6.68c Top 20 most imba heroes

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Dif, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Dif

    Dif Banned

    According to probably the best objective collection of data to date:
    Top 20

    Bottom 20 heroes:
    Botom 20

  2. Amoe

    Amoe Well-Known Member

    Shadow fiend best?
    Bristleback worst?
  3. I didn't expect Moon Rider on the top 20 o.o
  4. Dysania

    Dysania Well-Known Member

    Not a very good source imo. TA is the 2nd worst hero in dota and Lycan is the 6th best?

  5. matthew20141

    matthew20141 Well-Known Member

    I dont see Lion or cm or any of the other broken supporters like es...
  6. XaTrIxX

    XaTrIxX Moderator

    Imho a list which doesn't say too much (yet). From what we've recently seen Batrider has to be in the top 10 for sure as example. And he's not even in the top 20.
  7. raidragon

    raidragon Well-Known Member

    LOL??? Phantom lancer is one of the worst hero???No medusa or drow???and one more thing..no DOOM?????
  8. Dif

    Dif Banned

    Fact: Reality > Perception
    Most of these heroes have stats logged for ~400 games of 6.68c. A lot of players haven't even played in that many games over their life, let alone for one particular hero and one particular version. Your opinion or personal observation does not change the fact that these are recorded stats (ranked on ratio of games won to games lost) from private, inhouse, leaver-free games. If you have data proving otherwise, show it! Who cares about random pubs' misguided opinions...
  9. .nom

    .nom Well-Known Member

    There may be some truth in it, each time i see troll or mort picked in garena they fail miserably even if these heroes arent that bad. (heroes from top 20 are usually picked by better players when these from bottom 20 by bad) imo this doesnt really show what hero is imba.
  10. vvjacobo

    vvjacobo Well-Known Member

    Lol XaTrIxX did Batrider pay you for promoting him for president? :rofl:
    Las 10 post you wrote all talk about the greatness of Batman
  11. XaTrIxX

    XaTrIxX Moderator

    I just got amazed by this hero when I saw the replays.

    How amazed? In detail:

    Watched these 2 replays and analized them.
    Since then, played Batrider only. 7 games, 6 wins. DotA-League.com. People aren't used to this yet and it really looks like it also works competitively.
  12. AncientRune

    AncientRune Well-Known Member

    Barathrum era passed as ouroboros and kuroky bara fades away
    So bat has to to in top 10 and bara seconded
  13. Mr.Apple

    Mr.Apple Well-Known Member

    Where is Medusa? Drow? Lucifer?
  14. Dif

    Dif Banned

    Gee I don't know, scroll to the next few screens to look? It's based on ratio of game wins to losses, you tell me?
  15. Gomer_Pyle

    Gomer_Pyle Well-Known Member

    dif fails.

    these stats dont mean anything. a cm can have no creep kills, no hero kills, a bunch of deaths and still do her job amazingly.
  16. gofunkiertti

    gofunkiertti Well-Known Member

    a couple if things really surprised me on this.

    Shadow fiend has the highest creep kill amount over pitlord and techies

    Clinkz isn't higher on the list. I know people are still stuck on old builds like orchid and shit instead of soul ring but he really is very imba now.

    bristleback, tinker, axe, skeleton king and bane are much lower than i thought. particulary axe

    Troll should be higher. Are people picking the wrong teammates for him? in combination with heroes like tiny hes devastating.

    techies only played 4 times? really. He's an extremely good pick as the best supporter/pusher hero around.

    undying , lycan and batrider seem to be the most effective heroes with the least amount of play.
    Undylings low levels of picks seem to me the most surprising. Dont people realize that all his comp level buffs have mostly been restored. Also that soul and teams with arcane boots have allowed his his mana heavy tank style get buffed ever further
  17. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    This is completely useless, as heroes don't really count in pubs. All that matters is personal skill, since line-ups and lanes always suck and support are hardly used the way they should be.
  18. Dif

    Dif Banned

    gomer fails. these stats have nothing to do with creep kills, hero kills, or deaths. the rankings are based on the ratio of GAMES WON to GAMES LOST aka HOW WELL THE HERO "DOES THEIR JOB" of helping the team win.

  19. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    Chubby and Dirge in top 20? Wow.
    What games are being parsed for this statistics?
  20. Dif

    Dif Banned

    These aren't pub games. They are private, inhouse, leaver-free games and the strategy elements you speak of are actually prevalent.