A Beginner's Guide To DOTA 2 by a beginner

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by amoura, Jan 1, 2012.

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    That guide is so epic. It just wrote down the feelings I had 5 years ago when I first started DotA.
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    Teach me how to Dough-tah.
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    I see what he did there.
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    damn, it felt just like an cracked article xD
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    That was epic! 10/10
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    informative guide.
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    thumb up
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    Awesome! bump
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    Instead of writing useless articles that no one will give a crap about this guy needs to spend his time on actually learning the basics of the game.

    [nqb]The opposing team got a bunch of XP, so they can buy better skills. Great. Now they have two million abilities.[/nqb]

    This is so misleading!
    Two million abilities =?= 4-5 abilities
    Buying skills with XP?
    I imagine how demotivated new players will be after reading this bullshit guide...

    This is very misleading information which will distract new players
  13. Grubi

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    >Maybe it would help if you used one of your abilities. Ha ha, just kidding. Press that button and you'll summon a bird that just hovers in place and explodes in gore when an enemy comes close



    Double L O L
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    This was fucking awesome and will without a doubt bring a lot of players to the game as it portrays Dota 2 in a really desirable way that makes it look a bit like a souls game
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    To everyone who thinks that the article is misleading, you're reading it only at the most shallow level.

    Quoting from the article:
    The article shows how deep DotA is, and, despite all its complexities, that the author loves the game. This article is written in a positive sense, although most of it makes it seem like the game is impossible to pick up.

    Also, read other articles on the website. Articles on somethingawful.com clearly need to be taken with multiple grains of salt.
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    1. Use potions

    2. Pick a different hero

    3. Don't touch anything

    folo this and you will be fine
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    Once you perfected those 3 points you may:

    4. Yell "ss" in chat whenever you don't see a enemy hero.
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    Awesome gj
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    i liked it :D
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    this is supposed to be a joke... look at the website... :rofl: