6.79 changelog

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    - Increased bad taste for anime from 4 to 5.


    - Wait, who?


    - Removed all adult scenes from Monster Girl's Quest
    - Don't google that
    - No really don't do it.


    - Removed from Captain mode.


    - Can no longer quote Icefrog
    - Still awesome anyway

    Captain Planet

    - Captain Planet can no longer post guides


    - Number of lesbians per week reduced from 4/5/6/7 to 2/3/4/5.
    - Manacost of lesbian reduced from 120 to 70/80/90/100.


    - Maximum number of "Nya" per post reduced from 18 to 12.
    - "Nya" no longer stacks with lifesteal.


    - Removed from suggestion forum.
    - Increase base attack by 6.
    - Reduced BAT to 1.5 seconds.


    - Denki now stuns for 1.5 seconds each time he adds an user has a friend.
    - Denki attack range increased from 450 to 520.


    - Userbars increased from 4 yo 8.
    - Increase base regeneration to 2.


    - Can no longer type the word carry
    - Increase movement speed from 300 to 320


    - Glac1al can no longer deny creeps (enemy will still recive normal experience)
    - Glac1al night vision increased from 1200 to 1800.
    - Glac1al has true sight for "Trap" type heroes
    - Added in to Gar mode


    - Kha's Greed bonus per enemy killed from 1/2/3/4 to 3/4/5/6.
    - GodlyKha can nolonger equip Kelen's Dagger or Medallion of Courage.


    - InvokerofTime now gains 1 extra post each time he has a problem with steam.
    - Steam crashing chance increased to 60% for InvokerofTime only.


    - Increased base Agility by 5.
    - Typhox intelligence can't be stealed by Obsidian Destroyer's Astral Imprisonment


    - Casting time of Ika Musume reduced from 3 to 2 seasons.


    - Can no longer send russians after Royal_Naga.


    - Added 5 more pictures of little girls in to his inventory.
    - Murie~ should stop watching Yosuga no Sora
    - Seriously...


    - Signature removed has it is pure trolling, that never happen
    - Added a new Signature *insert naked picture of Antimage*


    - Can no longer carry naked pictures of Ellie
    - Scourge passive gold cost reduction from 30% to 45% (Does not count secret shop items)


    - Removed from Captain's mode.

    Redeemed A.I.

    - Redeemed A.I can no longer post about how bad Meepo is (on his opinion)


    - Increased number of blog entries from 12 to 100.


    - Kris now changes his avatar at least once per month


    - Quisce creates a Mudkip upon death, Mudkip has 800hp, 350 mana,12 armor, his magic inmune, truesight and MudBlink (50 mana 8 seconds cooldown)


    - Duel duration increased to 7 seconds.
    - YajirobefromDC can no longer pick Nevermore.
    - YajirobefromDC regains 15 gold each time he buys a tango.


    Smoke of Deceit

    - The AoE of the buff is increased from 1200 to 1500.
    - Smoke of Deceit now affects creeps.
    - Smoke of Deceit now gives 30% bonus movement speed to non-hero units.


    - Towers in bot and top lane are invulnerable until mid tier 1 tower is destroyed
    - Secret shop removed
    - Added a new shop: Oscar the mad goblin
    Oscar has all the items the previous secret shop used to have, but Oscar consist on 2 Zeppelins that fly at 400ms in a circle route around the map . if a hero comes close in a 325 AoE to Oscar then he can buy the items from the secret shop.
    Oscar is invulnerable and inmune to magic.
    - Tier 4 towers now have splash attack in a 150 AoE for 50% of their damage.
    - Tier 4 towers heal 50% more health from abilities such has Living armor and Guardian Angel (Scepter)

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    give that man a permanent ban -_-
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    wtf i was removed from cm.
  5. KungFuNerdNinja

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    ggnore free wins
  6. Royal_Naga

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    Since heroes were recently added in to CM mode (In dota 2) Icefrog is probably not going to release another patch until he sees how those heroes perform current tournaments.

    Or just move this to comedy... after a while.
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    rofl lmao xDDDD
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    Stickies! ^^
  9. abdo123

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    do we need DotA 2 to tell this how these heroes will perform

    Move on with your lives ...
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    Gold, but wrong subforum.

    Should be Legends of (Play)DotA changelog.
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    Sticky pls ^^
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    ohhhh. right.
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    BTW, who's Antaramesu?
  14. KungFuNerdNinja

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    You forgot about YajirobefromDC finally being added to Captain's Mode.
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    - "Nya" no longer stacks with lifesteal.

    Welcome to shit tier chibinya
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    so pleased that im not in that shit
  18. Kaptain_Kobra

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    Is Murie a Louie clone???
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    Hey a funny thread, that's unusal in DC.
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