820 Vengeful Spirit build viable?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by SupSnow, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. SupSnow

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    To those of you who don't know who 820 is, he has been a carry player of EHOME for years now and has been voted one of the best several times. Recently EHOME decided to let 820 play support and instead give Burning his carry role.

    The build goes like this
    not sure here anymore but probably max aura

    It seems like he does this every single game, and he is one of the best if not the best VS on the planet. Should we change from the usual missile maxing?
  2. woozie how

    woozie how Well-Known Member

    I have seen many players do this too. Dont really understand why.

    Post a link of a recent replay pls.
  3. icetech

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    you'r very brilliant... :rofl:
  4. SupSnow

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  5. andreacirri

    andreacirri Well-Known Member

    It's like Leoric leveling stun once with fixed duration. It's up to you. If you think that you can recover the damage lost (about 200) by leveling other skills during the stun duration then ofc feel free to build VS that way. I only do this on Leoric when I think that the opponent SK, Mirana will dodge it. Sometimes I max it first and use S to let'em waste Leap and SS. It depends on my mood.
  6. PureResist

    PureResist Well-Known Member

    This would be best if you have a lot of physical hitters in your line up.
  7. tpinsane

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    The build is good. There are 2 reasons to go for such a build. First lvl 1 stun has exactly the same duration as lvl 4 one but takes less mp so u can stun more often which gives u opportunity for more ganging and roaming. Second in competitive games Vengeful might often not hit even lvl 11 so if the player goes lvl 4 stun and lvl 4 terror he might not even skill aura and that is bad. Aura and terror are very important mid-late and late game.
  8. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    level 1 missile and 4 terror:
    100 magic damage (75 with base resistance)
    100 terror damage (total 175)
    -5 armor

    bad part: using magic missile twice will get you very little total damage compared to a leveled one.

    level 1 terror and level 4 missile:
    325 magic damage (244 with base resistance)
    25 terror damage (total 269)
    -2 armor

    bad part: it takes moar mana.
  9. Casting more Magic Missiles >>>>>> Dealing damage with Magic Missiles.

    For me, the damage output seems to be the same. Your damage + Command Aura alone + Terror is already huge. I've always play VS like this.
  10. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    there are items that give you more mana to cast more missiles.
  11. zaphodbrx99

    zaphodbrx99 Well-Known Member

    It is a situational build that can work in league games which are focused on farming.
    Since there is no/little ganging, you won't miss the extra damage of missile, and it makes no difference lategame.

    Essentially this makes Vengeful Spirit a walking aura ( alpha wolf style ) that throws a stun and a wave of terror every now and then. The ultimate is usually not used cos the sexy 1200 swap range is available only at level 16 while the roaming/warding VS is severely underleveled and barely reaches level 11. Also swapping sometimes makes the VS die and then you lose the walking aura and extra stuns/wave.

    Don't try this at home.
  12. CvP

    CvP Forum Manager

    I have been playing VS a lot for last couple of days. I did level up terror/aura more than stun at times. Never gave it much thought though.

    thanks op.
  13. YumItsTasty

    YumItsTasty Well-Known Member

    Viable build for a full support venge with minimal farm, I suppose ..
    The decreased dmg output helps avoiding killsteals and with the reduced mana cost Bottle and Stick should suffice as your core.

    But if you don't go around wardbitchin all game, you should get your point booster soon enough anyway ...
  14. Missleader

    Missleader Well-Known Member

    This and also; venge often roams and is therefore often on low level when others are high level. Its imoprtant for the rest of the team to have that aura end terror maxed out.
  15. Gheizen64

    Gheizen64 Well-Known Member

    It's just a slightly more defensive build. The stun is all you need to escape from ganks, so it's leveled only 1 level. Also, being in lane with a drow, for example, mean that lvl1 mm + lvl2 terror will almost always be more damage than lvl 2 mm+ lvl 1 terror. Aura come handy to push the lane early and give more last-hitting power to your lane partner, usually a carry, and usually drow. You shouldn't take this if you're laning with a nuker, just with a carry.

    Anyway, OLD BUILD IS OLD.
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  16. iknowyouitlags

    iknowyouitlags Well-Known Member

    gosh, i feel weird when I think of the way I play VS :D
    its a smart way tho, i admit it, but not that appealing to me.
    i still go on stun + stats till lvl 10, (swap at 6, 11, 16) then go to aura.
    helps me nuke the shit out of them early game, fuck their armor and continue to nuke them mid game, not die and still do some good attack dmg.
    ill try playing vs like this, maybe its good :)
  17. fruta

    fruta Well-Known Member

    You do it if there are heroes like drow or medu in your line-up.
  18. banjkan3

    banjkan3 Well-Known Member

    STats venge is horribly outdated. In my mind terror should almost always be maxed by level 7, it's SO good (the reason venge is picked so much), and extra levels in stun haven't got anyhthing on more rape-wave. The question then becomes aura or stun. The thing is, aura is very good, and since venge is often underlevelled you could rerasonably expect not to be level 14 for a pretty long time. This means that unless you go on an absolute rampage because of the extra points in stun your team is gonna be an aura free zone for the part of the game when it becomes important and you start having clashes. That's bad, and that is why you should consider 820's venge build.
  19. Unnamed_

    Unnamed_ Banned

    The fact that someone on competitive is doing great with this build means we have to change from missile maxing?????!!?!?
    You're brain-washed, really.
    Play the game the way you like it, not the way some competitive fuckers do it.
  20. jacksp

    jacksp Well-Known Member

    Heck it comes do to personal preference ofc..Personally id rather have the extra damage that would help to take down the opponent faster than giving him a chance to escape when the stun is on cd. Talking about late game when the aura comes into use, support venge is usually under levelled and hence you are talking about sacrificing her early game roaming/ganking where she shines to make sure that her team mates get benefits late game??
    Sorry this is just not happening for me