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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Gondarhea, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Gondarhea

    Gondarhea Banned

    Will the world end in 2012 with the dota 6.78 version "get"?

    Post in this thread so IceFrog can save the world and make the dota 6.61 - 6.78 versions before 2012 when the world is predicted by Myanz and Nostradimas to end.

    Our Fate is in your hands Ice Frog.
  2. Desirable

    Desirable Well-Known Member

    Srsly, OP. Srsly...
  3. LulzYeah

    LulzYeah Banned

    First of all, how do you guess that version 6.78 will come in 2012? And lets not forget that stupid topic is stupid.
  4. maikimai

    maikimai Well-Known Member

    My thread gave birth to this thread. sigh...

    This thread reminds me of My Balls.
  5. Desirable

    Desirable Well-Known Member

    ^Don't claim credit for your own stupidity. Lmao.
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