth to Leragas! Are you still with us?
    Leragas : ARGHHHHH!!! (Died....)
    Announcer : Pudge has pawned Leragas' stomach for 0 gold!
    Furion : Didn't I tell you before!? Your meal stinks and you have just killed our VIP!
    Pudge : That's a total bullshit! He liked my Pudge and Chip so much that he must have accidentally choked himself to death in the process...
    Furion : Get this into that thick skull of yours! Your meal sucks!!
    Pudge : Oh yeah? Maybe you should give my meal a try before giving any comments! (Grabbed Furion by the neck and stuffed his famous PAC into Furion's mouth...)
    Furion : .......
    Pudge : Come on! Say something!!
    Furion : ARGHHHHH!!! (Died....)
    Announcer : pudge has pawned Furion's stomach for 0 gold and got himself a Double Kill!
    Pudge : AW come on!! My food is not that bad!! (Taste his own PAC...)
    Pudge : .......
    Rikimaru : (Came out of his invisibility mode...) Well?
    Pudge : ARGHHHHH!!! (Died....)
    Announcer : Pudge has killed himself!

    Looking at the mess in the empty room now, Rikimaru decided to look for Akasha to clean up the dining room...

    Rikimaru : Uh... Who's going to clean up the mess here?? Akasha!!
    Akasha : (Blinked into the dining room...) What is it, shrimp?
    Rikimaru : Hey, watch it! I have feelings too... Your insults have hurt me an--
    Akasha : Right.... And your reason for calling me here is??
    Rikimaru : Oh right, I was going to ask you to clean up the mess that our boss and Pudge had made...
    Akasha : YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?! That's a waiter job!
    Rikimaru : Reality check, you're the waitress and I don't pay you to slack!
    Akasha : You are not the boss of me and you don't pay me anything at all!
    Rikimaru : Well, I just want to know how does it feel like to be a boss...
    Akasha : Now that you have felt it, get the hell out of here before I decide to kill you!
    Rikimaru : I'm out of here! But I'm taking Pudge's evil dish with me, might come in handy...

    (New item: Pudge and Chip. A bowl of poisonous dish that is powerful enough to kill Roshan instantly. Once casted onto an enemy, 6000 damage will be dealt with additional 200 damage per second. Last for 5 days...)

    While waiting for his boss to revive at the altar, Rikimaru was thinking up of an idea to stop Darkterror the conman from taking advantages of them. Back at the lobby...

    Mirana : Hey Riki, where's my husband?
    Rikimaru : He died, together with Pudge and Leragas...
    Mirana : HE DIED!?!? Oh well, it's not like he's gone forever. How long will it take for him to revive?
    Rikimaru : Around 30 minutes from now, I presumed... Miss him already?
    Mirana : No... But on the contrary, I wish he wold stay in the grave longer. My shift is over and he's going to pay me 100 gold pieces for every extra 1 minute...
    Rikimaru : You get extra 100 gold pieces for every extra 1 minute??? Then how come I need to work overtime for free?
    Mirana : That's the advantage I could get from my husband...
    Rikimaru : Maybe I should consider marrying Furion too... Wait!! What was i thinking?? I'm a guy!! Not a gay!! I... I think need to go to the toilet...
    Mirana : Whatever...

    After hanging out in the toilet for 20 minutes, Rikimaru decided to loiter around the lobby. Just as he was about to take a ride in the lift, Darkterror came out of his room and went into the dining room. Thinking up of a great idea to assassinate Darkterror, he stalked the faceless void into the dining room with his invisibility skill. Once inside, he found Akasha and grab hold of her wrist and covered her mouth to keep her quiet...

    Rikimaru : (Invisible) Be quiet! It's me, Riki...
    Akasha : What are you doing?! And why are you using your permanent invisibility skill?
    Rikimaru : (Invisible) It's a long story, but I need you to take Darkterror's food orders and make sure you convince him to choose the PAC...
    Akasha : Why should I do that and why should I help you?
    Rikimaru : (Invisible) Just do it and I will do anything ok?
    Akasha : (Grinned...) Anything???
    Rikimaru : (Invisible) Uh... Yeah, I guess...
    Akasha : Let's see... I want your tail!
    Rikimaru : (Invisible) You want my WHAT?
    Akasha : You heard me, I want to pull your tail... I've heard rumors saying that a satyr will squeak if you pull their tail...
    Rikimaru : (Invisible) And I have to be your test experiment?
    Akasha : It's either you say yes or I will not do it. Deal or no deal?
    Rikimaru : (Invisble) Can't you pull someone's else tail instead? Like Mirana's tiger or Balanar himself?
    Akasha : Nope... You have 3 seconds to decide...
    Rikimaru : (Invisible) Alright... It's a deal, but you can only pull my tail only ONCE and not in front of the public. I have a reputation you know?
    Akasha : Whatever... And could you let go of me now? You are hurting my wrist...
    Rikimaru : (Invisible + blush) Um... Ok...
    Akasha : Oh my, it's so cute that you are blushing!
    Rikimaru : (Invisible) Just go already!!

    As Rikimaru started to regret about his decision, Akasha went towards Darkterror seductively and started to persuade Darkterror to order the Pudge and Chip...

    Akasha : Hey, handsome! What would you like to eat?
    Darkterror : Let's see... I would like to have th---
    Akasha : How about our chef's famous Pudge and Chip?
    Darkterror : I don't want that, I would like to order th---
    Akasha : But the PAC is our chef's specialty. It's finger licking good...
    Darkterror : I said no! I don't like the sound of it...
    Akasha : Look man, don't make my job complicated! Say yes or else I will do the scream of pain!
    Darkterror : Hey... I'm the customer! you can't do that to me!
    Akasha : Alright, how about this? If you order the PAC, I will have some fun with you in your room tonight...
    Darkterror : Well, say no more! I will have the PAC!
    Akasha : Right away!

    And so, Akasha went into the kitchen to see Rikimaru preparing the Pudge and Chip that he collected in his inventory...

    Akasha : So, you are planning a customer assassination...
    Rikimaru : No I'm not! That Darkterror dude is trying to con us! I need to do something to get of him before he fooled Furion!
    Akasha : You are sooo evil.... But I love it...
    Rikimaru : I'm not evil for the last time!
    Akasha : Whatever... So, should I serve him the meal now?
    Rikimaru : We need to at least wait for another 10 minutes or more. This won't make him suspect that we had prepared the meal before he even ordered it...
    Akasha : You are a criminal mastermind!
    Rikimaru : GODDAMNIT!! I'm a hero of justice and I'm from the Sentinel! Therefore I'm a good guy!
    Akasha : Who said that the heroes from the Sentinel are good?
    Rikimaru : Let's just forget what I said just now and concentrate on our upcoming task... Hey, stop touching my tail now!
    Akasha : Did you forget about the deal?
    Rikimaru : Of course I remembered but this is not the time! You can do it when we are alone!
    Akasha : But we are alone now...
    Rikimaru : Yeah, and together with Mirana watching us from the CCTV right now!
    Akasha : Alright, I will settle this later. Let's serve the PAC to Darkterror now.
    Rikimaru : Yeah, now would be a good time. I will follow you...
    Akasha : I didn't know you care so much about me!
    Rikimaru : (blush...) I'm doing that just in-case anything bad happened to you, that's all! There is nothing wrong with that...
    Akasha : Right...

    With that being said, Akasha took the PAC with Rikimaru (invisible) following her from behind to meet Darkterror. Once the food was served, Darkterror took a fork and poke the PAC suspiciously...

    Darkterror : So... This is your chef's famous Pudge and Chip???
    Akasha : Yeah! Once you have tasted it, you won't regret it!
    Darkterror : It doesn't look or smell that good...
    Akasha : Come on! You can judge a dish by its look...
    Darkterror : I guess so...

    Just as Darkterror began to eat that disgusting crap, Furion teleported right into the dining room...

    Furion : Darkterror! Don't eat the PAC meal! It's poisoned!
    Darkterror : Aha! I knew something is fishy when your waitress forced me to order and eat the PAC!
    Akasha : Oh dear...
    Rikimaru : (Came out of invisibility mode...) Time for plan B! Boss, Darkterror is a conman that is going to stay and eat over here for free! We need to catch him now or else he will escape!
    Furion : Don't be ridiculous! Darkterror might be from the Scourge but he won't con us! Right, Mr. Darkterror? Hey..... Where did he go?

    While Rikimaru and Furion were discussing, Darkterror knew that his planned was being foiled and he casted his Timewalk spell to exit the dining room immediately...

    Rikimaru : He's escaping! We need him to cough out the cash or something boss!
    Furion : Say no more! (Took out his walkie-talkie...) This is the Prophet reporting! Do you copy!?
    Balanar (radio) : Loud and clear! Any special request sir?
    Furion (radio) : Yes! Initiate operation code red! I repeat! Initiate operation code red!
    Balanar (radio) : Who will be the target sir?
    Furion (radio) : That will be Darkterror the Faceless Void a.k.a. the conman!
    Balanar (radio) : Roger that and over!
    Rikimaru : So, what exactly is operation code red, boss?
    Furion : You will see...

    Will our heroes be able to capture Darkterror? What is the the meaning of operation code red anyway? Don't forget to check out my next chapter for more insane Dota stories!

    Note: I will begin posting the fillers of the story once the main story is over, just to keep the suspense, haha
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 5 is up!)

    i thought the Flask was the original name of the Bottle. Now I remember! :D
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 5 is up!)

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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 5 is up!)

    Here's the next update guys, enjoy :)

    Title : A Dota nutty story!
    Author : Shippoukitsune (For other forums/ign/blog I'm known as Bluedrake)
    Genre : Humor/comedy/Mild violence/ slight romance
    Synopsis : When our Dota heroes get bored what will they do? Opening a hotel??? That's just nuts!
    Character involved : Most of the Dota heroes and some requested celebrities...

    Chapter 6: The babes are here!

    While Darkterror was running towards the lobby to exit the hotel, Furion had initiated code red against him. Pudge and Mirana were waiting for Balanar at the lobby...

    DArkterror : Well what do you know? There is nobody at the lobby to even catch me! This place is totally pathetic... (1500hp)

    Unbeknownst to Darkterror, Mirana had casted her ultimate Moonlight Shadow, makingher entire hotel staffs to be invisible temporarily. To Darkterror's shock, Pudge suddenly came out of nowhere and start biting his ass...

    Pudge : Ahh... Fresh Meat! (Bit Darkterror's ass...)
    Darkterror : What the hell!?!? (1250hp)
    Mirana : We are not done with you yet! (Shot her Elune's Arrow at Darkterror)
    Darkterror : My head is so dizzy... (900hp)
    Pudge : Trying to run away from us huh? Meathhook!! (Pulled Darkterror back to him)
    Mirana : Starfall!!! (Meteorites started to fall on Darkterror...)
    Darkterror : ARGH!!! That does it! CHRONOSPHERE!!! (100hp)

    With Darkterror casting Chronosphere, our two heroes were stuck in the time-stopped force field and the conman proceeded to escape through the front door. Unfortunately for Darkterror, Balanar was waiting for him and began to beat the seven shades of shit out of him...

    Balanar : Do you surrender? And pay up for the lodging fee?
    Darkterror : No and no! You could never make me pay by force!
    Balanar : Don't say I didn't warn you... (Broke Darkterror's left foot...)
    Darkterror : ARGH!!! Okay! I will pay!! Here's the money!! (Handed Balanar 300 gold pieces..)
    Balanar : Not good enough! You still have to pay for the maintenance fee, room service, government tax, insurance fee and tips, with the grand total of 2500 gold pieces!!!
    Darkterror : What the hell... I... I don't even have that much money!
    Balanar : Don't test my patience! (Broke Darkterror's right foot...)
    Darkterror : YEOWCHH!!! Okay, take it man! Take it!!! (Gave Balanar 2500 gold pieces...)
    Balanar : That's better... We hope that you had an enjoyable stay over here and please visit us again!
    Darkterror : !@#$%^&*() I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THIS PLACE, YOU !@#$%^&* DID YOU HEAR ME?
    Balanar : I'm sorry, did I hear a complain? (Broke Darkterror's left arm...)
    Darkterror : OOOOUUUCCCHHH!!!!
    Balanar : I guess not... Time to head back to the hotel...

    Satisfied with his achievement, Balanar left Darkterror to crawl out of the hotel's porch and handed 500 gold pieces to Furion ( And yes, he pocketed the extras...) As Darkterror was crawling his way back to the Scourge base, he saw a very furious looking Leragas marched towards the hotel and accidentally stomped over Darkterror's right arm...

    Darkterror : Mother !@#$%!! My right arm!! Wait... I don't have a right harm! You missed me, noob!!
    Leragas : Oh yeah? ( Walked towards Darkterror, took out his very own Divine Rapier and chopped him into pieces...)
    Announcer : Leragas has pawned Darkterror's head for 0 gold!
    Leragas : This is what happens when idiot Dota heroes pissed me off! Furion!!! You are next!!!

    With that being said, Leragas stormed into the hotel, and look for Furion at the hotel lobby...

    Leragas : Look man! Your hotel stinks, your chef sucks, your waitress is disturbing and no one ever visits your hotel! What do have to say for yourself?
    Furion : Uh... You sounded like Simon from American Idol?
    Leragas : Damn you! That's not what I meant! I don't bloody care if I sounded like Simon or Ryan Seacrest, I'm here to shut your hotel down!
    Furion : You can't do that!
    Leragas : I can and I will!!

    While the two numbskulls were still arguing, a group of Dota babes (5 to be exact) entered the hotel nad made their way to the receptionist. The five were none other than Luna, Lina, Traxex, Rylai Crestfall and Shandelzare Silkwood...

    Furion : And you were saying that my hotel has no customers?
    Leragas : DAMNIT!!! Very well, I will shut you down LATER but remember, I'm watching you... (Left the hotel...)
    Furion : Hello girls, how can I help you?
    Traxex : We have just finished scouting the areas for any undeads and since we were already done, we felt that we would come here to relax...
    furion : Then you've come to the right place!
    Luna : We would like to have two double-bedded room and a single-bedded room...
    Rylai : And could you get bellboy to carry our belongings? We are quite tired...
    Furion : (Drooling...) Sure thing sweetheart... (Mirana stomped onto his foot...) OWW!!! I mean... right away! Riki, I require your service!!
    Rikimaru : What is it? Why do you have have to call for me when I'm in the toilet!?!? (Saw the group of babes...) Woah... Am I in heaven???
    Furion : No, you are still in my hotel and I need you to carry their belongings!
    Rikimaru : Sure thing boss! Ladies, if you don't mind, perhaps I should lead all of you into the lift?
    Lina : That would be an excellent idea! Furion, are the keys ready?
    Furion : yeah, here it is ladies... (Handed the key's to them...)

    As Rikimaru took their belongings and led the beauties into the lift, Furion was cursing and sulking because he was not the one that was stuffed with the top 5 cutest Dota heroes in the lift. While Furion was viewing intently through the CCTV in the lift, Akasha and Balanar joined in to see what was making Furion acting like a dirty old man. Back in the lift...

    Rikimaru : So ladies, how long are you going to stay here?
    Traxex : I don't know, maybe a couple of days...
    Lina : So, you are the only bellboy in this hotel?
    Rikimaru : Uh, yeah...
    Luna : Oh... I really like your fur!! It's so fuzzy and ticklish!
    Rikimaru : Right... (Blushed...)
    Rylai : Oh my... He's blushing! I really like it when he blushes!
    Traxex : He's so cute!
    Rikimaru : Hey, watch it! I'm a stealth assassin! I'm a vicious satyr for your information!
    Lina : We made the little satyr angry but yet, he's still so adorable!
    Akasha (lobby) : That no good two-timer... Wait till he comes back down here...
    Rikimaru : Anyway... What's with Shandelzare? Why is she so quiet?
    Luna : She don't talk much. Especially after her boyfriend, Magina dumped her for someone in the Scourge...
    Akasha (lobby) : Oh crap....
    Rylai : So, do you have a swimming pool in the hotel?
    Rikimaru : Yeah, it's on top of the penthouse to provide extra privacy to our customer...
    Traxex : Great! Do you mind going with us later? We need you to pout sun-tan oil onto our back. And I don't trust Balanar to do it for us...
    Balanar (lobby) : Curses!!! Ir's not my fault that I'm a pervert!
    Furion (lobby) : Yeah... If it's not your own bloody fault, whose fault is it then?
    Akasha (lobby) : Will you two keep quiet? I'm trying to listen here!
    Lina : I have to agree with Traxex about Balanar though. If my mood is better later, I might sunbath toplessly...
    Luna : Yeah, me to. Hey, it's our floor. See you later Riki... (Exited the lift...)

    Just as the lift closed, Rikimaru, Balanar and Furion's nose exploded with blood flowing out like there's no tomorrow while imagining the nude forms of the heroins. Akasha and Mirana on the other hand were clenching their fist in anger due to jealousy. Once Rikimaru exited the lift on the lobby, everyone surrounded him...

    Rikimaru : Uh... What's up?
    Furion : (Serious face and attitude...) Riki! As the manager of the hotel, I demand you to take me with you when you are going to the pool!
    Balanar : I may not be able to go but I still need Furion to install a few CCTV over there so I could have another round of nosebleed whenever I need it!
    Furion : Yeah! Why didn't I think of it?! Hey, great minds think alike! (Mirana stomped onto his foot...) OWW!!! For Elune's sake, stop that!!!
    Mirana : I will stop that when you start to think unerotic thoughts! And Balanar, you have to stop influencing my husband with your sex-starved attitude!
    Balanar : Hey, chill... It's just like what Furion said. Great minds think alike, especially when it comes to sex...
    Mirana : That does it! You two, into the ballroom now! I have some brainwashing to do. Akasha, I will leave Rikimaru to you. Do what you must...
    Akasha : Sure thing sister! They don't call me the Queen of Pain for nothing!
    Rikimaru : Gulp...
    Balanar : Peace brother... And be careful with her whip. Trust me, I've had it before...
    Rikimaru : Double gulp...

    Mirana pushed the two into the ballroom while Akasha pulled Rikimaru into the dining room by his horn... In the dining room...

    Rikimaru : Hey, watch it! What's your problem?
    Akasha : My problem is that.... Flirting with customer is wrong! It's in Furion's rulebook!
    Rikimaru : And why does it matters to you?
    Akasha : Because... Because you still owe me your tail!
    Rikimaru : That still didn't answer my question...
    Akasha : Just mark my words! If you decide to go kinky while you are with the girls, I will castrate you and turn you into an eunuch! (Blinked away angrily...)
    Rikimaru : Gosh, what's wrong with her???
    Pudge : That my friend is what you called a women's jealousy...

    During the argument between the duo, Pudge was taking a break in a dining room while taking a smoke. Basically, he heard everything he need to hear...

    Rikimaru : What do you know about women's jealousy? You are just a butcher!
    Pudge : For your information, before I was an Undead, I used to be a love expert and I could see Akasha had developed some feelings for you...
    Rikimaru : You? A love expert? With that face of yours, even a blind grandmother from the old folks home wouldn't come near you!
    Pudge : Excuse me! I used to be a charming looking guy. When I died, the Scourge sewn my body parts with a few other corpse to turn me into this... abomination... (Begins to cry...)
    Rikimaru : Right... What is your advise then, Mr. Love Guru?
    Pudge : If I'm you, I'll not piss her off. Angry women are very dangerous... And by the way, do you think that you could sneak me up to the pool later when you are going up?
    Rikimaru : Oh man, you are just as pervert as the rest of us!!
    Pudge : Hey, just because that I'm ugly, that doesn't mean that I'm not a sex maniac...
    Rikimaru : Whatever... I need to settle my problems with Akasha first...

    In the ball room on the other hand, Mirana has taken out a few counseling books related to uneroticsm and sat in from of the duo...

    Balanar : What's your problem with me now? Your husband's sex-craved with hot chicks had absolutely nothing to do with me!
    Mirana : Ever since you became the staff of this hotel, Furion has been reading Playboy magazines and telling dirty jokes to me!
    Furion : My love, let's not discuss about my personal life to strangers and it's not Balanar's fault that I've changed...
    Mirana : So, you are saying that it's my fault now? Am I not attractive in your eyes?!
    Furion : It's not that you are not attractive but everyone needs a change in their life sometimes...
    Mirana : But you don't see me flirting with other people when I'm bored of you, don't you?
    Furion : Well, no... Hang on! You are bored of me?
    Mirana : Let's not jump into conclusions... My point right now is that if you continue to act like a pervert, I'll seduce and flirt with other men from the Scourge!!
    Furion : That's a cruel punishment for yourself... Who can you look for? Pudge?
    Mirana : I can always look for Balanar...
    Balanar : I don't mind to have a one night stand with her...
    Mirana : You see? For every 1 female you flirt with, I will flirt with 10 other men!
    Furion : Balanar, you wouldn't go out on date with my wife would you?
    Balanar : Don't mind if I do... But seriously, you have a beautiful wife at your side, what more do you want? But for Riki and my case, we are still single, so we are given the rights to find our perfect match and be a pervert...
    Mirana : Balanar is right and since I'm not trusting you to use your common sense right now, I've hired a guy to teach you on how to be a responsible married man...
    Furion : And who will that be?
    Mirana : You will see...
    Balanar : Uh... Since I'm still single, can I be excused from this class?
    Mirana : Yes you may.
    Balanar : YEAH!!! I'm out of here!!! (Exited the ballroom...)
    Furion : What about me?
    Mirana : You will sit here and wait for your lecturer to arrive while I return to the reception table and resume my job as the assistant manager!
    Furion : Oh well... What's the worst that could happen?

    And so, Mirana left Furion in the ballroom to wait for his lecturer while she began to tend the customer's needs...

    Who will be Furion's lecturer? Will Rikimaru be able to fix the mess he made? Does anyone still give a damn about my story? Don't forget to check out my next chapter!
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 6 is up!)

    A lecturer?? Hahahaha!!! Too bad for Furion then, huh? Hehe. The two chapters are simply surreal! :rofl: I can't stop laughing! :rofl:
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    Re: A Dota nutty story (repost) (chapter 6 is up!)

    Another chapter updated! According to other reviews, this will be the least interesting chapter but it has to be inside to fit the storyline. Have fun reading

    Title : A Dota nutty story!
    Author : Shippoukitsune (For other forums/ign/blog I'm known as Bluedrake)
    Genre : Humor/comedy/Mild violence/ slight romance
    Synopsis : When our Dota heroes get bored what will they do? Opening a hotel??? That's just nuts!
    Character involved : Most of the Dota heroes and some requested celebrities...

    Chapter 7: The drool team

    As Furion waited for his 'teacher' to arrive, Balanar sneaked up to the Penthouse to plant a few observer wards around the pool area while Rikimaru went to look for Akasha and found her talking to Mirana in the lobby. using his invisibility skill, he eavesdropped the conversation between the duo...

    Akasha : So, have you taken care of your husband and Balanar?
    Mirana : Well, I've sent my husband to a pervert management class though I can't do anything about Balanar since he's from the scourge and all. What about you?
    Akasha : (Sigh...) I've reprimanded him that if he tries anything weird or funny while he's up there, he will be turned into a eunuch...
    Mirana : Ok... So what's with the sighing?
    Akasha : I don't know. I felt ignored whenever I'm near him...
    Mirana : How do you want to feel when he's around you then?
    Akasha : I just want some acknowledgment from him that he cared for me. Even a little will make me happy!
    Mirana : So, why would you want any acknowledgment from him?
    Akasha : Because... because I always have a weird feeling whenever he's with me. You know... Like when you have a crush on someone. This had never happened to me before with my other flings...
    Mirana : And let me guess... you feel jealous when the Sentinel babes touched him non-stop just now?
    Akasha : Well, sort of... I felt extremely jealous and hurt when someone else touches him. I want him to know that he belongs only to me!
    Mirana : Then, you should be having this conversation with him, not me...
    Akasha : You are right. And I think I should be back in the dining room by now. Bye...

    Akasha blinked away from the lobby into the dining room while Rikimaru stood at his hiding place, looking dumbfounded...

    Mirana : Riki, you could come out now you know?
    Rikimaru : (Came out of invisibility mode...) How on Earth do you know I'm here?!
    Mirana : Let's just say I've Sixth Sense... So, how do you feel and what are you going to do about her?
    Rikimaru : A little uneasy and shaken up. So, base on your Sixth Sense, what should I do now?
    Mirana : Act dumb and pretend to know nothing until she approached you with the subject. If she found out that you eavesdropped our conversation, she will turn you into a marshmallow...
    Rikimaru : Huh? Why bother turning me into a marshmallow?
    Mirana : I don't know! I just say whatever things that comes into my mind...
    Rikimaru : Right... I will just resume my bellboy duty and pretend that this conversation had never happen before...

    Rikimaru continued to slack in the toilet while Balanar returned to the lobby humming to himself happily. Knowing very well that Balanar had planted observer wards, Mirana went to the penthouse to destroy them herself. Not realising that his plan has been foiled, Balanar continued to act stupid and went to the dining room to have his tea break...

    Balanar : Akasha, get me my cup of tea!!
    Akasha : Sure thing... (Gave the order to Pudge) So, how many wards did you exactly plant around the pool?
    Balanar : Huh!?!? I don't know what are you talking about...
    Akasha : Come on! I knew you in the Scourge for years and you will never miss this golden opportunity!
    Balanar : Alright... I've planted 6 of them in the best angle on could get! If the scenes is captured well, I could turn them into a massive DVD collection and sell all of them. Then I'll be rich an---
    Akasha : I don't care if you will end up as a rich guy or and old man! I just need you to share the ward's vision with me...
    Balanar : OMG!!! YOU'RE A BLOODY LESBIAN!!!
    Akasha : NO!!! I just want to keep an eye on Riki...
    Balanar : Someone has a crush on him huh? But how will this benefits me?
    Akasha : If you deny my request, I will go right up to the penthouse and destroy the ward myself! (A meaningless threat since the wards were already broken...)
    Balanar : YOU WOULDN'T!!!
    Akasha : Want to bet on it? Do we have ourselves a deal?
    Balanar : (Sigh...) Do I have a choice?
    Akasha : No... But thanks for your cooperation.

    After the agreement, Balanar took his cup of tea and went back to his shift. Meanwhile, the mysterious teacher had arrived and went into the ballroom to teach Furion on how to be a responsible married man...

    Furion : AW MAN!!! Anyone but you!!!
    Leragas : Do I look like I want to come here and teach you!?!? But for the money's sake, let us begin our lesson in pervert management.
    Furion : For the last time, I'm not a pervert! I'm still the same old responsible Prophet!
    Leragas : Care to explain why there is a dozen of playboy magazines on your table right now?
    Furion : Uh... Someone must have left the on the table... And it's not mine!!
    Leragas : Right... So Furion, when did you start to experience the pervertness symptoms?
    Furion : I'm not having any pervertness disease and I'm a normal Night Elf!!!
    Leragas : If you are so normal, you wouldn't end up here, would you?
    Furion : It's all Mirana's fault! She thinks I didn't pay much attention to her!
    Leragas : And that's why I'm here then. Let's start our lesson...


    Furion : So, what am I suppose to learn from this lesson?
    Leragas : On the table in front of you, there will be 3 special edition Playboy magazine made by me. If you would just have a look on the magazine, I'm sure you will begin to lose your pervertness aura...
    Furion : I can lose this bad habit of mine by reading even more Playboy magazines?! This is stupid...
    Leragas : Just open the first magazine and have a look before you start giving me retarded comments!
    Furion : Whatever... (Open the magazine and found himself looking at nude figures of Leragas...) MY BLOODY EYES!!! OMFG!!!
    Leragas : Is it working?
    Furion : YOU ARE SICK AND WRONG!!! You're making me to lose all my dirty imagination and--- Hey wait, I'm losing all my dirty imaginations!
    Leragas : Good to hear that. If you would open magazine #2 now--
    Furion : I'm never going to read any magazines that has nude photos of you!!!
    Leragas : Relax, the first magazines was just used to get you to think about unerotic stuff...
    Furion : You got me to stop thinking about erotic thoughts alright!

    LESSON 2 : Your wife is your only concern!

    Furion : Ok then, let's see what is in book #2... (Opened the magazine to see a list of fake silicon breast for each Dota female character...) Um... Care to explain?
    Leragas : Behold! Each fake silicon breast that you are seeing right now represents the hidden truth of each female Dota characters. For example, if you would turn to page 25 you can see how fake Lina's breast is!
    Furion : But... Lina's breast is not like that. you should have seen her---
    Leragas : FOCUS ON THE MAGAZINE! What you see is not always true. If you stare at Lina at the correct angle, there is a made in China trademark on her left breast!
    Furion : Ok... I think I'm losing more unerotic thoughts in my mind after seeing even more disturbing pictures...
    Leragas : Good, you are doing well! Now if you would turn to the last page, you will be seeing some mind blasting pictures!
    Furion : (Turned to the last page to see Mirana with nude, sexy post...) Woah... I didn't remember seeing my wife that hot... WAIT! hOW THE HELL DID YOU GET THESE PICTURES!?!?!
    Leragas : Uh... Calm down man... Remember your lesson, your wife is your only concern...
    Furion : My wife IS my concern right now!!! Don't force me to ask the question again! (Grabbed Leragas by the neck...)
    Leragas : (Choke...) It's from your wife herself! She gave me the photos because she wanted you to change, for the best!
    Furion : Ok, next question, how many of these magazines are produced?
    Leragas : (Choke...) This is the one and only... And you can have it! Please let go of my fragile neck now!
    Furion : Of course I'm going to have the magazine! ( Took the magazine and released Leragas...)
    Leragas : (Breathing hard...) You... Have... passed the test as a responsible man. I've nothing more to teach you anymore...
    Furion : I have?
    Leragas : By your furios attitude, it's already clearly shown that you cared a lot for your wife and therefore, my objective here is done...
    Furion : Hey, you are right! And I've cured from my pervertness disease! So, what is in magazine #3 then?
    Leragas : Magazine #3 is only used for extremely stubborn students. Since you have passed the class, you do not need to check it out. But if you are curios, you can have a look...

    Feeling uneasy, furion decided to see what was in magazine #3 and since he had passed, he might be getting extra knowledge (or mental disturbance) for this...

    Furion : (Opened the magazine to see scandal photos of himself with a letter in it...) HOW THE !@#$%^ DID YOU GET ALL THESE???
    Leragas : Relax, I did not spy on you through any observer wards. The pictures were given by your wife as well and I think you should read the letter first...
    Furion : (Read the letter) Malfurion, if you are reading this letter while you're still not cured, then this is a bad news for you. Leragas explained to me that those embarrassing masturbating photos of yours will be sent to your Facebook's homepage for everyone to see if your attitude remains the same. However, if you are reading this just for your amusement, then I was just joking and you can have back the pictures. Love and kisses, Mirana Nightshade...
    Leragas : As what the letter has stated, you can have back magazine #2 and 3 for yourself but I'm taking back magazine #1...
    Furion : Sure thing. I'm glad that I was cured from this unknown, deadly disease...
    Leragas : You should be proud of yourself. As a graduate of my class, I hereby present you the certificate of high distinction for pervert management!
    Furion : Oh yeah!

    When the two exited the ballroom, Mirana looked at Leragas expectantly to hear the good news. With a approving nod and smile from Leragas' face, Mirana literally lept towards her husband and hugged him...

    Leragas : Aw, how nice... I'm going back to my secret shop location and here's the bill for the class...
    Furion : After what you did to help me, I don't even mind paying you 30,000 gold piece--- (looked at the bill....) 30,000 GODDAMN GOLD PIECES!?!?

    By the time Furion was done looking at the bill, Leragas was running away for his life, feeling happy at the same time to regain all his loss for the past few days...

    Furion : How the hell am I going to pay that bastard when I'm not making any profit from this hotel management business....
    Mirana : Cheer up! At least you could use your common sense to think up of a good plan.
    Furion : I guess you are right. But remember, never hand out personal photos to any strangers again!
    Mirana : Of course...

    While the two's relationship was going back on track, Lina went down to the lobby to look for rikimaru...

    Lina : Furion, where's the cute satyr? We are looking for him to help us in the penthouse.
    Furion : (Looked at her disgustingly...) Sure... Riki! Your services is needed!
    Rikimaru : (From the toilet...) Damn it!!! Do you have to always call me during my break time!!
    Furion : Whatever... (Looked back at Lina disgustingly...) You need to for a while for Riki ma'am...
    Lina : That wouldn't be a problem but what's with that look on your face?
    Furion : Its just that I don't like talking to woman that do plastic surgery on their breast. It's against the nature...
    Lina : (Angry...) WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?!
    Furion : Hey, Silicon-ed breast woman has no rights to be angry!

    Feeling extremely furious, Lina unleashed her Laguna Blade onto Furion, zapping his ass upside down (but not powerful enough to kill him...) and waited outside the toilet for Rikimaru instead...

    Furion : Ouch, that hurts!
    Mirana : Just because you are no longer a pervert, that doesn't mean you could despise or insult any woman you see!
    Furion : I will try to remember about that...

    Once Rikimaru came out from the toilet, he was instantly dragged by Lina into the lift with Balanar drooling, thinking about the babes at the pool with Akasha beside him, clenching her fist in jealousy...

    Will Rikimaru be able to keep everyone satisfied and happy or will hell break lose? Dont forget to check out my next chapter!