6.74 Update

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  1. IceFrog

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    6.74 will be primarily just a small balance/bugfix patch. It will be marked as the new stable version a week or two after it is released, pending any critical bug fixes. Most new/reworked content will be in 6.75. Use this thread to discuss the things you'd like to see in either 6.74 or 6.75.
  2. Louie!

    Louie! Banned

    more heroes in -cm
  3. Playa

    Playa Well-Known Member

    When will 6.65 be relesead then?
  4. menage0a0trois

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    Wow that was fast. I almost thought this was an update.


    Old Heroes:
    Tauren Cheiftain needs some love. I don't think he's even in the -CM pool, is he?​

    New Heroes:
    I don't think we should have more new heroes so soon after the last big patch.​

    Old New Heroes:

    I wish Pheonix was further remade. It's not about balance nor concept as much as it is execution. Fire Spirits in particular feels very off. I really liked the idea of being able to fire each fire spirit individually. I'm really hoping this skill gets remade further.

    I also can't wait to see Wisp in Captains Mode.​

    I don't really have a good reason for this but... I really want more new items!

    I also really think Veil of Discord as well as Ethereal Blade need some attention. Though I don't know how they could be changed to become more appealing to players.​
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  5. KingSalt

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    Yeah, that was incredibly fast o.o

    Anyways more heroes in -cm mode like Louie! said.
  6. kby0615

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    balances on those heroes auto banned in cm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! funnier meta game!!!!!!!
  7. STR1D3R

    STR1D3R Well-Known Member


    Also, I believe something needs to be done about windrunners shackleshot. Perhaps make it so that the primary target can only be a hero, but it can still latch on to trees and creeps.
  8. laikzasve

    laikzasve Well-Known Member

    Made me go to front page. IF trollin like baws :D.

    OT: Good roaming hero/item,some buffs to KotL early game illuminate spam.Maybe new jungle creep.Buffs to Rosh.Partial remakes on huskar and bara,so they can be played in good games,while becoming less pub-stompy.

    E: @Strider: IMHO,its better to simply change it from stun,to 50% slow(for second target).Hitting hero trough creep needs some skill.
  9. renatogc

    renatogc Well-Known Member

    It should be interesting to give those so called underused heroes or skills some second thought so that more and more variables can be added to the game. Leave the balenced heroes balanced and try to make the others keep up.


    The map is 7.8 MB.
  11. 8thCircle

    8thCircle Well-Known Member

    Some nerfs to Syllabear, CK, NS, Lycan, Panda, Invoker would be great.
  12. BogdanX

    BogdanX Well-Known Member

    Well I mostly play DOTA 2 now but this are some things I noticed, that need some sort of attention:

    - Ursa's claws nerf pls. (i have no idea why he needed the buff here in the first place)
    - One second extra CD on magina's blink.
    - Any small nerf to night stalker.
    - Bloodseeker's second spell nerf. (it's ridiculous.. with a stout shield or PMS he can just laugh @ you solo mid..)
    - Nature's Prophet ultimate small nerf.
    - Silencer slight buff with lower CD on ultimate.
    - Dark Seer slight nerf to his ultimate.
    - Riki's back stab nerf - become just 1x like in the old version.
    - Slight buff to Crystal Maiden's + Rhasta's movement speed.

    Thanks and cheers.

    Dota 2 rly needs Random Draft. + show some love to supports, some sort of stats @ the ending of games to show there wards purchase, courier.. stuff like that to make them also feel good about themselves.

    Also whats up with the valve general 'cat' theme for there heroes ? they love those cats and there point ears style.. gondar, brewmaster etc.
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  13. Prongs13

    Prongs13 Well-Known Member

    1. wisp and thrall in cm plz
    2. give chen recall ally ability >?
    3. nerf prophet ulti a bit...it is impossible to finish games faster thanks to his ultimate
  14. Ari~

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    A Hero Named Ari
  15. tNag552

    tNag552 Well-Known Member

    @BogdanX, this happens every time. some hero can be a pubstomper and in the same time totally useless in competitive. most of the heroes you want to nerf are easily countereable, without needing to nerf them, you just need to adapt your gameplay.

    OT, this was unexpected too soon. Actually I mostly play dota2 rather than dota, but as I expect they will be equaly updated this is good news.
  16. Sven2k

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  17. Gantznaught

    Gantznaught Well-Known Member

    - Naga siren's skill set is so off, absolutely no synergy between her skills whatsoever. And the new siren's song isn't really practical, at least not as much as the old one.

    - Rework murloc, the concept is awesome and so are the skills but he's SO easily counterable and squishy. I'd really like to see him be picked more in captain's mode.
  18. Nincinerator

    Nincinerator Well-Known Member

    Personally I think wisp would be far too op in organized games.
    Undo that riki buff( riki is alrdy a pub stomper).
    Lower veil recipe cost.
    Ursa undo buff unnecessary.
    Nerf voker Stats gain and spells
    Nerf dS ulti too powerful
    Lower sylla bear form hp
    Lycan wolf mode to 14/15/16
  19. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    Jakiro, bristleback, magnus, sniper, luna, siren, troll warlord, NA, meepo, ogre magi, techies, necrolyte, warlock, medua and leshrac need small buffs or smallscale remakes- for example ogre magi needs his aghanims upgrade badly, its been missing for years now.

    Centaur, drow ranger, ezalor, mortred and dragonus need large scale overhauls / total remakes.
  20. JukeboxDragon

    JukeboxDragon Well-Known Member

    I want Terrorblade to be reverted to his previous status, and still be in CM. That's all.

    Or at least revert Metamorphosis and give him Conjure image back.