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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by IceFrog, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Alokin

    Alokin Active Member

    Everytime you use a spell with Invoker (quas/exort/wex) he stops.
    Since those abillitys aren't any real spells, they shouldn't stop him.
    It is very annoying trying to run and invoke spells, sometimes I die because of it. :'(
  2. KuroNeko

    KuroNeko Moderator


    Make echo stomp knockout duration scale with distance to epicenter
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  3. Iceburn.EX

    Iceburn.EX Member

    Agree with this. It will compensate his verly low HP and high mana cost spells and will greatly help his survival. I'm glad you brought this up.:thumbup:
  4. MetallibaN

    MetallibaN Active Member

    Vladmir -> Vladimir
  5. acpe

    acpe Member

    Make Dark Seer's "Surge" casteable while running please, hate when he's running and he stops to run faster, and gets stuned/nuked :(
  6. kitchen

    kitchen Well-Known Member

    Quite an excellent idea.
  7. Blub-

    Blub- Well-Known Member

    Soul Steal is the most useless skill in the game, give Terrorblade another skill instead of Soul Steal.

    The image/stats/meta build is just always better. Every experienced player knows that.
    Unlike other heroes Terrorblade has only 3 skills because you NEVER use Soul Steal. It's skilled either at lvl 22-25 or even not at all.

    So, please give him another skill instead. Preferably one that's useful during all stages of the game.
  8. VongolaX

    VongolaX Active Member

    for terrorblade...why not give him something equivalent to AM's mana burn, where TB burns an extra amount of health from a player

    you could even take that amount and reduce it a bit and give it to the TB
  9. myth0logy

    myth0logy Well-Known Member

    I'm 100% sure these ideas have already been posted/reposted at this point.... but:

    1.) Recipes that include Ghost Scepter
    2.) Razor's AoE lightning to have a shorter range AND be stationary (meaning, it doesn't move with him)
    3.) Tone down viper's bonus damage ability
    4.) TC's -magic resistance aura needs to be removed and replaced with a less gamebreaking passive, or make it a 0-range aura that makes only his spells affected by it.
    5.) batrider's base damage and str gain need to be lowered a _LOT_
    6.) the range on Admiral's aoe attack should be halved, and the bonus damage for that attack should be reduced to 2/3ish.
    6.) switch should be ON by default, add mode -sf for (Switch off)
  10. Yelnik

    Yelnik Active Member

    List of things to fix:

    1) Troll

    That is all
  11. Blub-

    Blub- Well-Known Member

    I approve this one. It was a bad idea to add the -so mode.

    Why would you have to choose an extra mode to enable the switch command although you can always type -no anyway?
    Those people who still think that's not enough can then use the -switch off mode. That's definitly better than the other way around (like it is atm).
  12. demonictemplar

    demonictemplar Well-Known Member

    -Before QB you could eat your way out of furions spell w/ tangos for less than the cost of QB, so why change it now?
  13. RAWR!

    RAWR! Well-Known Member

    Balence Batrider Tauren Cheiftan and Razor!
  14. demonictemplar

    demonictemplar Well-Known Member

    I totally agree and would suggest something that passively adds AS/MS or something that would be dependent on the amount of his clones or so on.
  15. Yelnik

    Yelnik Active Member

    Meant to say fix Troll AND Tauren Chieften
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